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Marketplace "Take!"

More than a year ago, 2 Russian colossus Sberbank and Yandex signed an agreement to create a new marketplace based on Yandex.Market. In the spring of 2018, it became completely clear: “Russian AliExpress ” to be! And he will act under the guise of "Take!".

At the time of writing, the trading platform is in beta testing. A full launch is planned for the end of 2018, but we can already get the first opinion on the store right now. What distinguishes this ambitious project from dozens of other Russian online stores?

Marketplace "TAKE!"


Site design

The design will appeal to those who value convenience and practicality more than originality. There are no pretentious elements here, just as there are no frankly superfluous ones. Dealing with the site is very easy - precisely because you don’t have to “filter out” tons of unnecessary advertising information. has a simple and friendly interface.

There are 2 interesting features that immediately catch your eye. The first is the names of the product blocks on the main page. Here you will not find " New ", " Popular ", " Recently Viewed " and other template formulations accepted as a standard. The developers preferred a creative approach, and the blocks appeared: “ Something new ”, “ Many people like ”, “ My recent finds ”.

The second point - the site does not force the user to register. Authorization is done through Yandex.Passport . That is, if the Yandex account on the user's computer is activated, you don’t need to enter anything else. However, if the user does not have a Yandex mailbox at all, it will have to be created. No other mail will do.

You can only log in through your Yandex account

Note that the order can be made without registering and without authorization. The recipient’s contact details (name, address, telephone) are indicated at the stage of order confirmation. Here you can select your preferred delivery date and time.

The product catalog looks very nice. So much for the power of simple solutions - add colorful icons and make 90% of competitors bite their nails nervously.

It looks like the catalog of the store "Take!"

There are also flaws. They are not immediately apparent, but become apparent when it comes to finding a product and placing an order. "Lame" directory structure. For example, in the “ Phones ” section there are 2 subsections: “ Cases ” and “ Accessories for phones ” - although what is a case, if not an accessory?

However, we will not forget that we are dealing with a beta version of the store. Before the official launch, small ones will probably be eliminated. At the same time, you certainly cannot call a “raw” site. From the point of view of customer focus and convenience, he will give odds to any "large fish" Runet.

Assortment of goods

The tasks for the “Take!” Site are set the most ambitious - including with regard to the range. Project managers want to bring the number of commodity items to 150,000 by the end of 2018, and to 1,000,000 in the next 2 years. But at the beta testing stage, this figure is more modest - 57,000.

The portal, like its Chinese prototype, will sell all sorts of things - including children's goods, food, sports equipment. But we are primarily interested in products related to mobile electronics and portable equipment. It is difficult to calculate the total quantity of such goods, mainly due to the imperfections in the catalog structure mentioned above. Determining the number of models of mobile gadgets is easier - only about 550 items. Among them, only a fifth are tablets. The rest is smartphones.

“I take it!” Sells not only popular models, but also devices of little-known companies. Even the 800-ruble “dialer” from Digma can be ordered.

Smart watches and bracelets in the catalog are presented no worse than, say, tablets that are rapidly disappearing into the past. At the time of our check, there were exactly 100 models - and the most varied ones, from children's Smart Baby Watch to Samsung Gear, which stand like a very worthy smartphone.


To determine what level prices are in the I take online store, we compare the prices of popular goods in this store with a major competitor of Svyaznoy, as well as Yandex.Market (minimum and average).

“I take it!”

" Svyaznoy "

NM (minimum)

NM (average)

Apple iPhone X 64GB

70 490 rub.

69 990 rub.

63 150 rub.

66 990 rub.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB

59 990 rub.

59 990 rub.

38 000 rub.

49 500 rub.

OnePlus 6 8 / 128GB

48 990 rub.

48 990 rub.

34 010 rub.

36 590 rub.

Available payment methods and delivery of goods

It seems that if Sberbank “had a hand” in the creation of the store, then this store should offer a maximum of payment methods for goods. In fact, everything is so modest. You can pay:

  • Online credit card (accept Visa, MasterCard and MIR).
  • By credit card upon receipt (the courier will have a pin pad).
  • Cash upon receipt.

Electronic money is not accepted, loans are also not issued. The plans are to create a mechanism for online registration of interest-free loans (installments) for goods.

The management of Beru.Ru believes that the presence of Sberbank among the key partners (and founders) of the store will play a large role. People will no longer be afraid to pay via the Internet.

