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Apple Approves Notch Remover App for iPhone X

You can programmatically return the upper frame, which will hide the cutout inside the screen. A third-party application is available for purchase in the Apple store.

The cutout at the top of the screen of the Apple iPhone X smartphone is a controversial moment in the design of this device. Some find it unattractive, others talk about the deterioration in the display of content in applications that have not been updated to work with this cutout.

If you think the same, an application has appeared that will help solve this problem. Although this is a third-party application, it was approved by Apple itself, which is quite surprising given the company's requirements for developers.

The program has the simple name Notch Remover and is available in the App Store for the price of 75 rubles. Most likely, very soon, this application will have numerous free clones. The program changes the wallpaper by adding a black bar on top. We can say that this is a program frame that fills the area with a cutout and creates the illusion of the absence of a cutout.

Such a simple program would usually go unnoticed, but since we are talking about the most modern and expensive iPhone , it has attracted increased attention. Meanwhile, the Apple Developers Guide has a section where you need to purposefully not hide or draw attention to key screen features. It is forbidden to hide the rounded corners of the device, the location of the sensors, the indicator for accessing the home screen using the black bars at the top and bottom. You can not use various forms, brackets, text with descriptions and to draw attention to these areas.

Obviously, given the name of the application and its only functionality, Apple was unlikely to approve it by mistake.