The best wireless headphones for your phone

If you want a modern smartphone - get ready to send your favorite headphones with a 3.5 mm plug to the far shelf. As an alternative, you have to purchase wireless headphones - but which ones to choose?

Countless Internet memes about tangled wires in your pocket, apparently, will soon come to an end - after all, wireless headphones for phones are becoming increasingly popular. Indirectly, Apple contributed to this, having released the iPhone 7 back in 2016 without the usual 3.5 mm jack for all music lovers.

Wireless headsets and headphones began to be sold for a long time, but music lovers refused them because they sounded noticeably worse than wired options - the quality was partially lost when transmitting via Bluetooth. But as the number of mobile devices with USB Type-C increased, instead of the traditional 3.5-mm jack, acoustic manufacturers began to seriously work on the sound of their Wireless equipment. As a result, in 2019, wireless headphones are not inferior to wired ones.

This article will tell you what aspects you should pay close attention to when choosing wireless headphones, and will recommend current and affordable models in Russia.

How to choose wireless headphones for a smartphone?

Key criteria for choosing a wireless headphone are:

  • Form factor . On sale there are overhead, in-ear (in-ear) and full-size headphones. The liners are compact in size and are great for athletes, but they sound worse, because they practically do not capture low frequencies. Audiophiles should pay attention to full-size headphones, which in addition to wonderful sound can boast decent autonomy.
  • Weight . It is logical that on-ear headphones weigh more than “earbuds,” but in any case their weight should not exceed 200 grams, otherwise the user will feel uncomfortable. Alas, such a proportion is still relevant for audio equipment: the better the sound quality, the more weight .
  • Autonomy . Headphones are not smartphones: they should be able to “live” without recharging for 5-7 days. This applies at least to overhead and full-size models. “Droplets” will have to be charged more often - due to their compactness they simply cannot accommodate capacious batteries.
  • Data transfer technology. Only a hundredth of the wireless headphone models connect to the smartphone via infrared - the remaining 99% use Bluetooth. It is better to take a device with Bluetooth 4.0 support - this one will discharge more slowly.

You should pay attention to additional criteria - for example, whether the headphones have moisture protection or built-in noise reduction.

It’s pointless to look at the parameters characterizing the sound quality (for example, the range of supported frequencies) - dry numbers will not say anything. The tastes of music lovers are individual, so when buying it is better to listen to the headphones and just decide whether they like their sound or not.

Top Overhead Wireless Headphones

Our list of the best Wireless Headphones of 2019 includes the following models:

Bose QuietComfort 35

Price : from 15 800 rubles

In terms of weight, the Bose option is far from ideal. Headphones weigh as much as 310 grams, even for full-size ones this is a lot. But QuietComfort can boast of effective active noise reduction, excellent sound - regardless of what style the music lover prefers music - and NFC support, which is rare for headsets. Of the obvious minuses, only the price: you need to really love music in order to spend at least 15 thousand rubles on headphones.

Sony MDR-XB650BT

Price : from 4,500 rubles

Sony MDR-XB650BT - the best full-size option for those who are not ready to spend an impressive amount on the purchase of wireless headphones. The Japanese company, famous for its multimedia devices, didn’t fail in this case either: the sound of the MDR-XB650BT is excellent, the bass is deep and rich thanks to the proprietary Extra Bass technology. Headphones are remarkable for their autonomy (up to 30 hours of continuous operation), low weight, NFC support, as well as an attractive matte design.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

Price : from 5 800 rubles

Sennheiser has some great low-priced models like the HD 4.40 BT headphones. The key advantage is versatility. Due to the fact that the headset supports the AptX codec and “covers” a wide range of frequencies (from 18 to 22000 Hz), it is equally pleasant to listen to music of different genres from heavy rock to light pop. So it’s now incorrect to hang the label “rocker headphones” on Sennheiser products.

Users of HD 4.40 BT consider excellent noise reduction as an important advantage. But there are complaints about the quality of the microphone - judging by the reviews, the interlocutors of the headset owner do not hear well.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Price : from 24 990 rubles

Sennheiser, a legend in the market for acoustic and recording equipment, also sells wireless headphones. Moreover, Momentum Wireless sounds not a bit worse than wired counterparts - even the low-frequency component is “at the level”, the bass is very juicy.

Effective design can also be added to the number of advantages of the model. Headphones are made of metal, leather and the strange material of Alcantara - Italian faux suede. Probably this is what caused the “sky-high” price of Momentum Wireless. High cost is the main disadvantage of Sennheiser headphones.

Marshall Major II Bluetooth

Price : from 4 100 rubles

The main "trick" of the headphones from the Marshall company is the excellent autonomy - they can last 30 hours without recharging. If you listen to music hourly a day, you can forget for a month that the device needs recharge. Charging, by the way, takes very little time: only 3 hours - and the battery is filled to the brim!

