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BQ-5700L Space X Review: Simple Space!

BQ is pleased with new gadgets on a regular basis, but Space X fans have been waiting for it with special awe. Even so - because the device has a unique advantage: dual front camera!

It seems that the arsenal of ideas from the developers of BQ is truly inexhaustible. The company is not just launching new models with enviable regularity - it offers smartphones with unique benefits.

The BQ-5700L Space X smartphone is a clear confirmation. Are there many dual front camera devices on the market? On this list are a pair of Vivo gadgets, one from Asus Zenfones and Huawei's Nova. Certainly Space X will be able to impose on them competition, after all, running ahead, we will note: the smartphone at BQ turned out that it is necessary.



  • Materials: metal, glass
  • Operating System: Android 7.1.2 Nougat
  • Processor: 8- core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 , up to 1.4 GHz
  • Video Accelerator: Adreno 505
  • RAM / user memory: 3GB / 32GB (about 22GB free)
  • Memory card slot: yes, 128GB maximum
  • Display: 5.7 inches, 1440 × 720 resolution
  • Main Camera: 16MP
  • Front Camera: 20MP + 8MP
  • Fingerprint scanner : yes
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS , Beidou
  • Wireless Modules: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Dimensions: 72.9 × 152 × 8.3 mm
  • Weight: 161 grams


Despite the fact that Space X does not belong to the budget segment (the cost of the device - 12 490 rubles), it comes in a regular red and white cardboard box - no privileges. There is a “ Fingerprint ” mark on the packaging to indicate that the device is equipped with a fingerprint. Rear - listing of features and description of equipment.

Complete with a smartphone are:

  • MicroUSB cable.
  • 5V power supply.
  • Warranty card and instruction manual.
  • Discount coupon of 20% off when buying accessories at the official BQ online store.
  • SIM Tray Removal Needle.


Space BQ does not look "foreign" on the background of other gadgets of the Russian manufacturer. This is a strict monoblock without special design requirements (such can be attributed, perhaps, only a bulging block of the rear camera), heavy and thick, but at the same time assembled very qualitatively - such a dry description will fit most smartphones BQ. However, it is worth keeping Space X, and you understand that the new device is not like any of those that the company introduced earlier.

Space X is a truly masculine machine in metal. The focus on the strong half is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the smartphone is only available in one color variant - black. Ergonomics, which in the >

The layout of the mechanical elements on Space X is quite normal. Two keys on the right (volume rocker and power on / off button with relief), a headphone jack on top ( 3.5mm ), a MicroUSB recharge jack and a speaker on the bottom and finally a card slot on the left. The slot is removed with a needle and looks really huge, but it is also good, because it can be installed at once 2 SIM and flash card.

The back surface on which the flash unit, the dactyloscopic sensor and the gray antennas are located looks great. The surface is made of brushed metal - fingerprints are not left in the memory, the user does not have to carry everywhere with a silk cloth.


An important element in the design of Space X is the rounded 2.5D glass covering the screen - a big plus to the aesthetics. The IPS screen itself is frameless, has HD + resolution and 18: 9 aspect ratio . The display is made with Full Vision technology, so that even at the sharpest viewing angles, the image remains completely different.

There is no MiraVision program to adjust the screen settings on Space X. However, this is hardly a big loss, since the color rendering is such that even gourmets are unlikely to have complaints. Only adaptive brightness adjustment and the Smart Display function can be adjusted. The latter is activated only in conjunction with Adaptive Adjustment and is responsible for working out the sun's glare.

Performance and memory

If you're not an avid gamer, the performance of the BQ Space X smartphone will surely suffice you. On the gadget is Qualcomm's iron, which is an event in itself - before BQ preferred to use MediaTek products. The processor is not a top-end, but it is quite logical - after all, the smartphone itself balances at the border between the budget and the middle price segments.

We tested the gadget on AnTuTu. The device showed more than worthy result.

RAM on Space X "behind the eyes", but the user 32 GB may not be enough - especially if you are going to go on vacation and capture all significant events there by video. You can expand the memory up to 128GB at the expense of a MicroSD flash drive . In addition, the gadget will be able to connect a USB flash drive as it supports OTG .

Operating system and software

Space X is the Android 7.1.2 operating system with a shell from the manufacturer. Note that the firmware does not "slow down" the gadget and the interface and navigation somewhat resembles iOS. It is quite convenient, but the user who is accustomed to pure Android will have to spend time to make sense of himself. In particular, the lack of a menu with application icons and the fact that to call the control center you need to swipe down not one finger, but two at once.

