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Compass on Android

Each modern smartphone supports various satellite navigation systems. Therefore, he is able to determine the location, build a route, and sometimes completely replace the navigator.

However, GPS does not always display the correct information. Not to mention those cases when you need to determine the cardinal directions or build a route outside the city where there are no visible landmarks. In such cases, a digital compass comes to the rescue. Next, we will consider the most popular applications, and also tell you how to install and calibrate the compass on Android.


Compasses for Android

moondance Developer: moondance
Free Price: Free

As a rule, such applications are not very different from each other. If you need the simplest compass, then you don't have to look for the best. Feel free to download any application from the Play Store. And for those who need additional functionality (such as displaying the magnetic field strength, recording geographical coordinates), you should definitely familiarize yourself with the list below.

Attention : for the digital compass to work, the smartphone must be equipped with a magnetic sensor (magnetometer). You can check its availability using a special application. For example, a sensor.

Compass from NixGame

NixGame Developer: NixGame
Free Price: Free

A free application with a minimalistic design from a Russian developer. It can show the orientation of the device in real time, the address and location coordinates, as well as switch between the graphic and magnetic poles. In addition, the application also displays the offset relative to the point initially registered at launch.

Compass from Fulmine Software

Free Price: Free

This is a multifunctional and yet easy to learn compass. The application is available for free download on the Play Store , in Russian. The main feature of the compass is that it works even without an internet connection. In addition, the application shows the direction and distance, the height difference for the selected destination, and also knows how to remember the coordinates of various places.

Compass 360 Pro Free

Another free Android compass with additional functionality. The application has an intuitive interface and does not require a mandatory Internet connection. In addition, the compass can show the weather and display abbreviated navigation names.

How to calibrate a compass

For the digital compass to function properly, it must be calibrated. You can do this in the application itself. Instruction:

Step 1 Install any compass on your phone. In this manual, we will work with the Compass 360 Pro Free application. It can be downloaded to your smartphone for free through the Play Store .

Step 2 Launch the app and give it access to location data. To do this, click "Allow" . After that, accept the user agreement by clicking the Continue button.

Step 3 Click “Settings” to go to settings. Here you can see a list of available parameters, manually calibrate the azimuth, enable or disable GPS , choose true north instead of magnetic.

Step 4 Return to the main screen and begin the calibration. To do this, just place the device horizontally (for example, put it on a table) and make several revolutions around the axis. After that, place it vertically and again make a few circular movements.

This completes the calibration and you can start using the compass. For more accurate operation, it is recommended to completely calibrate all sensors on the smartphone (especially the accelerometer and magnetometer).