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Smartphones are far from everything that the Chinese company LENOVO produces. Among other products of the company are laptops, video cards, keyboards, even accessories (bags and cases). The number of fans around the world is increasing every day thanks to the numerous innovations of LENOVO gadgets and affordable prices.

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What smartphones does LENOVO sell?

To make it more convenient for the buyer to choose a gadget affordable, the company divided the manufactured smartphones into 4 series depending on the cost:

  • A. These smartphones do not have a special design, but they have a seductive price. Even among series A in our catalog you can find original and functional devices, for example, A660, protected from moisture and dust.
  • S. This series focuses on the design of devices - S series smartphones will certainly please the eye. Many gadgets in this series are available in several color options, so they are suitable for both girls and the stronger sex. S series is also characterized by low cost.
  • P means professional. According to the reviews, it is clear that the P-series gadgets have one common feature - capacious batteries. For example, the P780 uses a 4000 mA battery. LENOVO mobile phones of this series have strong cases, therefore they are best suited for travelers and people with an active lifestyle.
  • K - premium smartphones, powerful and outwardly attractive, but at the same time quite expensive.

LENOVO smartphones of even an elite series will cost the buyer much cheaper than the gadgets of market leaders, for example, Samsung . Good price / quality ratio is the main reason why LENOVO devices are in steady demand.

A bit about the history of the company

The progenitor of LENOVO was the LEGEND company, founded in 1984 and engaged in the development of encodings for hieroglyphs. Only in 2003, the company received its current name. A big impetus to the development of LENOVO was the deal with IBM in 2004 - LENOVO bought the computer production unit from the latter. The company entered the smartphone market only in 2012 and quickly became the No. 1 Chinese manufacturer.

The company cares about its reputation and is attentive to social responsibility, as evidenced by getting into numerous tops - for example, LENOVO is among the top 10 most environmentally friendly producers and the top 50 of the most coveted employers in the world.

Lenovo introduced the Smart Tab M8 and M10 tablets

Lenovo has released a pair of new Smart Tab M8 and Yoga Smart Tab M10 tablets. The first option relates to the budget category, and the second will take its bottom in the middle segment.

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