An important advantage of the Marshall Major II Bluetooth is its unusual design. Headphones, like other Marshall equipment, are made in retro style - eco-leather sheathed and equipped with gold-plated plugs.

Major II Bluetooth Headphones are best for listening to rock music.

Top Best Wireless In-Ear Earphones

Plantronics BackBeat GO 3

Price : from 3 890 rubles

Plantronics 3rd Generation Go Headphones boast an efficient integrated audio codec that delivers superb audio detail. Even with low frequencies there is no problem - BackBeat GO 3 reliably reproduces the entire range up to 20 Hz. Headphones are ideal for sports, as they have a P2i coating that guarantees moisture protection.

If you order Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 on Aliexpress , they will cost much cheaper.

Beats BeatsX Wireless

Price : from 5 850 rubles

The Beats headset deserves to be in our ranking, if only because it is equipped with a chip from Apple itself. In addition, the headphones are remarkable for autonomy (8 hours without recharge) and support the C Fast Fuel function. How useful is this feature? Even if you found out that BeatsX “sat down” before a run, you just need to put them on recharge for only 5 minutes - and you can enjoy your favorite music for 2 hours.

Samsung Level U

Price : from 1 999 rubles

Samsung's product can be considered the most conversational headset. Level U is provided with a 2-mic noise reduction system, so that the speaker's voice is transmitted as clearly as possible. Headphones are just as good for listening to music as they are for talking - although audiophiles can still be disappointed.

“Plus in karma” Level U for an unusual futuristic design. The headphones have a flexible neckband made of urethane, which not only provides comfortable wearing, but also hides a capacious battery.

Meizu EP51

Price : from 1 390 rubles

The weight of the headphones from the Chinese company Meizu is a little more than 15 grams. They are almost imperceptible, although made of aviation aluminum, which is the key to their strength. Thanks to its reliability and ergonomics, the EP51 is positioned as sports.

In terms of sound, Meizu headphones will give odds to most other droplets. The device is equipped with DSP sound processing technology, which guarantees juicy low frequencies. The famous AptX technology is also in place: it is responsible for ensuring that the quality is not lost when transferring music via Bluetooth.

Philips SHB5850

Price : from 1 550 rubles

We praised Meizu for its compactness, however, even Philips headphones will give a head start. The SHB5850 weighs only 12 grams - a record for the market. At the same time, they cannot guarantee an impressive sound - but, strangely enough, they are distinguished by good autonomy. The battery lasts at least 10 hours of continuous listening to music.

Apple Airpods 2

Price: from 11 180 rubles

For those who use Apple technology and are happy to be able to connect any device with their familiar ecosystem, AirPods of the 2nd generation will be a good choice. With the new W1 chip, the data transfer speed between the headphones and the connected device has reached lightning speed. The sound quality did not change from this, however, the headphones received several functions to improve voice calls and communicate with Siri virtual assistant. The batteries are still enough for about 5 hours of operation, but now you can purchase a case for wireless charging with headphones.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Price: from 7 490 rubles

Samsung has succeeded not only in the field of home appliances and smartphones. Galaxy Buds in-ear Bluetooth earphones incorporate all the latest trends. They are protected against moisture, instantly establish a connection and support the wireless charging function. Their potential will be fully revealed by one of the latest Samsung smartphones: all Galaxy S10 models have a reverse power function that can be used to recharge Galaxy Buds.

Lightweight housing accommodates a battery for up to 6 hours of battery life. Together with the update, the headphones received such useful functions as voice activation of the Bixby assistant and the ability to adjust the equalizer using voice. By holding your finger on the touch panel, you can activate the acoustic transparency mode, in which music from the speakers does not interfere with hearing surrounding sounds.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Price: from 14 750 rubles

Powerbeats Pro does not attract too much attention with its elaborate design or bright color. They look discreet, blend perfectly with the Apple ecosystem and are protected against moisture and sweat. This is a reliable accessory that can be worn in the gym, in the stadium, in transport and on the street in any weather. For iPhone owners and active workout enthusiasts, this is what they need.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Price: from 16 550 rubles

Sony's WF-1000XM3 headphones feature a stylish and elegant design. From a full charge, they will work for at least 6 hours, and if the active noise reduction is turned off, the autonomy will last another two hours. The accessory has a really good sound, tones are qualitatively balanced, the bass is deep and saturated. Tools for detailed sound settings are in the Sony proprietary application. There you can choose from 9 different presets and the ability to create your own profile, as well as adjust the sound volume in acoustic transparency mode.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Price: from 7 390 rubles

Any of the drawbacks of Momentum True Wireless is lost against the background of the quality of the music being played. 7 mm drivers provide the purest sound of any genre in the entire class of wireless headphones. The range of reproduced frequencies is 5 - 21 000 Hz. Of course, acoustics of this level will not be cheap. But this accessory is premium in everything: it is protected from splashes and sweat, it is equipped with a smart cover with a fabric coating, it has a noise reduction function.

