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How to choose a smartphone on Yandex.Market?

At the current level of competition, the buyer in offers may simply be “lost." Yandex.Market is ready to come to the rescue - a service that simplifies the process of selecting goods to the utmost.

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An abundance of options is not always a plus. If the goods that you need are sold by many stores, you can “dig in” when choosing so much that you forget what criteria were initially considered the most important. As a result, you find that you spent a lot of time and still came to the decision to take the first option.

Yandex.Market is a service that allows you to avoid wasting time searching for the best option. Having learned how to use this site, you can quickly find smartphones with the necessary characteristics and buy them at the lowest prices.


What is Yandex.Market and what is the use of it?

Yandex.Market is not a Yandex- owned subsidiary - recently, I take the market place “Take!” Yandex.Market is more of an information portal that helps the user in selecting the right product and comparing prices. NM accumulates the offers of many stores, determines the minimum and average prices for a commodity position, tells where it is possible to buy a particular model of smartphone the cheapest.

The following numbers are given in Yandex.Help: The market operates from 20 thousand stores and has already posted 100 million product offers.

Yandex.Market assumes the role of an intermediary broker. If the user found the goods in NM, he clicks on the link to the online store of the seller and already places an order there. The buyer does not pay anything, but Yandex still has a benefit - sellers daily transfer money to him for clicks.

How to find the cheapest offer on Yandex.Market?

Consider the example of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 . We find the gadget through the search bar.

Already at this stage, we can see that 239 stores put up offers for this product on NM, and the minimum price of the product is 38,000 rubles. This should intrigue and alert the buyer at the same time, since the gadget costs 59,990 rubles in a regular Svyaznoy salon. Do you feel the difference?

Let us determine which store offers such fabulous conditions. We go into the product card, move to the " Prices " tab.

Next, select the sorting method "by price".

The cheapest offers immediately creep up:

Samsung Galaxy S9 for 38 000 rubles is sold in the store "Easy Life". At a price of 1 thousand rubles higher, the gadget can be bought at WISHMASTER. Even though it’s cheaper in the first store, it’s worth taking a closer look at the second offer - and here's why:

  • WISHMASTER offers a number of pleasant and useful bonuses - an extended warranty, current day delivery.
  • At WISHMASTER, the delivery cost is almost half lower and there is the possibility of self-delivery.
  • WISHMASTER has more reviews and stars.

You can apply another sorting method - “by rating and price”. Then on the first lines there will be cheap offers of stores with a good reputation.

We see that the product card in WISHMASTER with this sorting method really comes out on top. At the same time, the offer of the store “Easy Life” on the first page does not even smell.

We decided - we definitely like the option with WISHMASTER! We click on the “ To Shop ” button and proceed to place an order directly on the seller’s website.

How to choose a smartphone on Yandex.Market by characteristics?

The described method of selecting an offer on NM assumes that the buyer already knows which gadget he needs. But what should he do if he has not decided on a model and wants to choose a smartphone according to its characteristics? In this case, you’ll have to tinker with Yandex.Market filters.

Consider this example: a music fan wants to find a smartphone with stereo speakers, a good front camera (resolution - at least 13 megapixels) and a capacious battery - so that the device does not sit down right while listening to your favorite song. In addition, he has a strict budget limit - 20 thousand rubles.

Let's start the search. First of all, select the " Electronics " section in the menu - the " Mobile Phones " subsection.

A catalog of smartphones appears. We recommend that you immediately switch from tiled mode to list mode - then the main characteristics of the gadgets will be displayed on the screen.

We see that the column of filters is placed on the right. There you can set the desired price, the preferred manufacturer - even the color can be chosen. But our hypothetical buyer will be disappointed: there is a filter for battery capacity, but nothing about the front camera and speakers.

In this situation, you need to boldly click on the " All Filters " button.

Here you can simultaneously install a huge number of filters. The main thing is not to get carried away - the more selection criteria, the less suitable options.

First of all, we set a price limit - up to 20,000 rubles. Next, look for the filter " Resolution of the front camera, Mpix " and prescribe the value "from" 13 Mpix.

Then in the filter " Stereo speakers " put down the marker " Yes ".

Finally, the last criterion is the battery capacity. We do not need a heavy-duty battery - 3,000 mAh will be enough. Mark the daws options that are suitable.

Filter settings are now complete. Scroll the page to the bottom and click " Show suitable ".

Yandex.Market displayed 5 models that fit all the criteria, including Meizu 15, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and HTC U Ultra. You can choose the only suitable gadget by any additional criterion or, for example, by price, but we recommend that you sort products by NM rating and take the one that is higher than others. In our case, Meizu 15 was ahead of the rest due to the fact that it received 13 reviews of the most positive content and not a single negative.

“Yandex. Advisor "- what is it and how is it useful?

Yandex.Advisor is a browser extension that allows the user to quickly find out about different product offers without visiting the Market. When the user goes to the card for a specific product in any of the online stores, an orange line appears on top, indicating where this product can be bought cheaper.

The adviser must also mention the cost of delivery, since this item of expenses of the buyer can be quite impressive.

If you hover over the " More offers " field, 6 other offers from NM will be displayed on the screen (if there are so many), as well as the average price of the goods. As you can see, in our example, the average price of a TV in Yandex.Market is even higher than its price in the store we visited first.

The line “ Advisor ” appears automatically only if it is obvious that it is a product. If the product is problematic to determine (for example, when viewing a video review), you can’t count on the automatic appearance of the line. It must be called by clicking on the following icon:

"Advisor" accurately determines the product, if it is not intentionally confused. It will be possible to mislead him by trying to call on the product catalog page, which presents many different models.

You can find and install the “Advisor” in the traditional way - through the browser add-ons directory.

The Yandex.Advisor extension works not only on Yandex.Browser, but also on Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Yandex.Market is an extremely ambiguous service. On the one hand, it is very useful for users and gives them the opportunity to save. How would you know that in the Easy Life store the Samsung Galaxy S9 is sold at a bargain price if it weren’t for NM? Would you know about such a store at all? Unlikely.

But there is another side - the negative. If you are afraid that something is unclean with a mobile phone that sells for 60% of the average market price in the “no-name” store, your fears are not unfounded and quite reasonable. Most likely, there is a catch - for example, the seller sells "gray" phones imported into Russia illegally, or sells only with insurance and additional services. Choosing a cheap offer through Yandex.Market, you, unfortunately, cannot be sure of either the quality of the product or the integrity of the seller. NM carefully checks sellers, but these checks relate mainly to technical issues - for example, the availability of support services and the speed of registration of a purchase application.

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