I will deliver goods for free “I take!” Will only be for an order amount of 3500 rubles . If the order value is lower, they will charge 249 rubles for delivery. You can pick up the goods yourself from the pickup point, but in this case you will have to pay extra - 99 rubles. The same is the price of postal delivery.

Over time, “I take!” Order delivery points will appear even in Sberbank branches.


Users so far have little understanding of how the new “Take!” Will differ from the “old” Yandex.Market.

Review taken from

The marketing director Vlad Sviridenko answered this question simply: Yandex.Market does not sell anything. Yandex.Market is a platform for comparing prices: if the user selects something through NM, then he goes to the store’s official website and places an order there. Accordingly, Yandex.Market is not responsible for poor service, the imposition of additional goods, fraudulent actions by the seller. “I take it!” Bears such a responsibility.

The most common topic of negative reviews about "Take!" - Delivery. Users complain: there’s no sense in indicating the preferred date and time of delivery - they are still not delivered on time. There are also such complaints:

Review taken from

In general, users are skeptical about the appearance of a new store, believing that this is another attempt to "squeeze" the Chinese out of the Russian market and that their wallets will ultimately suffer.


Vlad Sviridenko, marketing director for Beru!, Admitted in an interview that the new marketplace would not become “Russian AliExpress,” noting that the Chinese portal has its own “business model specifics”. He also stressed that customers will go to for everyday purchases and receive service of exceptionally high quality. Just imagine a client who is willing to spend 3 and a half thousand rubles on the Internet daily, while it’s difficult - but the order amount for free delivery is set at this level. The words of the top manager clearly contradict the conditions that the store actually offers. If the top Yandex officials wanted people to go to “Take!” Instead of “Pyaterochka” and “Magnet”, they would make the delivery free. is an online store with an interesting concept and a quality website. But who will be his customers is unclear. The management of “I take!” Has big ambitions, although at the same time the store itself is deprived of serious and clear competitive advantages - it can’t boast of the “Place” marketplace now with low prices, loyalty of delivery conditions, or flexibility of payment methods. Where can you compete with AliExpress!



  • Scammers! Caution! Read to the end! For the first time faced with such an outright deception in online stores! Bought on the price tag, it was a little cheaper. We didn’t read the REVIEWS, hurried up ... We ordered a toy for my grandson “Rescue Base 80 cm high” at a price of 4591 rubles (order number: 3981539), but received a 45 cm high, which is sold in similar online stores no more than 1500 rb. "Rescuers" do not fit into this Base, the toy is useless, the holiday is ruined, tears, shame ... But we spent half the pension on this "gift"! The sellers “politely” pointed to an “easy return”, where you easily find that it doesn’t work out (well, complete packaging, there isn’t such a cell size for PickPoint to return, and with the Russian Post it’s not a fact that it will come without a defect. And pay again, wait and hope for the "honesty" of the seller !?). At the same time, as a compensation they sent a promotional link for a discount of 500rb, which is available on the site for all "who want to shop." In reviews of “I take Ru” such as I am, every first one, but smart sellers cunningly camouflage themselves with lengthy “caring” answers, unsubscribing: either they are indignant at the “inattentive staff”, or they promise to fix everything immediately. Nothing will happen! We've been “raped” by us, if you want to be with us, buy something in Beru!

  • They promised to deliver a maximum of 5 days. As a result, my package did not leave. Played the human factor. Do not provide documents to the parcel. He called and wrote five times. Specialists are not competent. The only thing they say is that the goods were sent. A week lay in the shopping mall. He phoned the transp company,
    found out why they are not sending. Explained this to experts in \ "Take \". Did not help. As they say \ "and the cargo is still there \". In short, made a refusal and a refund. Now let's see how much money will come. Promise in 10 days. Upon the arrival of money, I will supplement the review. Correctly in the reviews they write \ "the store is not bad, but the delivery is terrible \". I do not recommend buying.

