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How to remove Alice on Android

The voice assistant Alice from Yandex can be installed both separately and together with other applications of the company. For example, with a browser or navigator.

In addition, support for voice commands gradually appears in other applications from Yandex. Next, we will tell you how to remove Alice from the Android phone or just turn off the assistant. This will depend on the version of the application used.

How to disable Alice

If you installed the application in which the voice assistant is “sewn” by default, then Alice cannot be completely removed. Instead, you can disable unnecessary functionality. How to do this in different applications:

Step 1 Launch Yandex.Browser - with Alice . On the main page, click on the "Show more" icon (in the form of three dots) and select "Settings" from the list.

Step 2 In the page that opens, find the Voice Features section . Here, select the necessary parameters for the assistant (for example, so that Alice does not turn on without pressing the button). Select "Do not use voice" to completely disable voice capabilities.

Step 3 Launch Yandex - with Alice . On the main page, call up the menu. To do this, swipe to the right or click on the icon in the form of three stripes. Click on "Settings" here .

Step 4 Find the “Alice” section and select “Voice Activation” . Here, move the “Use voice activation” slider to the “Off” state. You can also change other parameters. For example, the phrase to call the voice assistant.

Now you know how to disable Alice on Android without deleting the application itself. By analogy, you can deactivate the voice assistant in other programs from Yandex.

How to remove Alice

If the voice assistant works as an independent application or you cannot turn it off, you can simply delete it from your phone or tablet. Instruction:

Step 1 Open "Settings" and select "All applications" (depending on the version of Android, this item may have different names). Find the application in the list here. In our case, this is Yandex .

Step 2 On the page that opens, click on the "Delete" button (depending on the version of Android it may be in different places) and confirm the action.

Step 3 If the desired application cannot be found in the list, then you can delete it differently. To do this, return to the main screen and make a long press on the voice assistant icon. After that, drag it into the "Delete" field and confirm the action.

Now you know how to remove Alice from the Android phone. If you don’t like the voice assistant built into your favorite application by default, then instead of completely abandoning it, pay attention to simplified versions of applications. Such as Yandex.Browser Light .