Car mode on HTC One X

Probably for the hundredth time we repeat that the phone has long ceased to be just a phone, and takes on more and more functions from neighboring devices. Today we tell ...

Personalizing your HTC One X smartphone

One of the first tasks that more and more people are doing with the phone is its personalization. There is no need to go far, there is a wonderful example at hand.

HTC One S: performance test

The HTC One S smartphone has been tested, namely tested by the Quadrant benchmark, and scored a little more than 4700 points. So from the diagram it’s clear that One S got around ...

HTC One X: performance test

A performance test was conducted of the American version of the smartphone HTC One X. Recall that this version of the device is made for the American mobile operator ...

Gmail on HTC Explorer

Probably one of the most popular email services in the world. It's about Gmail. Today we will tell you how to manage mail in your HTC Explorer phone.

Search for contacts on HTC Explorer

After conducting a short survey among friends and acquaintances, we were surprised to learn that not everyone uses the search capabilities of contacts in the phone’s address book.

Save battery on HTC Explorer

You can often hear conversations that users of HTC smartphones running Android want to extend the life of the phone without recharging. Let's try...

Fly E160 Cell Phone: Exploring Opportunities

Today we will try to explore some of the features of the Fly E160 2-SIM cell phone. In this article we will pay special attention to the following functionality: multimedia ...