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The appearance of is a real event; after all, this is the first domestic trading platform. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new marketplace?

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Marketplace, which is a project of M.Video , began to operate in early 2017. It is worth noting that this is not an online store, but rather a platform that unites numerous sellers - like AliExpress or

At the end of 2017, a beta version of the site is available. Obviously, by the time a full-fledged resource is launched, current minor flaws will be eliminated. However, even taking into account their presence, the site looks very impressive.


Site design

Understanding that was conceived as a Russian analogue of Chinese trading floors, you begin to worry that the new marketplace would not look like AliExpress with its ugly huge number of meaningless ad units and an awkward catalog. However, the first look at the design of the site makes breathing easier. The main page looks interesting and original.

More than half of the page is occupied by a large banner representing the current promotions of the site. A little higher are the main menu and the search bar with the name of the resource. It is enough to point to the name, and the letters “o” will change their shape - for example, a fan may appear instead of a basketball. Say a trifle? But after all, out of such funny trifles, a general idea of ​​the site is formed.

The decision to make the menu horizontal (whereas it is vertical for Chinese sites) seems to be 100% correct - it’s really easier and more familiar to search for the right category. We point to any of the sections of the menu - and a significant part of the categories and subcategories appears on the screen.

Just below the main banner is another menu, pointing to sections of which you can get acquainted with the key advantages of Here, in particular, it tells about a very sensible bonus system - about it later.

The appearance of is ascetic - and this is a positive characteristic. All the necessary elements are located exactly where it is customary to look for them: descriptions of payment rules and delivery - in the "basement", "Basket" - in the upper right corner. The registration procedure takes a maximum of half a minute - it is not necessary to confirm the account via mail. It is a little “jarring” that the names of categories and items in the lists are written with a small letter - but this remark is so insignificant that it can easily be counted as nitpicking. Probably all of these points will be fixed after beta testing.

Assortment of goods

It is usually extremely problematic to calculate how many goods of one type or another are sold on the trading floor. But not in the case of - here the site itself clarifies how many items are included in the category. In the “ Phones ” section, 2,790 cards were found - even taking into account the fact that not only smartphones and feature phones are included in the section, but also, say, DECT-telephony devices, this is quite a lot.

However, in fact, the greatness of is imaginary. There are 65 pages in the catalog of mobile equipment - but already on the 23rd the cards marked “ Product unavailable ” begin. That is, de facto only a third of the goods sold in the “ Smartphones ” section are sold on the site - about 1,000 devices. However, if you add 250 tablet models to smartphones, which are placed in another section, you get quite an impressive figure. For comparison: Yulmart , being perhaps the most famous online store in Russia, sells only 650 models. in terms of product range, also significantly outperforms Bayonne and stands one step ahead of Citylink, which, as we previously determined, offers customers a greater choice than anyone else in the domestic market.

Prices and affordable payment methods

Since we have revealed that only Citylink can compare with in such a parameter as the number of commodity items, it is logical to record it in the main competitors of the new trading platform. It is also interesting to know whether sells devices cheaper than M.Video - because from the point of view of the “parent” company, digging a hole for yourself is simply unreasonable.

To make a conclusion about the price level in, we compare the cost of popular smartphones on a new platform, in Citylink and in M. Video.


"M Video"

7 Plus 32 GB iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB

51 490


51 490

Galaxy S8+ Samsung Galaxy S8 +

54 910



Redmi Note 4 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4




SE iPhone SE




P10 Lite Huawei P10 Lite




Prices for were approximately the same as those of the main competitors . Some products on the site can even be bought much cheaper - for example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. It should also be noted that the stores that we took as reference points (Citylink and M. Video) adhere to the most loyal pricing policy - we managed find out in the course of previous reviews.

Analyzing the prices of, it is necessary to take into account 2 points:

  • The presence of a bonus program that allows the client to save literally immediately, and not after the purchase of electronics for a substantial amount. As soon as a user passes registration on the site, 500 bonuses “fall” to his balance, with which he has the right to pay up to 50% of the cost of the first purchase. After payment, up to 20% of the amount is returned to the balance (and even more if paid by card online). There is a suspicion that the bonus program in its current version will not last long - it is too beneficial for the client.
  • Best Price Guaranteed . Let's go back to our price analysis plate - we see that iPhone SE in Citylink is cheaper than on In this case, you need to use the “guarantee”: fill out the application on the website and wait for the link to the product to be sent to the mailbox at a reduced cost. After that, you can pay and enjoy the savings. "Citylink" is one of the online stores that considers to be competitors - and "M. Video", paradoxically, too.

