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How to turn on the flashlight on the phone

There is a flashlight on almost all modern Android smartphones. As a rule, the application is launched through the notification panel or a special application.

If you can’t find the right button and turn on the flashlight, then most likely your smartphone does not have the right application. Since the camera flash is used for its operation, you can simply download the flashlight through the Play Store . Next, we will tell you how to turn it on and what to do if the flashlight in the phone does not work.


How to turn on the flashlight

On almost all Android devices, the flashlight turns on the same way. As a rule, a special button in the notification panel or a separate application is used for this. How to turn on the flashlight on android:

Step 1 Swipe down from the screen and open the notification panel. Click on the “Flashlight” icon to turn it on.

Step 2 To install a flashlight on the main screen, you can use widgets. To do this, make a long press on a free area on the screen and select "Widgets" . On the page that opens, find "Flashlight . "

Step 3 Drag the Flashlight icon to any free space on the screen. Now you can turn on the flashlight by clicking on this icon, and not through the notification panel.

On some smartphones, the flashlight is turned on through a separate application. Therefore, for more comfortable work, it is recommended to use widgets.

Why the flashlight does not turn on

On Android smartphones, a flash located in the camera module is used to operate the flashlight. It may stop working due to a system malfunction or mechanical damage. Possible causes and solutions to the problem:

  • On some smartphones, the flashlight does not work due to a too low battery charge (usually 10%). In order for it to turn on and in power saving mode, it is necessary to obtain root rights (superuser).
  • If the flashlight stopped working after flashing or installing drivers, then the breakdown may be systemic in nature. In this case, you can try to reset to factory settings.

If the flash or flashlight stopped working after a fall or any other mechanical impact, then you will have to contact a service center for repair.

3rd party applications

If for some reason there is no flashlight on your Android, then you can download it through the Play Store . A wide variety of applications are available for free download, and then we will briefly talk about the most popular ones.

LED Flashlight - Universe

ArtLine Developer: ArtLine
Free Price: Free

Flashlight LED is a simple utility with which you can use the flash and screen of your smartphone as a flashlight. The application supports three different modes, allows you to set a timer to automatically turn off and the frequency of blinking (screen or flash).

Tiny flashlight

Tiny Flashlight is a free flashlight for Android , which can be downloaded for free through the Play Store . The application supports working with plugins that are downloaded separately and allow you to emulate various light sources (for example, alarm and color illumination).

LED flashlight HD

LED Flashlight HD - a simple utility with which you can use the built-in flashlight. The application is free and works with almost all Android smartphones. Among other features - support for widgets, sound alerts and auto power off.

There are other free flashlights on the Play Store . In general, they have approximately the same functionality and size. If you need the simplest flashlight with minimal functionality, feel free to install any application from the Play Store .