How to choose a car charger for your phone?

Smartphone users, alas, are not responsible enough for the choice of car charging - but in vain, because the use of poor-quality memory can even lead to a fire. The article talks about the selection criteria for charging and popular models of AZU.

Car charger is a very primitive device, consisting of only a few elements and capable of performing only one function: recharge the smartphone from the cigarette lighter with the engine running. However, despite the simplicity of car charging for the phone, the choice of this accessory also needs to be approached very responsibly. A motorist using a low-quality memory device runs the risk of being without communications at any time - if a charging failure occurs during a long trip, this will become a real problem for the driver.

How to choose a car charger for your smartphone: basic criteria

First of all, the motorist must decide what he needs: a full car charge or a USB adapter . The adapter is an adapter from the cigarette lighter to a USB cable.

The adapter has a significant drawback: it turns into a completely useless thing if the motorist forgot the USB cable at home. Therefore, when contacting the communication salon, the driver is recommended to take a full-fledged memory - it costs only slightly more than a USB adapter in retail.

Among the other criteria for the selection of AZU include the following:

Current output . To charge smartphones, you need a current of at least 1 A , and given modern smartphones this may not be enough, so the best option is 2 or 2.4 A for each port. If you choose a power supply with a current strength of 2 A , then the motorist will be able to recharge both a smartphone and a tablet. You should not worry about the fact that a smartphone from 2 A burns out: modern gadgets are equipped with special charging controllers - devices that do not allow excess current. In addition, a similar controller is installed in high-quality chargers .

Output voltage . There is such a rule: the voltage prescribed in the technical specifications of the car charger for the phone should not exceed the value indicated on the battery of the gadget by more than 5%. Otherwise, the AZU will overheat and very soon fail.

Length and type of wire . Experts unanimously advise taking a power supply with a twisted wire. The probability that the twisted wire breaks (and this can lead to fire) is extremely small. In addition, the twisted wire is adjustable in length - a very useful property when you consider how diverse the interior of modern cars is.

Wire fastening . It is worth making sure that at the place where the wire comes out of the adapter, there is a corrugated shell. Here is what is meant:

The corrugated sheath prevents the wire from breaking in places of bending. The fastening of the wire to the plug must also be protected by it.

The number of ports . This criterion is relevant if the motorist selects a USB adapter. The optimal number of ports is 2 : both must have a current of at least 2 A. You can consider the AZU with a port of 1 A, but only if the device is old or from the budget category.

In addition, you should not forget that in 2019 the vast majority of smartphones have a Type-C connector, so you can consider charging with one USB-A output and a second USB-C .

It is advisable to buy adapters with a large number of ports only to those motorists who are heads of large families or simply large families. Otherwise, the driver will pointlessly overpay for the accessory, because part of the ports will be idle idle.

Design . The driver should pay attention to the fact that there is no metal ring around the central contact of the AZU.

Since the charging case is most often made of plastic, a metal ring sooner or later will definitely fall off the thread and remain in the cigarette lighter of the car. A stuck part is able to close the contacts inside the cigarette lighter, and this is fraught with fire. In fairness, it should be noted that gas-filled AZUs are very rare now on sale, although before a significant part of the charges had just such a design.

A useful advantage in terms of design is the presence of an LED, due to which the driver can be sure that the AZU is working correctly. And in the dark, finding a charger is easier than trying to connect the cable to the touch.

Otherwise, with regard to design, the motorist should rely on his own opinion. For example, he may prefer a battery with a LED-display , informing about the degree of charge and voltage of the vehicle’s battery.

However, such an accessory will cost about more than a regular adapter.

What to buy: the original or a Chinese copy?

Buyers of expensive gadgets, as a rule, do not spare money for the best accessories - if only their new mobile device is not in danger. Such clients insist that they be provided with original chargers, cables and USB adapters, because they believe that universal charges can cause damage to the device’s battery. But are they right?

More likely no than yes . If the buyer of the iPhone XS asks to sell him the original RAM, the consultant is likely to offer an accessory from Belkin - but not from Apple. Having visited the online store of the official Apple technology retailer in Russia Re: Store , the buyer will find Deppa , MOMAX , Juicies, Anker AZUs in the accessories catalog - but again there is no charge from Apple.

On the site of the "apple" company to find the original also will not succeed. In fact, this means that Apple is not engaged in the production of its own RAM. Belkin and other famous ones, of course, produce excellent accessories, but with respect to the iPhone, this company is still a third-party manufacturer.

Samsung on the official website sells only a battery that provides fast charging . Such an accessory costs more than 1.5 thousand rubles! An interesting point is that with its price tag, charging from Samsung is inferior to the best memory models from third-party manufacturers proposed at the end of this text.

The user should not confine himself to the search for an original car charger for his gadget - if he finds one, then from its price he will have "eyes on his forehead." It is not difficult to buy a gas storage unit, but often in most stores they offer inexpensive know-how options of dubious quality. Of course, they have a guarantee, but at the same time, such a charge does not guarantee the safety of an expensive Apple phone.

A huge selection of compatible models of car chargers for Apple devices and other famous brands is available in the online store . Here, not only a good selection of equipment and accessories, but also pleasant prices, as well as fast delivery (if you wish, you can pick up the purchase yourself).

