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How to copy contacts from Android to computer?

We already talked about how to copy contacts from smartphone to smartphone . But sometimes it’s easier to transfer the contact book to the computer. Here it will definitely be safe and sound, and at some point you will copy it to a new device. However, the question arises. How to copy contacts from Android to computer? Is it possible?


Why is this needed?

The computer is easiest to use as backup storage. Many users regularly throw pictures created using the camera’s built-in smartphone. It also holds stocks of music. So why not save time to time on PCs and contacts? In the future, in the event of a breakdown or theft of the phone, all your contacts will not disappear.

It should be remembered that sometimes transferring the phone book from one device to another by air is not possible. For example, how do you do this if the screen is broken and the touchscreen does not respond to your touch? In this case, a computer comes to the rescue - you just need to connect a smartphone to it using a USB cable.

The easiest way

The easiest way is to download contacts using the tools built into the Android operating system. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the smartphone menu and open the Contacts application.

Step 2. Here you should click on the ellipsis located in the upper right corner, and then select the “ Import / Export ” item.

Step 3. On Samsung smartphones and some others, an intermediate action will be required in the form of pressing the “ Settings ” button. So you will find yourself in a separate menu where you can easily find the item you need dedicated to the import and export of numbers.

Step 4. By clicking on the corresponding item, you will see a pop-up menu. Here you should click " Export to VCF file ". Depending on the phone model, this item may have a different name. For example, “ Export to Drive ”.

Step 5. Next, select the place where the file with contacts will be saved. It is possible that here you will have cloud storage in the form of Google Drive. You can save the file on it - then you just have to open your account on the computer. But we will create a file with contacts in the " Downloads " folder.

Step 6. Give the file a name.

Step 7. Connect the smartphone to the computer using a working USB cable. You can find the created file in the Download folder. You just have to copy or cut it.

Step 8. When buying a new smartphone, you have to perform all the steps in the reverse order. That is, you copy the file to the phone’s memory, and then select “ Import from VCF file ” in the pop-up menu.

Step 9 Also, the resulting * .vcf file can be sent via instant messenger or by email. This is convenient if later you want to copy data to a second smartphone or share contacts with a friend. To do this, simply select the file through the explorer and click the "Send" button. After that, a list of available applications will appear.

Saving contacts with your Google Account

If you have synchronized contacts with Google servers in your device’s settings, you can do even easier. You can transfer contacts without involving a smartphone. This is especially true for the case when the device is broken.

Step 1. Go to . Here you should click on the “ Export ” button, if necessary expand the tab “ More ”.

Step 2. In the new version of the service, export of contacts is not supported (as of the summer of 2016). Google suggests switching to the previous version of this page.

Step 3. Here, select all the contacts, then click the " More " button and select " Export ".

Step 4. In the pop-up menu, specify which contacts you want to save, as well as which format should be used. When you do this, click the blue “ Export ” button.

Using third-party programs

If necessary, you can use some third-party programs. For example, Airdroid shows itself well. It will help to throw rooms by air. In this case, the corresponding application is installed on the smartphone, and the use of any Internet browser is sufficient on the computer.

You can also save contacts from Android to a computer using MOBILedit . We have already talked about this computer program. It is used to copy the phone book, call log, SMS messages and much more.


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