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How to enable guest mode on Android

Guest mode is available on some Android devices version 5.0 and higher. Depending on the features of the operating system, this functionality may be missing or may have a different name.

With it, you can protect personal data, configure profiles for different users on one device. Next, we will tell you how to enable guest mode on Android and what to do if this feature is not available by default.


How to create a guest profile

It should be understood that the guest mode is not on all smartphones. Therefore, if your Android does not support this functionality, then it makes sense to use special applications. Next, we will tell you how to enable guest mode on Android (create a second workspace) using the Xiaomi smartphone as an example. Instruction:

Step 1 Open the settings and in the "System and device" section, click on "Second Space" . A page with detailed information will appear. Click on the “Create a second space” button.

Step 2 Choose a convenient way to switch between your primary and guest account. For example, a shortcut or password. After that click "Next" .

Step 3 If necessary, set a password for the second space, a fingerprint for a quick transition between the main and guest account.

Step 4 This completes the process of creating a second space. To return to the main or guest profile, just click on the "Transition" icon. Depending on your privacy settings, you may be required to enter a password or scan a fingerprint.

You can create only one guest account. Therefore, to create different additional spaces for multiple users will not work. To disable the second space, go to settings again and delete the additional profile.

Guest Applications

If Android does not support working with multiple workspaces by default, then you can use special applications. Next, we will consider utilities that can be used to create guest profiles and additional protection of personal data.


Ghosting is a free utility for creating additional workspace. Using the application, you can simultaneously use different social accounts and accounts. Ghosting supports most popular instant messengers, so you can switch between multiple profiles without any problems.

Kid's shell

Kid's Shell is a free utility with parental control functions, with which you can create an additional profile to run on your smartphone only strictly authorized applications. The device administrator can restrict incoming and outgoing calls, sending SMS messages, purchases in the Play Store .

App locker

If your main goal is to protect personal data and the application, then pay attention to the App Locker . With it, instead of creating an additional workspace or guest account, you can configure passwords to access specific functions and applications.

There are other applications for creating guest profiles. However, most often they require root rights (superuser) to use them. If your main goal is to protect personal data, then it is best to use special applications like App Locker .