Space X doesn't have much preinstalled third-party software, but without the traditional "Give a Life", UC Browser and "Yandex.Browser" would not do. The first 2 programs can be removed, the last - no.

Over the protection of the smartphone, the manufacturer worked on the glory - the gadget is equipped not only with a fingerprint scanner, but also the Face Unlock face recognition feature. You can activate Face Unlock in the Lock and Password settings section (Smart Lock section). Despite all these "spy" stuff, your obedient servant used a regular PIN code, as the facial recognition procedure ended in about 50-60% of cases.


Space X tests have 100% confirmed its status as a cameraphone. The pictures on the back camera are very saturated and crisp. Note also phase autofocus - it is fantastically fast on the smartphone. Capture modes are also Professional mode , where the user can adjust image settings such as ISO, white balance, and Portrait mode with bokeh effect. There are also fun features - such as Photo Smile . The shutter drops automatically as soon as the camera finds at least one smiling face in the frame.

Sony's front-facing camera doesn't boast " Professional Mode, " but it is perhaps the only one that is inferior to the mainstream. Thanks to a pair of lenses, you can take portrait photos (with a blurred background) and wide-angle selfies with a viewing angle of 120 ° - even the most extensive company will fit into the frame. However, the color rendition and contrast in a wide-angle selfie is a little worse than usual.


There is no BesLoudness speaker enhancement program on Space X - but there is something more that can please a music lover. Namely, full-fledged equalizer, bass amplifier and - attention - reverb for setting environmental effects. However, you can activate it only after connecting the headphones.

The specifics of the BQ branding interface are such that the quality of the music and the volume of the ringtones and signals are regulated in completely different sections of settings. You will not find the equalizer in the section "Sound and vibration" - it in the section "Music".

It is quite expected that there are no complaints about the loudspeaker volume - neither of the BQ smartphones can be said to be "barely beeping". Even if you set the volume slider to around 50%, the call will be heard on a busy street.


To ensure that Space X does not completely sink in the flow of praises, we note that it has at least one minus - there is no support for fast recharging. How serious this disadvantage depends is, rather, on the pace of life of the particular user. If it is possible to put the gadget on a night feed or "hook" it with a cable to a computer at work, the absence of Fast Charge will not be a problem. But the capital charge, for example, at a stop waiting for the bus is unlikely.

Space X device autonomy can be described as average. The gadget holds the standby charge very well. If you use your smartphone only to periodically check the time, it takes about 5% per day. If you use the gadget more actively (you call, you are sitting on the Internet connected to Wi-Fi), the entire battery charge of 3000 mAh per day will be spent.


The dual front camera is a "highlight" and a unique competitive advantage of the Space X model. But this is by no means the only or even the main advantage of the device. Since the model clearly succeeded "for glory", its advantages can be said much longer than the disadvantages. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Full-vision IPS display that boasts excellent color rendering.
  • Powerful main camera with loads of settings and modes.
  • Productive iron from Qualcomm.
  • Great sound.
  • Face Unlock support.

The downside is the lack of NFC support and fast charging technology. Although we will not forget that the price of the gadget is still not such as to ask him "to the maximum."

Risking to face charges of bias, we will still note that in our opinion, BQ Space X is the most successful model of all, which the Russian manufacturer released in 2018, and one of the best smartphones to fill the middle price segment of the mobile market lately. With premium-level design and excellent functionality, the new Selfie has more than a humane price tag.

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    • What's the battery? the usual 3000 mAh and sorry it is not clear what type of battery, if Li pol, then it is still okay. They serve longer. 3 thousand can and norms for his iron /

      • no one will notice the difference between a lithium-ion and a lithium-polymer battery. I assure you. it is necessary for scenes, for engineers-designers, but not for users. functionally they do not differ. Google to help.

  • The name is successfully coined in terms of marketing))
    Hardly of course here Ilon Musk is involved, and there is nothing of hi-tech in it) Nothing that would make him stand out against the sea of ​​the same type of smartphones.

    • Why? there is, a full tray for sim and sd, and it is very nice, because as often you will not find such, usually it is hybrid. The design itself, I would also highlight. And generally just a well-balanced smart
      On the snap at what! From the area of ​​hi-tech it is stupid to look for anything in this price category)

      • not to consider the same only because of the tray, the model)) Well, he still lacks something.
        I even know what, namely FHD +
        the cameras are kind, the performance is normal, but the resolution is not enough (

  • Get ready to throw it in the trash in a year. I had a couple of devices of this “….” Firm. They worked exactly a year every… and came to a halt.