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How to disable updates on Android?

Not all smartphones are quick. Sometimes these devices are equipped with slow memory or an unoptimized operating system. All this leads to the fact that updating each application greatly slows down the operation of the gadget. And this update can begin at any time, which can lead the user out of himself. Fortunately, disabling updates on Android is easy. In this case, it will be possible to install new versions of programs and games only at a time when it is convenient for you.

Stopping automatic updates to the operating system

But we will start by updating the Android operating system itself. Checking for a new version can also happen at the wrong time. To disable the automatic check for updates, do the following:

1. Go to the operating system settings.

2. Scroll down the list and go to the " About phone " section.

3. Click on “ System Update ”.

4. Uncheck the " Auto-update " checkbox . In our case, there is simply no such item - the system believes that regular checking for updates will not hurt, but in any case the user will decide whether to download software on his own.

Basically, the system update settings were saved on smartphones with the old version of Android. The creators rightly believe that a short call to the manufacturer’s servers will not damage the device’s performance.

However, the South Korean company Samsung did not get rid of the corresponding settings. But her latest smartphones turn out to be very powerful, and therefore it makes sense to refuse auto-update only if there is little space in the built-in memory.

Disable auto-update apps and games

By default, Google Play offers to automatically update each application you install. But, as already mentioned above, this causes certain problems when using a budget device with slow memory. On such devices, auto-update is turned off. But how to do that? Surely you remember that the question about automatic updates was asked to you only when you first used Google Play. In the future, this item magically disappeared from the pages of games and programs. All this for the sake of speeding up the download and installation process, as well as to facilitate each page and, accordingly, speed up its loading. You can now find this item in another way:

1. Open the Play Market.

2. Pull out the curtain with the main menu from the left edge, and then click on the “ Settings ” item.

3. Click on " Auto-update applications ."

4. Here you can disable this feature by checking the box next to “ Never ”.

5. If you do not want to receive notifications about the availability of updates, then the corresponding subsection has been created for you in the " Settings ". Just uncheck the box for " Updates ."

That's how simple it is to turn off updates on Android. But do not forget that from time to time you need to install new versions of programs and games, as developers regularly improve the stability of their work and the width of the functionality.