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Highscreen is a smartphone brand owned by Highscreen Smart LLC. Until 2012, the company worked according to the so-called OEM-scheme, which is still popular among Russian retailers - it just bought ready-made devices in China and set up a brand.

But, since 2012, the company began to develop gadgets itself (Yummy became the first model), Russian specialists are engaged in the development, and models are manufactured in China.

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What are the features of Highscreen smartphones?

A key element of the Highscreen Smart marketing strategy is a competitive pricing policy, a combination of affordable price, quality and modern technology. Highscreen smartphones are always cheaper than analogues from more well-known companies.

The Highscreen models from the catalog have other features:

  • All Highscreen gadgets have slots for two SIM cards, as well as a microSD card slot .
  • Most gadgets of this brand are able to work autonomously for a long time thanks to capacious batteries. For example, one of the first long-playing Boost 2 models was equipped with two batteries at once, one of which reaches a capacity of 6000 mAh. At that time, representatives even declared Boost 2 in the Guinness Book of Records as a long-lived smartphone - without access to an outlet, it could “live” up to two weeks.
  • Many of the latest Highscreen models continue to be produced with high-capacity batteries, have NFC , and GPS + GLONASS are almost always used for navigation

Highscreen Gadget Shortcomings Overview

The first minus is the difficulty with buying accessories. The assortment does not always contain original accessories, so often consumers select the appropriate options on the entire well-known Chinese site. Although, it is worth noting that often the manufacturer supplies the devices with covers and / or protective films.

In addition, Highscreen smartphones with a large battery have significant dimensions due to this factor, so they can hardly be called miniature, and for aesthetics lovers who prefer style to a large battery, some models may not like it.

Official Highscreen Store

Highscreen brand opened a new company store

The Russian manufacturer Highscreen has opened a new online store. All smartphones of the company are already available here and its main novelty is Highscreen Power Five Max 2.

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