Master Dynamic MW07

Price: from 24 990 rubles

Master Dynamic's first truly wireless earbuds combine expensive design with powerful audio technology. For finishing MW07, acetate fiber and stainless steel were used. Against the background of plastic models, these headphones are immediately evident: they look expensive, they are nice to touch.

The sound is almost flawless. The treble is crisp and clear, the bass is pronounced and thick. A short operating time is compensated by a silver case: it will fully charge the headphone battery several times in just 45 minutes.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100

Price: from 7 600 rubles

For active users who need truly wireless communication in training, there is an accessory called BackBeat Fit 3100. It will make you take a fresh look at old tracks, but not at the expense of high or medium frequencies (here they are far from ideal), but for bass score. Fans of "heavy" sound should first try this model.

In a companion application, you can configure the controls, voice assistant, synchronization with Spotify and start the timer. The nominal battery capacity is enough for 5 hours of operation. The charging case increases this indicator by 2-3 times.


Companies such as Sennheiser and Sony simply cannot afford to sell low-quality audio equipment - even picky ones will be pleased with the sound of the full-size wireless products of these “dinosaurs” of the market.

The same, alas, can not yet be said about headphones, “in-ear”. Of the impressive list of such devices, only Meizu EP51 and Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 sound really worthy - others are designed for unassuming music lovers and athletes, for whom the rhythm is much more important than the melodic component.

Excluded from collection

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Price: 9 990 rubles

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is a pair of extremely comfortable Bluetooth headphones with protection against water and dust. The sound quality is four with a plus (except music lovers who are familiar with the acoustics of Bose or Sennheiser will find fault with what).

A free companion application allows you to adjust all sound parameters, including the volume of ambient noise, set equalizer settings, and select your preferred voice assistant. The built-in battery lasts for 5 hours. This time can be extended by 3 times if you carry a carrying case with you.

Buy Jabra Elite Active 65t

Bragi The Headphones

Price: 10 990 rubles

An accessory with the simple name Headphones from the German company Bragi got rid of the technical bells and whistles of its predecessor. This was done in favor of autonomy, a more stable connection and ease of use. As a result, Bragi The Headphones ranked among the best Bluetooth headphones for the quality of music played. Many owners are not satisfied with the tight movement of the buttons on the right earphone, but this is nothing: a more serious inconvenience is that the case is not able to charge the device without connecting to a power source.

Buy Bragi The Headphones

Mobvoi TicPods Free

Price: 16 990 rubles

Many Apple fans would like to see AirPods not only in white or black, but also in some original color. But alas, Apple adheres to classical rigor.

But there are Mobvoi TicPods. They are available in 3 versions - black, white and orange-red. True, they will be more useful to users of Android, rather than iPhone, as they have compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. If you compare these headphones with AirPods, but there is a difference in price. TicPods are 5 thousand cheaper. Differences for the worse, if any, are minor. Autonomy acceptable, compact case extends it to 18 hours.

Buy Mobvoi TicPods Free

Sol republic amps air

Price: 11 990 rubles

You don't always have to pay fabulous amounts for great sound. Sol Republic regularly confirms this. Despite the dominance of bass in a standard sound profile, Amps Air True Wireless drivers are tuned to clearly reproduce mid and high frequencies. The result is a well-balanced sound in all respects.

The case of Amps Air is covered with matte rubber. There are few controls. More precisely, they are almost absent: on each headphone there is one button whose task is to call a voice assistant, start / pause the track or respond to voice calls. For those who are looking for long-playing wireless headphones, there is good news and bad news. The built-in Amps Air battery lasts only 3 hours, but the complete battery case will increase this time by 15 times. From it you can recharge not only the earbuds, but also other devices.

Buy Sol Republic Amps Air

AirBeats YE-106

Price : 890 rubles

The AirBeats YE-106 headset can hardly be called fully wireless - only one earphone works with Bluetooth, the second of the kit is connected via cable. For listening to music, AirBeats is still not the best option, but for conversations - exactly what you need.

The incredible compactness of the device is at the same time its advantage and disadvantage: the YE-106 gives the owner a minimum of inconvenience, but if the earphone is stored somewhere, you will have to spend a lot of time searching for it.

Buy AirBeats YE-106

Parrot Zik 3

Price : from 15 100 rubles

In Parrot Zik 3, several interesting solutions are embodied at once - both design and technical. The device looks extremely unusual, it is assembled exclusively from premium materials - the aluminum frame, the cups and the rim are covered with genuine leather with a pattern. If you pick up headphones for your handbag, then there’s nothing to talk about buying another model.

Parrot Zik 3 can boast of an electronic warning system - if someone calls the phone, the machine says the name of the caller (as recorded in the contacts directory) or number. The decision to remove all mechanical buttons from the case also seems nontrivial - the headphones are controlled by means of swipes on the touch panel present on one of the cups.

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