Top drawing apps

A modern artist can easily do without an easel and without paints: special software for tablets on Android and iOS allows you to create digital works of any degree of complexity. The advantage of the mobile studio lies in its compactness: carrying a weighty canvas everywhere is absurd, but the muse never warns of a visit in advance. “To grab her by the tail” - to make a sketch - the artist will be able to do it anywhere: in line at the supermarket or in a fixed-route taxi.

This article presents drawing applications that will be useful to both a professional illustrator and a self-taught amateur.


Art flow

Art Flow is a canvas application: more than 70 brushes and other tools for creativity are available to the artist. The novice creator will surely be fascinated by the extensive functionality from the first minutes of using the program, the more experienced users will be able to impress with the following advantages of Art Flow :

  1. All digital calculations within the application are performed on the video card built into the gadget. This technology is called GPU acceleration and guarantees excellent performance and zero brakes - even professional PC programs cannot boast of such a technology.
  2. You can export a “masterpiece” not only in JPEG format, but also in PNG and PSD (if further processing is required in Photoshop).
  3. The artist is able to work with canvases of considerable size (for example, 4096 to 4096).
  4. Art Flow includes the NVIDIA Direct Stylus mode, which allows you to draw without any stylus or digital pen. In addition, the application is absolutely compatible with S - PEN styluses , which makes the program "number one" for all owners of Samsung Galaxy Note tablets .

Art Flow is a “ shareware” application for drawing on Android: even the basic version pleasantly surprises with its functionality, while the paid version (costing about $ 5) makes it possible to use even more advanced options.

Sketch book

Free Price: Free

Sketch Book - a family of convenient applications from the developer Autodesk, the company that gave the world the famous AutoCAD . Unlike the main product, Autodesk Sketch Book is suitable not only for experienced designers, but also for beginners and even children. Three versions of the program are available for download:

  1. Sketch Book Express is a free version that offers the artist 15 different brushes, 3 layers, as well as the possibility of enlarging the picture by 2500%! An additional plus is the synchronization with Dropbox cloud storage , thanks to which it is much easier to exchange sketches and put ready-made pictures “for general trial”.
  2. Sketch Book Pro . The brush library of this program alone has over 100 items and custom presets. But the rich toolkit is not the only advantage of the Pro version: the application allows you to experiment with layers, create large canvases, and upload files from Photoshop . Similar functionality will cost the user only $ 5.
  3. Sketch Book Ink is the latest Autodesk graphics application. Key features are ascetic interface and simplicity. Minimum settings: you cannot edit layers and adjust brushes. An important advantage of Sketch Book Ink is the ability to get a high-resolution image on output (up to 101 megapixels when exporting to iTunes). The Ink application on Android, like the Pro version, is paid.

There is also a Sketch Book Mobile program, “tailored” specifically for the small screen of a smartphone : it is pointless to describe its functionality in detail, since the application is identical to Express .

Pro create

Due to the minimalistic design, it may seem that the functionality of the Pro Create application for the iPhone is poor compared to the Sketch Book and Art Flow , however, this will be a mistake. The developers of Pro Create are of the opinion that a huge number of buttons on the screen distract the artist from the creative process. Therefore, the application is partially controlled by gestures.

Pro Create has other unique “tricks":

  1. Tools for more realistic drawing - one of such tools is a wet brush. It is curious that the user Create can adjust all available brushes - a special editor with a lot of settings is provided.
  2. Many ways to export - the image is "displayed" not only in iTunes: it can be sent directly from the program by e-mail or Twitter.
  3. Silica - a 64-bit engine for iOS ensures that even when using all 16 possible layers, the program will not slow down.
  4. Quick Line is a simple but no less useful tool whose function is to straighten lines.

More recently, the “revolutionary” Pro Create 3 appeared in the AppStore : despite the cost that “bites” (459 rubles), it is recommended that every artist buy this application - an abundance of various functions and adjustable parameters of the program can shock the experienced designer.

Sketch master

BariLab Developer: BariLab
Free Price: Free

The Sketch Master application for Android smartphones is not capable of boasting wide functionality and an abundance of various tools - there are only 7 brushes here. However, this program has other advantages that more than compensate for the poor settings:

  1. Unlimited number of layers that can be adjusted by visibility, transparency, copy and merge.
  2. The ability to import photos from the gadget library.
  3. Ultra-zoom - the image is increased by 3000%!
  4. Accessibility - the application can be downloaded for free.

“Fly in the ointment” is that the Sketch Master program does not support the Russian >

Art rage

379 р. Price: 379 p.

The Art Rage application is characterized by increased realism - graduates of art schools who know what a “pasty smear” and “palette knife” are, they will surely like it.

In Art Rage literally everything is regulated. First, the artist will choose the appropriate resolution of the canvas - the maximum is 2048 by 2048 pixels. Then he needs to decide on the type of paper (or fabric), the type of instrument — pencils, crayons, watercolors, rapidographs and airbrushes are available — and start creating a picture. If the artist already has a sketch, it can also be attached to the canvas.

Art Rage is surprisingly well developed from the point of view of the social component: the completed paintings can be uploaded directly from the phone to Facebook or to Deviantart - a special social network for artists. The price of the program is relatively small, for example, Pro Create - downloading an application costs only 299 rubles. The only negative, according to users, is that the program slows down a bit when scaling, which is understandable, given the huge toolkit.


Graphic applications successfully replace real canvas and paints, because they offer artists such collections of virtual instruments, which in real form would have been collected for years. However, this is not free: artists who want to switch to digital works must be ready for significant financial expenses, because modern drawing programs (especially for the iPad) are as expensive as they are functional.