There are few ways to pay for a purchase - a client can:

  • Transfer cash to the courier.
  • Pay by card upon receipt.
  • Pay by card online on the site.

The seller recommends the latter option, arguing that it is the most reliable. works with 3D-Secure technology, which guarantees maximum transaction protection - if the issuing bank does not support 3D-Secure, the transfer may fail. does not accept electronic money and non-cash payment.

Goods delivery

At the time of writing this review, only courier delivery of 2 types was offered to customers: standard and oversized . Pickup is not yet available, which is very unpleasant - all the benefits of using the bonuses provided during registration go to cover the cost of courier services, which you may not need. However, the seller announces the appearance of pickup and expedited delivery in the near future. does not deliver goods to regions - only in Moscow and the Moscow region . Delivery cost depends on whether you need to travel outside the Moscow Ring Road. The rates are as follows:



Within the Moscow Ring Road

249 rub

499 rub

Beyond the MKAD (50 km)

349 rub

699 rub

The site, alas, does not specify what goods the seller considers bulky.

If you place an order on before 13:00, then the parcel will be delivered the next day. The maximum waiting time is 2 days. It is worth noting that the store shows flexibility in relation to customers, allowing those to independently determine the delivery time interval.


So far, has more negative reviews than positives - however, consumers are always more willing to write about negative experiences. It will be possible to name the reason for a significant part of complaints in a single word - disorganization . Either the couriers are late, the goods from the warehouse are not sent at all what the customer wanted, quite often it is found closer to the delivery date that the necessary goods are not on sale at all. Here is a sample review from

They themselves were to blame - they probably knew that they were contacting the online store at the beta testing stage. It was very presumptuous to expect that the marketplace, which had not even really opened yet, would work with the accuracy of a Swiss watch.

In positive reviews, customers praise mainly the bonus system, which allows you to receive significant discounts. In addition, some note that they have never encountered such a responsible approach to package packaging as in cooperation with


The advantages of the marketplace can be considered:

  • Convenient site with a minimalistic design.
  • A wide range of products - in terms of the number of gadget models on sale, only Citylink can compare with the new platform.
  • Prices are below market average.
  • The bonus program and many promotional offers that allow you to really save (“Low Price Guarantee”, “Delivery for 1 ruble”).
  • Efficiency of delivery - you won’t have to wait for the parcel for more than two days.

And now about the shortcomings of the site:

  • does not deliver goods across Russia and does not offer to use the services of a courier for free - like many of its competitors.
  • Too few payment methods - the marketplace does not work with electronic payment systems.
  • Logistics is still ineffective - hence a lot of negative reviews.

Internet market experts are skeptical about For example, one of the CIAN top managers A. Avdei noted that the idea of ​​a Russian marketplace is by no means new - many large stores tried to bring such projects to life, but inevitably burned. However, judging by what we saw with our own eyes, has a good chance of success. The site is very original, and its marketers know exactly how to attract the attention of customers. It remains to eliminate minor flaws and improve logistics - and then hold on, Citylink and Yulmart!

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Have you ordered gadgets on Write about your experience with this company in the comments! We will be happy to hear from you!



  • I love these kinds of sites, from Alik I always order nonsense of any kind that is unnecessary, so to speak) and therefore I’m waiting for it to come to the post office) And then I’ve got the time for New Year’s gifts to buy normal ones, so I dialed all kinds of things to my mom and husband. And at once the courier brought everything for 1 rub. Well, fire is a))

  • Good Ru - my best find of late among online stores. Cool mass market, which brought together famous stores. It was conveniently invented by creating 1 basket for all goods, so that each time you did not wait for the next product with a courier. I would like to make delivery throughout Russia, I want to pamper my relatives with gifts.


  • I love the new year !! I really like to decorate the Christmas tree and the apartment! Each time we have a different new year, now in red style, then in blue, etc. This year I’ve already bought everything from good. They have a huge selection of jewelry and the prices are reasonable! And I spent the accumulated bonuses))

  • What nonsense is written in the article!
    “They themselves are to blame - they probably knew that they were contacting the online store at the beta testing stage.” - In general, a masterpiece. Beta testing is an internal process of the store itself. In fact, the site is running. Launched - please fulfill your obligations.
    From experience - I made several orders through, the first order was delivered only the second time, the other two orders could not be delivered twice already. Of the benefits - only bonuses and discounts on promo codes. But in general, the impression of the site is negative.

