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We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of perhaps the most famous monobrand Apple store.

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A document “walks” on the Internet stating what requirements retail chains that have earned the right to call Apple Premium Reseller (an Apple Certified Store) must meet. There are many requirements, and they are so detailed that poor sellers can only sympathize. But consumers can be sure of the high quality of the service and the absence of the risk of fraud - which a company with such a reputation as Apple simply can not afford.

In Russia there are several retail chains certified by Apple, but the largest and most famous is Re: Store. The company has been operating for more than 10 years (since 2006). In 2018, over 85 outlets were opened, of which about 40 are in Moscow and the Moscow region. Another 19 stores are located in Denmark, where the company has its headquarters. There are also points in Norway and Germany, and this allows us to consider the Re: Store network international.

In the article, we will try to understand the reasons for the success of Re: Store by analyzing the conditions of interaction of this company with customers and examining how its online store works.


Briefly about site design

In terms of conciseness and minimalism, the site did not surpass the official Apple portal. But it’s for the better - the Re: Store website is made in the same style, but it seems much more understandable. The menu is placed in the header, sections with information about delivery and payment methods, too. The user does not need to “scroll” the main page to the end to find out this information.

An important advantage of the site is informational content. Here there is not only a collection in the spirit of “ Products in Trend ”, but also a very sensible blog with many excellently designed instructions, reviews, and posts with expert advice.

Assortment and prices

Re: Store is a monobrand network, therefore in its catalog you will not find smartphones from any other manufacturers except Apple. But the latest gadgets of the "apple" company appear here almost immediately after the official start of sales. For example, the latest iPhone models - XS and XR - in Re: Store are sold in the same range and at the same prices as on the official Apple website (a month after their release in Russia).

With accessories, a different situation. There are many models in the catalog of the online store, for example, headphones and covers from manufacturers, about which the average reader has hardly heard. Relative accessories in Re: Store one - high price. If you need headphones for iPhone for 100 rubles, you are not at the address. The cheapest model is sold for 2,290 rubles. EarPods cost 2,490 rubles. The most affordable “non-branded” droplets (from Sennheiser) are almost 3,000 rubles.

Shipping and payment

The Re: Store online store cannot boast an abundance of payment methods. There are only 4 options:

  • Cash - to a courier or at the checkout in a store.
  • By credit card - when placing or receiving an order.
  • Bank transfer The store manager invoices, the buyer pays for it within 3 days. Traditionally unpopular way among ordinary users.
  • Installment / loan. Interest-free loans in Re: Store are issued by Post Bank, Renaissance and Alfa Bank - for 6-12 months. You can take out a loan for a longer period (up to 2 years) at the same banks, but the interest rate will be just monstrous - 35-40%.

A small number of payment methods are more than offset by free shipping. Only goods with a value of 5 thousand rubles or more are delivered free of charge in Moscow, but they are brought in the next day. Delivery within the Moscow Ring Road is carried out at the time interval that is most convenient for the buyer. If the product costs less than 5 thousand rubles, you will have to pay 350 rubles for delivery.

At the time of writing the review, Re: Store delivers free products worth from 5,000 rubles in the regions, but as part of a promotional offer, and not on an ongoing basis.

Re: Store also offers express delivery. Goods worth from 5000 rubles will be brought within the Moscow Ring Road until 10 pm of the current day, if the buyer draws an order before 20:00. Such a service costs 250 rubles, and they render it only if the purchase is paid online. Urgent delivery outside the Moscow Ring Road is also possible, but the price is not an example higher - 1000 rubles.

If the order amount is less than 5,000 rubles, you can save on shipping by taking the goods from the Re: Store (pickup is free) or from Pickpoint postamata (from 200 rubles).

Store Promotions

The Re: Store has a loyalty program - quite simple. The company card holder receives from 3 to 5% of the amount of purchases with bonuses. Bonuses are converted at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 ruble. Due to bonuses, you can pay 3% of the cost of the iPhone, 5% of the cost of the iPad, 7% of the cost of the Mac. It seems to be a little, but considering that the last iPhone costs about 100 thousand rubles, the savings in absolute terms can amount to 3 000 rubles - a very tangible amount.

Another advantage that Re: Store offers its customers and, moreover, for free is regular educational events on the use of Apple technology.

The site has a whole section devoted to free seminars - it is called the " Academy ". Seminars can be attended without appointment - they are held not by eminent representatives of the "apple" company, but by enthusiastic speakers, self-taught "from the people."

Reviews about Re: Store

Before you start reading reviews about Re: Store, you need to understand that the Re: Store Shop, which literally “collects” negative buyers, has nothing to do with the network.

As positive aspects, buyers in the reviews note the excellent interior design, a wide range of products and the absence of risk of acquiring an uncertified or even a fake gadget. But of the shortcomings, the first place according to the references in the complaints is taken by the incorrect display of the remaining goods on the site. The catalog states that the product is “in stock”, but in fact it is not there - the situation is usual for Re: Store.

Customers also complain about unreasonably high prices and note that Apple products of the same quality level can be bought much cheaper.


Among the advantages of the Re: Store network, we can distinguish the following:

  • Quality and qualified service (consistent with Apple's high standards).
  • A wide range of products (and only original ones).
  • The presence of the Academy educational program, under which people are taught to use “apple” gadgets for free.
  • Convenient, understandable and informative site.
  • Availability of free delivery.

We also note the negative points:

  • Fairly high prices.
  • The site has inaccurate information about the availability of goods in stock (buyers complain about this).

Judging by the reviews, Re: Store has many customers who are regular. Such customers are bribed by an excellent service that other networks that do not specialize in Apple cannot guarantee. Therefore, if the quality of service and the competence of the staff are the determining factors, it is definitely worth going to the Re: Store for the new thing. If the priority of the low price, it is better to view the catalogs and other networks - iPhones that are sold in conventional " Svyaznoy " and "MTS", no worse.

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