LG smartphones

Preview LG V30

LG has announced its new flagship smartphone, the LG V30. Until sales start, you can look at it and answer the question: Does LG need a smartphone other than that?

The LG V30 will not have an extra screen

LG will only launch the V30 smartphone on August 31, but now, two weeks before the announcement, it begins to share information about the gadget and, in particular, its screen.

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LG V30 rendered on the network

The LG V30 smartphone render has leaked to the Internet, confirming the presence of a frameless screen and dual photo module.

Specifications LG Q6 leaked to the Internet

The specifications of a new device from the Korean company LG G6 Mini (also known as Q6) leaked to the network shortly before its official presentation, which ...

The LG V30 will not receive a secondary display

According to recent rumors, there will be no secondary display on the LG V30 smartphone that featured two previous models of the V lineup. The technology has not impressed users ...