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In this section you will find a variety of collections of Android applications indicating which of them are the best.

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The Android operating system is replete with all kinds of applications. Free projects alternate with paid ones, educational ones - with entertaining ones, and informational ones - with all kinds of assistants. Our site will help you navigate this global stream of programs for Android.

With the help of you will get acquainted with the best programs on Android. We try to provide a detailed overview of the utilities, revealing all their advantages and disadvantages. In this section, you will find both applications in Russian and non-localized projects. We have already reviewed the best translators, file managers, virtual keyboards, torrent clients, alarms and cameras. But we are not going to stop there, so in the future you will find reviews of other applications.

Each article allows you to get acquainted with the features of the considered utilities. Here you can download applications on Android to evaluate them yourself. In this case, you do not need to download all the considered programs to your smartphone. At the end of each review, the best applications for Android from those contained in the article are indicated. You can only download them, in which case you definitely will not be able to be disappointed!

In the future, the team will continue to work for the benefit of owners of devices with the operating system developed by Google installed on them. We will try to evaluate many other projects that we have not yet mentioned in previous reviews. Android applications are a never-ending topic, as new programs are born almost every day. And among them there are sure to be several "pearls" worthy of mention on the pages of our site.

The best launchers for Android

The Android operating system is fully customizable. You can literally do anything with her! Want to completely change the appearance of the system? Set which ...

Best Android Book Reader Apps

This collection contains the best Android book reader apps. All of them are distinguished by a wealth of settings and a large number of supported formats.

Best voice assistants for Android

If Siri is always ready to help owners of iOS devices, then owners of gadgets with Android have the opportunity to choose their voice assistant.

Best antiviruses for Android

The danger of picking up a virus on a mobile device is growing every year. Antivirus will help protect it from this and many other problems. About the best on Android ...

Best file managers for Android

Many of us are used to talking to a computer using the file manager. Are there similar applications on smartphones and tablets?

Best Internet Radio Applications for Android

Radio must exist forever. Especially with the current development of technology, when you can access any radio station using a simple smartphone. In this article...

The best TV viewing apps for Android

There are a large number of applications for watching TV on Android. But many of them are unstable or refuse to function at all. In this collection, we ...

Best video players for Android

On the expanses of Google Play, you can find at least a dozen video players. But not all of them can cope well just with video playback, not to mention more.

Android voice changer apps

How to play a friend by changing your voice? It seems that there is no way to do without a computer, microphone and sophisticated software. But in fact, everything is simpler: for this ...

Best Icon Sets for Android

The easiest way to change the interface of the smartphone is by changing the icons. It remains to pick up an interesting set.

The best effects cameras for Android

Now it’s not difficult to endow one or another photo with a certain filter or effect. But sometimes you want not to spend extra time on this, but ...