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What is known about Apple iPhone SE 2

Although the existence of this smartphone is not officially confirmed, one can make assumptions regarding its design, screen, hardware components, camera and price.



SE. If you prefer compact smartphones instead of modern huge devices, then you probably came across the iPhone SE. 5s, а последний воспринимается многими как вершина дизайна аппаратов iPhone . In its appearance, it is considered the heir to the iPhone 5s, and the latter is perceived by many as the pinnacle of the design of iPhone devices. iPhone SE may be the only modern smartphone with a 4-inch screen, but it is already several years old, and gradually it begins to become irrelevant.

Although this is not the main source of revenue for Apple, this device still has fans. Apple needs to maintain their interest and offer a more modern model.

iPhone SE contains the same components as the iPhone 6s, so that at the time of its appearance could compete with flagships . Since then 2 years have passed, which is a very long time for the smartphone market.


In terms of appearance, there is no certainty that the iPhone SE 2 will look the same as its predecessor. Apple devices in 2018 can all look like the iPhone X , so the four-year-old design that appeared on the iPhone 6 will now look outdated. On the other hand, you can call it not outdated, but nostalgic, and iPhone SE 2 is able to give this owner a sense of nostalgia.

Judging by the latest rumors, iPhone SE 2 will have a glass back surface. The image from China allowed us to look at the back of the iPhone SE 2, as well as the document according to which the panels are made of Ion-X glass. In addition to beauty, these panels will provide support for wireless charging. She appeared on the iPhone in 2017. The Qi wireless charging standard is used. Surely the company is not going to abandon it in the future.

iPhone SE on the left and prospective iPhone SE2 on the right

While all this is just speculation, but recently, Apple is very predictable. As for appearance, it is difficult to draw conclusions on the basis of one image, but it seems that the device will noticeably change compared to its predecessor.

The back glass panel should have a slight bend around the edges, which means abandoning the design of the old school with sharp edges in favor of the more modern look of the iPhone 8 . The TouchID physical fingerprint scanner and headphone jack are expected to remain in the compact iPhone.


We can say for sure that the second version of the smartphone will be compact. However, this does not mean that the screen does not grow. Last year's trend in smartphone design showed that you can have a large screen and a small device as a whole thanks to the minimal frames around the screen. It can easily be assumed that the diagonal of the screen will remain 4 inches, although there is a rumor about an increase to 4.2 inches.

This is a small growth, but it can be welcomed, especially if the smartphone itself does not grow. Large frames around the screen on the first model leave room for maneuver to increase the display. The rest of the specifications should remain unchanged: an LCD panel with a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels.

Hardware components

The first iPhone SE runs on the Apple A9 processor, while the new one can get the Apple A10. This processor is part of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. By modern standards, this is a very capable system on a chip, although it is inferior in performance to the latest Apple A11. If the iPhone SE 2 comes out on Apple's penultimate processors, the speed of operation compared to the iPhone SE will still increase significantly. If the price remains at the same level, he will have almost no competitors in the ultra-compact segment of smartphones. Like the iPhone 7, the device can get 2 GB of RAM, and the storage capacity can be 32/128 GB.


According to rumors, the iPhone SE 2 will have a 12 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel FaceTime front camera. Nothing else is known yet, but the iSight camera from iPhone 7 can be used. It has an aperture of f / 2.2, a pixel size of 1.22 microns, software image stabilization and 4K 30fps video shooting, which is a good value even by modern standards. As for the FaceTime camera, it can be taken from the iPhone 6s and act in a similar manner. It is unlikely that there will be something advanced here, such as dual cameras and facial recognition sensors.

Price, Release Date

Although Apple usually separates software announcements from hardware, it may well be that a new iPhone or iPad will appear at a developer-centered WWDC conference. So far, Apple does not seem to be going to hold other events this spring, as it was in previous years. If iPhone SE 2 is really getting ready for the release, it could very well be announced at a developer conference.

This year it begins on June 4. According to tradition, the main attention will be paid to the next version of iOS, everything else is still in question.

The original 16 GB iPhone SE cost $ 399, 64 GB $ 499. Then the storage volume doubled, but the price remained the same. Perhaps this time the company will want to maintain similar prices. In the worst case, a $ 50 price increase is expected over the starting price of the iPhone SE.