    Their slogan is: "Delivery on time! .. but this is not accurate"

      • In this case, that alpha that beta testing does not quite reflect the situation. They are now actively gaining a customer base and increasing brand awareness. Because for this I had to invest in advertising and actively dumping - they save on logistics. Those. they work already in the production version of the service, and cover the effects of savings with a sign about beta testing.
        By the way, they respond adequately to written complaints, accrued 500 bonus rubles for delivery problems, apologized and said that they are now concluding agreements with new courier services. Today we delivered one of the delayed orders, the second order was postponed for another 3 days.

  • The most disgusting company for all the years of my orders on the Internet.
    First, they carried the phone for a week. We put the box with the phone in another box from under the power supply for the computer. We arranged such a quest. Have you ever received a TV in the box from under the refrigerator? No, order :))
    Okay, they gave me a bonus, I ordered it again. They’ve been carrying it for two weeks already. Yes, I ordered 7 items on [censored] , delivered from the USA during this time, packing everything clearly and correctly.
    After 12 days, they reported that there was no order gender, such as the seller did not confirm. Although everything was confirmed. And now the goods are sold from them.
    One thing is strange: people create a multi-million dollar business, spend tons of money on advertising, and get a zilch on the way out. And there’s not even an email address where you can write a letter. If I were the owner, I would really like to know what a stupid creature is ruining my newly created business.

  • Good day to everyone, conclusions about the platform decided to buy a child cars and boxes for storage. made an order on March 4 - collected by the 15th / moved to 17 (Saturday) from 10-14 and then it started ... ..
    Until Saturday, no one called and asked, do I remember about them / have my plans changed / well, and in general, am I ready to accept the order or transfer it ???? On Saturday I call at 10:30 - find out if they remember me at all? they will remember everything, the silence of neither the courier nor the operator, no one. 13:30 - I call there is no information, for a long time I explained that I care if I chose the date and time of delivery, that I have my own plans and deeds and the 21st century - there are telephones and >[censored] at 22 no info we take on control! ie they took control on the next day - to guard (quarrel for my French). Conclusion: the office is not responsible for anything! does not control and cannot influence anything - some children without demand and responsibility !! !! they only understand they sympathize, but they can’t do anything !!!! And as an “apology” they charge 200 r - instead of additional about the present — like normal online stores do !!! my child got up at 6 a.m. and until 10 p.m. every 30 minutes brought me a brain with tears and snot, where are his cars - as a result, by 22 p.m. I became - in his eyes [censored] which promised and didn’t, and lied to him all day / the example is quickly contagious and now you can wait for a backlash !!! (we are 3 years old). So my personal opinion and wishes to the leadership of this platform: the idea is great, but there are few ideas. At a minimum, you need to have an education (not a culinary technical school and not general education) and experience in creating and managing this product! To think over everything for trifles and to hone to hone skill !!! And if there is no money for your own courier service, have at least 2–3 couriers for these incidents or monitor YOUR orders at the delivery service — you had to check all deliveries by time and date again before the day before — remind to clarify and hold your hand on the pulse! You must be able to quickly find a way out of such situations. And I’ll remind you as I order on your site — I deeply spit on your internal agreements and conflicts — I don’t care who is to blame and who didn’t supplement what, I’m absolutely not interested in who and how will deliver my order / order to me term and proper quality - and this is YOUR direct task - well, and if it is too difficult for you, drop this disastrous business and do what you can do perfectly yourself !!!! Good luck
    Goods still not delivered time 12

    • Julia, hello! We sincerely regret that you are faced with such an unpleasant situation. Help us understand the reasons and improve the process - please write your order number. We really want all orders to be delivered on time, and if there are overlays, so that they do not upset our customers.

  • At Goods ru I take goods for the whole family. We only take household appliances there, because it is very convenient to find goods with the lowest price that stores offer. For diapers there too. Moreover, quite a few bonus rubles are accumulated for purchases. We then pay only half the cost of the goods.

  • The first time I heard about a marketplace 2 months ago from a friend of mine, when he boasted that he had cheaply snatched his navigator on a car. I also love all these bells and whistles in a car, so that very evening I went to the GoodS website to see prices. It turned out that there was nothing there, and products, and diapers and cosmetics and equipment. A week later, I decided to order a radar detector, which I had long dreamed of. As a gift they gave 25% cashback with their bonuses and free delivery. The device works fine, no complaints. And I wish the Goodsu success in its development. И хотелось бы, что доставка по всей России была, так как с удовольствием бы делал покупки родным, которые живут в Самаре.

    • Eugene, hello! Благодарим за теплые слова. В ближайшей временной перспективе выход в другие города не планируется, но как только мы выйдем — сразу всех оповестим:)