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OnePlus TV: the head of the company revealed the main features of their first TV

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, a Chinese manufacturer, revealed many interesting details about the upcoming first OnePlus TV. True, he did not name the exact release date of the novelty, although according to rumors, the announcement should happen on September 27 after the presentation of the flagship OnePlus 7T.

So, the OnePlus TV smart TV will be equipped with a 4K QLED screen. Pete Lau did not voice the available diagonals, but according to the same rumors, the novelty will be released in diagonals of 43, 55 and 75 inches.

The OnePlus TV model will be equipped with a new generation module Bluetooth 5.0. Smart TV will run on a modified version of Android TV. They promise that the original will be optimized, and the emphasis will be on the quantity and quality of content without reference to certain services, applications and other things.

OnePlus TV will have a remote control, but you can control the TV from a smartphone. For example, to search for the necessary programs and films using the virtual keyboard, switch channels and use the smart menu. It is not known whether the TV will support devices of other companies or only OnePlus smartphones.

Pete Lau did not disclose the price of OnePlus TV, but said that this is a premium segment gadget, which means it will have a corresponding price. OnePlus TV will first be released in India, then in China, and later will appear on the world market.

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