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The iCover store is becoming a significant force in the Russian online market. Due to what is this seller able to increase popularity?

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The iCover store in 2015 underwent a massive modernization and turned into a “giant” of online commerce with a catalog that includes 30 thousand items of goods and a staff of more than 100 people. But did the store continue to provide services at the same high level, thanks to which it gained recognition among domestic mobile users? How good is the updated iCover, we will try to understand by finding answers to the most common questions.


What is sold on

Those who are “insofar as they are” familiar with the e-commerce market, the iCover brand is associated with iPhone cases, which were very common and sold in large retail chains. Covers are still sold on in large numbers (1,563 items) and in a variety of cases - there are shockproof, protected, and options with a built-in battery. However, now this is only one of the directions.

Here's what else you can buy at the iCover store:

  • Smartphones The store distributes not only iPhones, but also products from other manufacturers - for example, BQ , Lenovo , Meizu - however, in small quantities.
  • Tablets. Curiously, in the iCover catalog there are even more tablets than smartphones. IPad, and also products of the companies Dell, Lenovo, Acer are on sale.
  • Acoustic equipment. These are headphones, and microphones (usually small - to record sound for video blogs), and voice recorders.
  • DVRs.
  • Camping equipment - knives, multitools, compasses.
  • Devices for smart home.
  • Mobile accessories of various kinds - from popular power banks to styluses and external lenses.

The funny thing is that Bang Olufsen products are listed in a separate subcategory of the menu. Which, of course, is justified by its price - if someone buys a TV for 3.5 million rubles, an iCover office will probably throw a big party.

Interesting devices from the iCover catalog

The store regularly and massively replenishes its product range - in just a year (since 2016) the number of product items increased by 50%. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the iCover catalog there are many very remarkable and innovative gadgets.

Of course, a useful device is PhotoFast MemoriesCable GEN3 128Gb - it is both a capacious flash drive and a cable for recharging "in one bottle."

An iPhone user can watch movies and listen to music from a flash drive on a mobile device. In addition, the user can back up files stored on the iPhone to PhotoFast memory. The flash drive is compatible with all "apple" devices that have a Lightning connector.

In the iCover catalog there is also a functional docking station Xtorm Power Station Stage , capable of recharging up to 4 devices from Apple at the same time.

The platform is made of aluminum, but despite this it is quite light - its weight is just over 300 grams.

Bang Olufsen on the pages of the iCover catalog is represented not only by televisions with a seven-digit price, but also by acoustic equipment. B Beolit ​​15 was declared the leader in our rating of wireless speakers . ICover sells its improved version - Beolit ​​17 .

The column is provided with 3 twitter (for high frequencies) and 2 radiators (for low). Due to its multi-band structure, Beolit ​​17 qualitatively covers the frequency range from 37 to 20,000 Hz. Also, the column boasts a capacious battery, guaranteeing a day of continuous listening to music, and support for the Bluetooth 4.2 interface, due to which the pairing of speakers and a smartphone always remains stable.

This is only a small part of the remarkable devices from the pages of the iCover catalog. Of course, the store will not be able to compete with the Chinese sites in terms of assortment, but when compared with Russian competitors, the result will not be in favor of the latter - the iCover catalog is clearly more interesting and diverse.

How convenient is website?

Updating the store benefited the Internet resource - it began to look much more modern. As for the convenience of the site, there are no comments either - the pages are not cluttered with advertising, there is useful content (on the blog), important information about delivery, payment methods and guarantees is upstairs. The main page tells in great detail (and shows through the map) how to find two iCover offices in Moscow.

Perhaps, not a single Russian online store has such a customer-oriented and accurate site as iCover.

Is it expensive to buy on iCover?

In order to understand how expensive the store is, we compare the prices for iPhones of different generations in iCover from another seller of Apple Re: Store products and Yandex.Market , a service that accumulates the prices of all sellers known to it for a specific commodity position.


Re: Store

Yandex.Market (average)

7 32GB iPhone 7 32GB

45 360 rub.

43 990 rub.

38 850 rub.

8 64GB iPhone 8 64GB

57 900 rub.

56 990 rub.

49 990 rub.

SE 32GB iPhone SE 32GB

21 350 rub.

20 990 rub.

19 500 rub.

6S 32GB iPhone 6S 32GB

34 990 rub.

35 990 rub.

31 990 rub.

X 256GB iPhone X 256GB

97 990 rub.

91 990 rub.

88 490 rub.

It is easy to notice that the prices in iCover are inflated compared to Re: Store for all commodity items, except for one - the iPhone 6S is slightly cheaper. However, if you look more broadly, you will notice that both stores - iCover and Re: Store - are quite expensive: on the 8th iPhone, all major retailers like Svyaznoy, Euroset and Megafon sell for 53 thousand rubles, and 7th - for 40 thousand rubles.

Accessories in iCover are also not cheap: in order to find a case costing less than 990 rubles, it takes a very long time to leaf through the catalog. We did not leaf through.

Do i have to pay for iCover shipping?

Delivery of the order in the iCover store is paid . It operates only in Moscow and the Moscow region (up to 10 km from MKAD). Delivery within the Moscow ring will cost 300 rubles; if couriers have to leave Moscow, they will take 500 rubles from the customer.

Residents of the province can also order goods on iCover - but in this case, the seller will not be responsible for delivery. iCover cooperates with 4 large transport companies - the provincial will have to discuss the delivery conditions with just one of them.

For a Muscovite, pickup is the best option. This is a free service: you can pick up the goods in one of two offline stores, which are located not so far from the center of the capital.

Are iCover customers happy?

No other store can boast of such a huge number of positive "five" reviews on specialized portals - like People say very kind words about iCover: praise competent managers, quick couriers, admit that the prices in the store are high, but the service is worth it. Obviously, the quality of iCover's work has grown: say, in 2010, every second review about the store carried a negative.

Negative reviews about the seller and are now found. Most of them are related to the company’s policy regarding money returns, for which the seller is extremely reluctant and exclusively through claims. However, for modern retail, bureaucracy is normal practice; iCover follows the same principles as other retailers in terms of returns.


If online hardware stores were rated as hotels, iCover would clearly be a “five-star”. Everything here is “on top”: the assortment is huge and varied, the support service works clearly, the site is completely done exemplary. However, all this magnificence has to be paid by the client. According to our research, iCover is one of the most expensive retailers - prices in this store are on average 10-15% higher than competitors. Therefore, for those who wish to purchase equipment on financially favorable terms, the iCover seller is definitely not suitable.

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