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The Internet is developing at a rapid pace, and modern people no longer need to personally visit the salons of communications and electronics stores to make a purchase of a mobile device. He can place an order for a gadget in the online store of the retailer - the courier of the company will deliver the purchase directly to his house. Of course, while retail networks of retailers bring more revenue than Internet portals, however, the share of profit of the latter increases from year to year. Thanks to this, it becomes quite obvious - the future lies in online trading!

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Is it more profitable to buy a smartphone in an online store?

People critical of online trading always give one argument in their reviews: on the Internet, you cannot touch and check your smartphone . This is true, and yet a number of buts should be taken into account.

Firstly , the number of phones that are present in showcases is several times less than the number of mobile devices from online store catalogs. A significant part of those smartphones that can be bought online cannot be found in retail. The assortment of “physical” stores is usually made up of only top models - smartphones for sale that someone will definitely buy.

Secondly , even if the gadget on the Internet cannot be touched, it can be viewed from all sides. Online stores of leading retailers place so many photos of smartphones in the catalogs that a potential buyer simply does not have questions about the thickness and size of the device. Website designers are constantly working on graphics - one of the latest innovations is the placement of 3D images in catalog cards.

What are smartphone online stores?

Online trading portals can be divided into two categories. The first are sites of well-known domestic distributors of equipment, such as Eldorado , Svyaznoy, CSN . The second - the portals of Chinese online stores, the most famous of which are AliExpress and GearBest . In which stores it is better to buy smartphones , it is impossible to say for sure - this is a matter of taste. Chinese stores lure with a huge assortment and sell inexpensively, but at the same time, smartphones from China take too long to deliver. Domestic portals have other advantages: they are always "at hand", and thanks to this they are able to organize delivery literally the next day.

The benefits that Chinese shops and domestic portals provide to the buyer are described in detail in the articles in this section. After reviewing materials, you are definitely not mistaken in choosing a seller!


Monobrand stores in the Russian Federation can now boast not only American Apple, but also Chinese. Rumikom company sells only Xiaomi products.


The new marketplace will allow you to order branded items directly from European and Asian countries.

Re: Store

We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of perhaps the most famous monobrand Apple store.

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Marketplace "Take!"

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Cstore finally has its own “home” on the net! Evaluate the online store of the official retailer Apple.


It must be the most advertised cashback service in the Russian->


CashFoBrands is one of the most popular cashback services on the Internet.


When it comes to Chinese online stores, someone definitely recalls AliExpress. However, you can buy goods in China not only through this portal - there is ...


The iCover store is becoming a significant force in the Russian online market. Due to what is this seller able to increase popularity? is an online store with which every second Russian is familiar. He has long been one of the leaders in the online market - but does he deserve it?


With the help of LightInTheBox you can buy a lot of Chinese goods, and even get a cashback at the same time.

Umka mall

Umka Mall - an online store of goods from China with fast delivery and a convenient Russian->

The appearance of is a real event; after all, this is the first domestic trading platform. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new marketplace?