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How to print from a smartphone to Android?

Many of us are regularly confronted with the need to print something. Let's try to figure out if this can be done using a smartphone or tablet.

The easiest way to print a document is by using a computer. Especially if it is connected to the printer using a USB cable. However, more and more often we go online using a tablet or smartphone. In this regard, regularly there is a need to print from Android when the computer is simply turned off. Can this be done? And if so, how?


Using Google Print

The creators of the Android operating system realized that from time to time its users would want to print something. Moreover, most often they will not be able to connect the printer to a tablet or smartphone directly. And even if there was such an opportunity, there are simply no drivers for specific printers and MFPs in the operating system. That is why Google decided to develop a "cloud" service. Your printer is attached to it, after which you can send a print request from a tablet, smartphone or any other device, using the Internet connection. It turns out that at your disposal is a kind of network printer. Your initial steps should be:

Step 1. Register your printer or MFP with Google Cloud Print . The service supports any devices, but some of them will work only in conjunction with the computer turned on. Fortunately, most modern printers are equipped with Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port - such devices can receive data from the global web directly. So, launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer. If you do not have it, then you will need to install it first.

Step 2. Press the " Menu " button. It is located in the upper right corner and looks like a vertical ellipse.

Step 3. Select " Settings ".

Step 4. In the tab that opens, select the " Show advanced settings " item.

Step 5. Scroll down until you reach the Google Cloud Print subsection. Click on the “ Configure ” button here.

Step 6. Two or one “ Add Printers ” button will be located on the page that opens. It depends on whether your device now has the ability to access the Internet on its own. Press the top button, if present. Or the bottom one, if the top one is not displayed.

Step 7. You will be transferred to the next page. Here you need to check the box next to the name of your printer. You can also leave a check mark next to “ Automatically register connected printers ” if you can buy a new device in the near future. And if you have several accounts on Google, then do not forget to log in to the one that you use on your smartphone and tablet. At the end, you will need to click the blue Add Printer button.

This completes the registration of the device in Google Cloud Print. But how do you print the document now? Everything is very simple:

Step 8. Pick up your mobile device. Go to Google Play (Play Market).

Step 9. Type “ Cloud Printer ” in the search box .

Step 10. In the list of results, find " Virtual Printer " from Google Inc. Click on it.

Step 11. Click the " Install " button.

Step 12. Now you can print any file or document. For example, open a photo through the “ Gallery ” and click the “ Share ” button. Or do the same in the browser if you want to send an Internet page to the printer.

Step 13. In the list that appears, find the " Print " item and click on it.

Step 14. After that, you will be taken to the print settings screen, where you can select the DPI, number of copies, image orientation and some other parameters. When you decide on the settings - click on the button where the paper plane (or the printer itself) is displayed, this will start the printing process.

That's all. It should be noted that some smartphone manufacturers pre-install similar services. For example, Samsung installs its own virtual printing service on its devices. He acts on a similar principle. Additionally, it allows you to save a web page or image as a PDF document, saving it in the cloud.

Using third-party applications

But how to print directly from Android, bypassing all kinds of "clouds"? After all, the computer may be turned off, and the printer may not be able to independently access the Internet. In this case, you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, transferring the document to the printer through this signal. To do this, you need some third-party application. For example, PrinterShare is a good choice.

This program has two versions. Free has several limitations. In particular, it is almost impossible to print a multi-page document with its help. But then it will let you know if the application can even determine your printer. If you can send the print from Android to the printer via Wi-Fi using it, then you can buy a paid version. In the end, it does not cost too much money. Or look for alternative applications of this kind - there are actually quite a lot of them.

Step 1. Install and run PrinterShare on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2. Click the Continue button.

Step 3. Here you can select the document, website or image that you want to print. But first, you need to connect to a printer. Therefore, pay attention to the very bottom - here you must click the " Select " button.

Step 4. In the window that appears, select how the connection will be made. If your printer can receive Wi-Fi signal, then select the appropriate item. You can also try to connect the device using a USB cable - there is a possibility that the program will recognize the printer. The item “Interner-printer” is intended for those devices that provide an account on a company website. Here you see the Google Cloud Printer, which was discussed above.

Step 5. Next, it remains to scan the nearest networks and select the one that belongs to your device. It may be necessary to enter a password that appears on the printer screen. In a word, your further actions depend on the specific model of the device.


You can print certain documents not only using Android. Relevant applications can be found on other platforms. For example, the hugely popular PrintHand exists on iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, and even Google Glass. Printer manufacturers also produce their own utilities - just remember HP ePrint and Epson iPrint . And do not forget that such a rather obscure setup is carried out only for the first time. In the future, you will only need to click " Share " and select " Print " or the previously downloaded program.


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  • This shame is your Android! On Windows, free drivers are included for any printer. And here you can get fucked up: an auxiliary computer, “clouds”. I’m a programmer, at one time I wrote the need for a printer driver and I understand that there are no software problems. So while Android is a toy for gamers, nothing serious can be done on it. Although my tablet, for example, is very powerful and could do a lot. But alas, moronity on moronism.