The best music recognition software

Everyone at least once got into such a situation when they had to torment the Internet and friends for a long time to find out the name of a favorite music track heard in a store or other public place. Thanks to smartphones, this problem no longer exists: on Google Play and the AppStore you can find a number of high-quality applications that not only identify the sounding melody, but also show maximum information about its artist.



Shazam is a pioneer in music recognition applications. Using the application is very easy - just click on the large corporate button in the middle of the screen and direct the smartphone to the sound source. Shazam will need 2-3 seconds to determine the original melody (a little more - about 5 seconds - for remixes) and display the name of the song, the year of its release, the name of the artist. If the song is quite popular, then the program will also show the text and the clip, offer to buy this work and even tickets for the artist’s concert.

Shazam differs from other applications in the following:

  1. The program is integrated with social networks (for example, Facebook, Twitter), so you can share identified songs with friends.
  2. Certain songs are saved in the “My tracks” tab - as a result, the user accumulates an excellent playlist.
  3. Shazam is regularly improved. Recently, the program has learned to determine television broadcasts; image recognition is expected to be available soon - this will allow you to receive information, for example, about brands or famous actors.

There is a free version of the Shazam music recognition application, but its user will have to put up with a huge number of pop-up advertisements. For ease of use, it is recommended to download the program for money.

Sound hound

Sound Hound is the first application that is able (according to the developers) to determine the melody that the user sings or whistles into the microphone. This function is being actively improved - at the moment, so that Sound Hound understands what the user is doing, you need to sing completely without falsity and only in English.

Many users believe that Sound Hound has long surpassed Shazam in terms of functionality, and provide the following arguments:

  1. The application contains an extensive database of biographies of musicians in Russian, therefore, by defining a melody, you can immediately find out the maximum information about its artist.
  2. There is a karaoke mode - after Sound Hound recognizes a song, it “leads” the user along its text.
  3. Sound Hound helps you find people with similar musical tastes in the city thanks to the Music Card feature. Such help is invaluable for people who want to create their own musical group.

Sound Hound has its drawbacks: firstly, the search takes a little longer than Shazam (up to 5 seconds), and secondly, the program is free only for Android users - iPhone owners will have to pay.

Track ID

Track ID is a very simple utility from Sony , which, alas, significantly loses to Shazam and Sound Hound both in terms of functionality and design, but has other advantages:

  1. The appearance of the application is visually understandable - in order to understand how to use the program, you do not have to watch the tutorials. In addition, the interface is in perfect harmony with the shell of Sony smartphones on Android.
  2. Track ID's music recognition results are excellent - a high score on Google Play confirms this.
  3. The program is available on Google Play for free.

Track ID has a number of disadvantages, moreover, they are quite significant:

  1. The user will have to endure intrusive advertising.
  2. Track ID among users has gained fame as the slowest application that recognizes music.
  3. The program from Sony at the first start honestly warns that it will collect the user data that it needs. This point can scare paranoid users.

Track ID is installed only on devices with Android OS - this application is not available to iPhone owners.

Download Track ID on Android


Free + Price: Free +

MusiXmatch is a karaoke program for iOS. Music recognition is not its main function, however, and it does an excellent job with this work. MusiXmatch has several advantages over its competitors, the main of which is Shazam :

  1. The music recognition application for iPhone can determine the name of the song and artist not only from the microphone, but also by the line from the text that the user remembers.
  2. After installation, the application independently analyzes the smartphone’s playlist and finds on the Internet the texts of the gadget’s favorite songs.
  3. The program has an attractive design - in this regard, MusiXmatch surpasses all competitors.

There is one minus: the user will have to endure the advertisement and the constantly pop-up window of the Floating Lyrics service , however, this negative feature is common to most free applications.

Sound Search for Google Play

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Sound Search for Google Play is not a full-fledged application, but a minimalistic widget, and this is its key advantage. The widget can be put on the desktop and even on the lock screen if the version of Android is higher than 4.2 - thanks to this, the recognition process is launched with just one click.

There are no complaints about the quality of recognition through Sound Search : tests showed that the widget defines over 80% of songs of different degrees of popularity and different genres. Sound Search takes only 3 seconds to recognize Russian and global hits. The widget sends data to Google's Server - after a match is found, the result appears on the screen.

Sound Search has a simple but eye-catching design, connects securely and quickly to the network, and is completely free. That is why many observers recommend Android users to try Sound Search before rushing to download other programs.


Shazam and Sound Hound are the undisputed leaders among programs for determining music, however, due to the increased functionality, these applications are too “heavy” and consume more traffic. If you need to save traffic, it is recommended to use simpler programs, for example, Track ID or Sound Search - they also give excellent results.