LG smartphones

LG is a major manufacturer of household appliances, which by 2016 is also succeeding in the smartphone market. Many experts unreasonably believe that the LG gadget market will for a long time be in the shadow of the big Korean “brother” - Samsung , however, the company seeks to produce original and original devices, is actively introducing innovations and in many aspects is already surpassing an experienced competitor.

The company can rightfully be considered international, because its representative offices are located in 95 countries of the world. The large research laboratory "ELGY" is located in St. Petersburg.

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What makes LG smartphones unique?

The latest smartphones of the company are distinguished by such innovations as:

  • Always ON mode . The mode allows the smartphone screen to never turn off completely. The user will be able to see the time, incoming messages, missed calls, without “lighting” the display for this, which means saving battery power. Model G 5 is capable of boasting such a function, which should go on sale only in April 2016.
  • Advanced selfie options . The new LG models allow the use of a virtual flash, in which the light source is the display, as well as shooting with a gesture of the hand - the user just has to clench his hand into a fist, after which the camera will begin to count 3 seconds before the photo. The K 4 and L Fino models are equipped with such selfie functions.
  • Dual camera Owners of some new LG models from the catalog, for example, G 5 , can now choose which camera to shoot , because smartphones are equipped with two rear cameras at once: the first shoots with a higher resolution (16 megapixels) but a lower viewing angle (78 degrees) , the second, on the contrary - at 8 megapixels, but with an angle of 135 degrees.

What are the disadvantages of LG mobile phones?

One of the main shortcomings can be considered the excessive cost of gadgets, especially in the first weeks of sales. LG puts up a price tag on its smartphones no lower than Samsung, although still inferior in popularity. Many consumers consider LG devices unreliable and if they have a choice, they will always prefer Samsung or Sony , so it can be argued that the price goes ahead of the reputation.

As a second serious minus, experts in the reviews cite an insufficiently capacious battery that sits faster than other gadgets with similar functionality. The company strives to eliminate this shortcoming in every possible way, including through the “Always ON” function.

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