iPhone (Apple Smartphones)

Apple is an American giant corporation, a leading manufacturer of smartphones, tablets, watches, MP3 players, and one of the pioneers in the PC industry. Apple has managed to become truly iconic thanks to the active introduction of innovative technologies in manufactured devices and their unique aesthetic design.

As of 2016, Apple is the most expensive company in the world - the capitalization of the company's shares exceeds the value of all its closest competitors, with the exception of Microsoft and Google combined.

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Why are Apple smartphones special?

It is extremely difficult for the user of an Android smartphone to “switch” to the iPhone and get used to it, since gadgets from the Apple catalog have a number of features:

  • Data transfer. It will not be possible to simply listen to music on a smartphone: there is no slot for a flash card, and even in the Vkontakte application the audio recordings are closed, so you have to learn iTunes. Transferring data through a secure computer program ensures that the iOS operating system is not corrupted by viruses.
  • Design. Apple does not release plastic gadgets - all smartphones are assembled only from high quality materials. For example, the iPhone 5 S case consists of a single piece of aluminum alloy, which is a back panel and side faces. Both panels of the smartphone are covered with ion-tempered glass. The overall design of the device is quite minimalistic, but this does not prevent the iPhone from being considered a “style icon”.
  • Unique software. The owner of the Apple mobile phone is invited to use the built-in Safari browser and the AppStore application store. However, these restrictions are conditional: if desired, the user can download the familiar browser through the store for free.

Apple is very zealous in defending all of its developments and “chips”, actively participating in the courts against other digital giants suspected of plagiarism. Samsung was the most “affected” company - in 2012, Apple sued her more than a billion dollars for the theft of shell, packaging, and more.

What can make you refuse to buy an iPhone: a review of the shortcomings

The main argument against the iPhone is its sky-high cost. Models 6 and 6 S at the start of sales in 2015 cost 57 and 66 thousand rubles, respectively. Flagships of other well-known companies, such as Samsung and HTC , cost almost half as much.

Also disadvantages include the lack of the ability to use a flash drive and a relatively weak battery. For example, the 5 S model is equipped with a battery capacity of 1560 mA - due to the high functionality of the device, the charge is not enough for a day.

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What is known about Apple iPhone SE 2

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iPhone X goes on sale in Russia

In the next couple of months, acquiring the iPhone X in Russia may be difficult due to high demand, despite the prices of 79,990 and 91,990 rubles.

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