Bring back plastic smartphones

The Google Pixel 3a and Xiaomi Pocophone F1 are two different phones, but they have one thing in common: they are made of plastic.

New state employee or old flagship: what to choose?

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OS Aurora: features and advantages

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Which iPad to buy in 2019?

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Why is Android better than iOS?

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What is USB OTG and how to use it on Android?

A USB stick is a convenient way to store information. It is compatible with all PCs and laptops. But when there is no computer nearby, and there is only a smartphone, a flash drive can be opened through ...

Best summer goods

Summer is the time for vacations and outdoor activities. To spend this time interesting and profitably created a lot of interesting things that you can buy on Aliexpress and not only.

7 signs that you should buy a new smartphone

Buying a smartphone brings the feeling that the new device will last more than one year without any problems. But time passes, and you notice that he is not as good as he was at the beginning.

What is Android Beam and how to use it?

You can transfer data through NFC - and you don’t even know about it! There is an Android Beam feature for this. We will talk about it in this text.