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IPhone X shipments may be half as much this year

Problems with facial recognition components lead to a change in plans.

Sales of the iPhone 8 are far from impressive, partly due to minimal changes compared to the iPhone 7. Another important reason is the fact that the main flagship of Apple this year is the iPhone X , which has not yet gone on sale. Information has repeatedly appeared that the production process is experiencing difficulties with a lack of suitable components. Nikkei Asian Review reports that initially, Apple can only market 20 million copies of the device, while it planned twice as much. The technical problems with the components of the facial recognition system are to blame.

Nikkei reports that there were defects in the OLED panels at the beginning of the production of the iPhone X. In July, they were fixed, but there were problems in the face recognition modules. It is alleged that their manufacturers were able to increase the percentage of output of suitable modules only by the end of November, while the start of sales of iPhone X is scheduled for November 3. About 10 million copies of the device are produced per month, although Apple may negotiate the additional production of some components.

Thus, Apple is able to release only 20 million iPhone X by the end of the year, which will mean a huge decline in sales of flagship smartphones. In 2015, Apple sold 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus over the first weekend alone. It is also not yet known what will be the demand for a device that is noticeably more expensive than previous iPhone models.