Review of the best car chargers for phones

The top three chargers do not have the most budget prices, but you definitely won’t have to worry about your iPhone or Android gadget with this kind of RAM. The level of protection here is maximum.

Aukey CC-T7 (Black)

Price: from 1,590 rubles.

This AZU is relevant for purchase in 2019. Many modern smartphones are equipped with fast charging technology, which significantly speeds up the process of gaining full capacity. In this regard, it will be logical to buy a car charger with support for this function, because otherwise it may turn out that the phone did not manage to gain a charge during the trip. Another distinguishing feature of the AUKU from Aukey is its extremely small size. This is the smallest charge of the brand, which makes it almost invisible and it is certainly hard to accidentally hook and break it.

The model has two USB ports, that is, the user can immediately charge a smartphone and tablet. The green port has indicators - 5V / 3A and supports the AIPower function, which itself understands the connected gadget and gives out the amperage that will not damage its battery. The orange connector gives out values ​​- 6.5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A, and also has support for AIPower and Quick Charge 3.0. That is, a smartphone with a quick charge function needs to be connected to the orange output. A nice bonus is the presence of a USB cable in the kit.


Anker PowerDrive 2 PD / PIQ A2229H12 (Black)

Price: from 2 590 rubles.

Stylish and compact model from Anker has an excellent set of useful features. The device has two outputs - a classic USB connector and an additional Type-C output. For ease of use at night, a blue backlight is provided - it allows you to view the RAM in the dark and will not distract the driver from driving the car with bright light.

Both connectors support the Power Delivery and Power IQ functions, which are responsible for selecting the right power for different gadgets. In addition, the AZU is equipped with a function of protection against overheating, overload and short circuit. For those who are worried about their device, and this is especially true for owners of expensive Apple, Samsung and other famous manufacturers, this charge will be the best choice - you can not worry that the battery will be damaged or the device will burn out due to power surges. There is no cable in the kit, so it is recommended to use a branded smartphone manufacturer.


Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite A2212011 (Black)

Price: from 1290 rubles.

A simplified version of the previous model, which is different material performance. Carbon fiber makes the case ergonomic and interesting visually. The model received port illumination, there are two of them, type A is USB A. Both outputs support PowerIQ (automatic power selection, depending on the smartphone model) and VoltageBoost (speeds up the battery capacity gain process). In addition, there is protection against overheating, short circuit and overload. A great option for those who are not looking for the most expensive, but stylish and safe car charger for their mobile phone.



The driver choosing a car charger for the gadget needs to pay attention not to the price of the accessory and not to look for the original RAM, since in most cases they do not exist. It is much more important to look at the characteristics, as well as the level of safety, which come down not only to the build quality, but to the materials used and the presence of protective controllers. Of course, a good battery costs well, but at least it’s stupid to buy a car charger for 300-500 rubles for an iPhone for 100 thousand rubles.



  • Just in case, I bought a bank and a device and turn the bank on Avito. I found an ad where there was not only an acceptable price, but when buying a kit, the discount was 50%. I could not refuse, especially since everything was new and in packages. Now I am prepared not only for traveling by car, but also by train, plane, etc.

  • I bought a stock on Avito Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It cost 600 rubles, but took it for 350. By golly, for this one can give more. Long toiled with adapters, loaded the cigarette lighter, and the sense - for about 10 minutes only 5 percent of the charge will run. Now charges all devices with more than 1A input. I am glad that it does not heat up much.

  • I use Power Drive 2 charging, it is here in the list of charges. Immediately drew attention to her, even in previous review articles. I liked the fact that it has two connectors and automatic voltage control. We do not need fires) It is indicated that it costs about 600 rubles. I bought it through Avito for 470 rubles in a completely new condition. They sent her to me in the boxberry. They even gave a look before payment. Charging is excellent, it charges quickly, it fits perfectly.

  • Want to charge your smartphone fast? No car charger can do this. All of them give a current of no more than 500 m / ah, but they need 3-4 times more. From a network of 220 volts it will be much faster. Therefore, I chose a “CAR INVERTER 12 - 220 VOLTS” with a capacity of 300 WATTS. Powered by a cigarette lighter. Think about it and you might like my decision. Just do not choose very powerful. On the Internet you will find your option.

    • Do not fool people with my head, my Chinese hoko z7 charger, bought for 450 rubles, perfectly knows how to charge both the tablet and phone very quickly, delivering the declared current of 2.4A to each of the two usb-connectors - measured with a multimeter! At the same time, neither the phone nor the charger warms up, the tablet is very slightly, and this is normal. And your inverter costs at least a thousand, or even several thousand.

    • Almost always, the charging current depends on the cable. In the case of an improper cable, the charging controller in the gadget will not take a current greater than 500 mA from the RAM, as it will consider it a regular computer USB port. In this case, the AZU can honestly give out both 2000 and 4000 mA.

      • Here, too, when I chose charging for an iPhone in a car, I decided that not so much originality means, most importantly, in terms of ampere, etc. fit. Therefore, a car charger for iphone 5s to buy such a sample here is not expensive, it works fine, the phone is charging not slower than from the network. I have been using it for several months and nothing has happened. In general, I believe that all the tunes in your ears “use only original devices” are not even stores, but the manufacturers themselves

        • Anyway, here's what’s actually better - Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger, read the review. The thing is beautiful, technological and inexpensive.