  • A good start is spoiled by partners of the market place - PickPoint and DPD.
    Let's start in order:
    order # 4661402 - 50-inch TV at a super price of 24 thousand (on the official website of the manufacturer is 5 thousand more expensive). It was possible to choose only pickup without the possibility of delivery (why ?! is a big question). As a result, this product was supposed to arrive on January 14-15, but things are still there. Ask “why?”. Because PickPoint and its employees apparently do not know what size cells are in their pedestals. As a result, they take the TV from place to place for 2-3 days, judging by the tracker and try to shove it in one pedestal, then in another. And there would be no PickPoint service to call the customer and offer other delivery options, but NO! Until they themselves dialed the operator of this service on January 16 in the evening, nothing happened. Today is 01/19 - how did the story end? Nothing. PickPoint asked to pay for the package in order to pick up this order at the pick-up point or at the warehouse. January 17, the goods were paid. And our torment began: endless conversations with the operator, assurances that they were just about to hand over the order to DPD and you could pick up that the courier had not brought the goods to the warehouse, but was taking it with him (maybe he had already taken the telly to his apartment? ) In general, the inconsistency of services simply killed the whole impression of the gift delivery (in general, the goods needed an edge today). It is still unknown whether we will receive this paid order or not. Question to "TAKE!" And its partners.
    order # 4710971 - several goods are quite heavy. “TAKE!” Immediately offered delivery to the house by DPD. The first time the order was delivered on January 16, BUT the courier called 5 minutes before delivery and there was no cash (if, according to THE SAME REGULATIONS, he called for half an hour, we would go to the ATM and withdraw the required amount). The courier solemnly informed us that the delivery will be either on the way back or tomorrow. It was, I recall, January 16 (and today is 01/19). Then revenge began from DPD couriers (Yandex, as the organizer of “BERU!”, AUUU, did you see the DPD rating on various sites with reviews? - 1.5 out of 5 is almost EVERYWHERE ... it's like an eternal second year at school or like an electrician with a philologist’s education . I think that it’s not the best choice for a new marketplace that wants to attract customers with a good service (or are YOU ** on customers?). Yesterday, January 18, I received a message from Viber that “wait today for delivery from 8 to 18 hours ...” They waited ... they called the operator, promised that they would definitely bring us at 18:00, at 20:00, wait until 22:00 ... they waited more. Guess? Nothing. ANYTHING. Spent the whole day waiting for the courier. Thank you for wasting a day.
    Dear “TAKE!”. How do you like that? So much money for advertising swelled, and at the exit such disgust at delivery and unwillingness to look for adequate partners ...

  • I wonder who leaves good reviews? I think these reviews are custom. I am a real buyer, at least I rather wanted to become! I pecked at the price, discount and free delivery from 2.5 TR Ordered on the website, Order No. 6079535 and by order form by email. the next day delivery was automatically made by mail from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I took time off from work and all day began to wait for these "bad" ones. No one called, either from the store or from the delivery service. Moreover, in the afternoon I began to dial on the phone myself (on the website number and supposedly round-the-clock) - I tried it 15 times, uselessly, did not get through, the answering machine and the “kapets” turn on, nothing! I wrote a letter through the form on the site. The answer was received the next day only. Allegedly we will deliver your order within 1-2 days. Stupidity in one word.
    The next day, the call, the operator from the damn I didn’t even apologize for being deceived, in a boorish type, when to deliver and that's all? When asked why they made the client wait all day at home and why the phone did not answer, they hung up! Dur house in general! VERY boorish attitude towards customers. I DO NOT RECOMMEND, SORRY !!!

  • I ordered the goods on 04.16.19 with a 10% discount, paid with a card and waited calmly. 04/18 came SMS about the refund. Immediately called technical support. There they replied that there was a technical failure, and some orders were canceled. They offered to reorder the goods, but by this moment the 10% discount was no longer valid. In connection with this, I was offered to coordinate a coupon for a difference in price. After this, a struggle began with the technical support service. Every day I turned to them, they said that they would solve the problem within 24 hours, but no one did it. As a result, the deadlines were disrupted for more than a week.

    Never use this site if you want to save your nerves !!

  • Instead of a teapot, 1.5 liters for this money, Beru brought 1.1 liters. Dates were limited, no time to exchange. Upon receipt, they did not want to open the parcel until the last. As a result, upon a quick inspection, the presence of the kettle was confirmed, and I saw the discrepancy in volume later. Received payment, brought wrong. There are NO documents except the invoice from the courier service unrelated to them for the purchased goods NO !!! In order to return - we need a holistic package, which cannot be - I opened it and saw “WRONG”! I DO NOT RECOMMEND very much, They don’t heat up on Alik !!!
    Good luck to you, Marketplace I Take! I won’t order anything else.