The best smartphone clothespins: 10 budget and premium kits

Removable optics will pump your skills and raise the quality of photos to the level of professionals. We’ll show you which lenses are best to buy for your smartphone.

Mobile photography is serious. In the struggle for image quality, periscope lenses, software algorithms, additional sensors, sensors with a record resolution in a mobile environment are used. The fact that camera phones have almost expelled digital soap dishes from the market speaks volumes. But there is one insoluble problem: the thin cases of smartphones do not allow engineers to fully experiment with lenses and matrix sizes.

This means that for advanced features (a wider viewing angle, increased zoom, macro photography, etc.), the smartphone needs additional optics.

Depending on what effect you want to achieve, you will need a certain type of lens:

  • Macro for extremely close plans (shooting plants, insects, small details).
  • Wide-angle for panoramas (landscapes, frames with lots of people).
  • Telephoto for beautiful blur in the background (portrait and subject shooting).
  • Fisheye or fisheye for artistic bulge in the central area of ​​the frame (appropriate for any scenario).

The listed types of lenses are the most common, and they are present in almost every set of optics.

Almost all removable lenses are universal. They can be mounted on any smartphone or tablet at least in front, at least in the back. Some products are designed for specific models: they take into account the thickness of the smartphone, the location of the native lens, the height of the protrusion, etc. The mount is designed so that the additional lens is located exactly above the lens of the phone. Shifts and backlashes are practically excluded.

As for prices, lenses from different manufacturers are different. The leaders in this market area are Olloclip and Moment, their products are of a premium level. Of course, the performance of the lens, the quality of the effect and the volume of the kit also affect the final cost. Expensive products from the mentioned brands are unlikely to disappoint, and their cheap counterparts from Chinese masters will almost certainly leave a residue of disappointment.

We specifically included in our selection of removable lenses from different price categories. Indeed, before purchasing an expensive accessory, many people prefer to practice with a cheap one in order to understand the principle of its operation and choose the most interesting direction of mobile shooting.


3-in-1 Olloclip Multi-Device: compact, high-quality lenses for premium smartphones

Price: 7 990 rubles

Olloclip is one of the leaders in the market for removable lenses for smartphones, so the Multi-Device 3 in 1 kit costs more than many options from this list.

You are unlikely to regret buying this set. The lenses and mount are made of high quality materials. The clip takes into account the design of smartphones from leading brands. Some buyers complain that it covers part of the screen, but this is unlikely to seriously interfere with the shooting process.

The delivery set includes the most common types of lenses that can be used in any conditions and scenarios.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: Apple, Google and Samsung smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: fisheye, wide angle, macro

Moment Lens: a set that requires a special case

Price: from 12 999 rubles

Moment offers customers to independently create an arsenal of mobile photographer.

The updated series consists of five lenses. The super wide-angle 18 mm promises to capture twice as much space as the smartphone’s native lens. In addition to it, a telephoto access with a focal length of 58 mm, a superfish with a coverage angle of 170 degrees, macro for shooting very close objects with preserving proportions and anamorphic are available. The latter is an analogue of a wide-angle lens, but with a cinematic effect. It is useful for creating videos.

The only things missing in the kit are the covers for the back of the lenses. Because of this, accessories require very careful handling, they must be carried in a soft case and in no case should you just be thrown into your pocket.

To mount the lenses on a smartphone, a special Moment case is required. It is sold separately from the kit and is available only for certain iPhone , Samsung, OnePlus and Google Pixel models. Fortunately, the mount is universal, any type of lens can be fixed on one cover.

Moment lenses were highly praised by the Wall Street Journal, Gear Patrol and Wirecutter reviewers; there is no reason to doubt their quality.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Google Pixel, OnePlus
  • Number of lenses: at the discretion of the buyer
  • Lens Type: Wide Angle, Tele, Superfish, Macro, Anamorphic


DreamGrip Visio Pro: 3 in 1 optics kit for any phone or tablet

Price: 8 990 rubles

A set of three DreamGrip Visio Pro lenses is everything you need for professional-quality photo and video.

The kit includes a wide-angle lens with a magnification factor of x0.6, a telephoto lens with a magnification of x2, and also a macro of x10. The first provides a 40% increased viewing angle for panoramic shots with focus on infinity. It can also be used indoors, for example, in corridors to place more objects in a photograph.

Telelensa has a depth of field of 65 mm and is ideal for portraiture.

A macro lens with a magnification factor of x10 zooms the subject in 10 times relative to its actual size. With such a strong approximation, you can capture the smallest details - scratches on coins, threads of fabric, the structure of leaves and small representatives of the animal world.

As a fastener, you can use any mobile case with a threaded connector 17 mm or a complete clothespin. All Visio lenses have a complex optical structure. A multi-layer anti-reflective coating is applied to the surface of each lens. Like the previous two options, this is one of the highest quality sets.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: wide angle, telephoto, macro

Momax X-Lens Superior Lens Set: set of 3 lenses + 1 filter

Price: 2 390 rubles

To the standard set: wide-angle + macro + Fisheye low-cost X-Lens series adds a CPL polarization filter. It eliminates glare from shiny surfaces (water, glass, etc.), and also increases the clarity and saturation of the image. In addition to lenses and clothespins, the kit also includes a case, a strap with a carabiner and a cleaning cloth.

The more advanced Momax X-Lens Pro series includes the same types of lenses, but with improved features and a redesigned fixation system.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 4
  • Types of lenses: wide-angle, macro, fisheye + polarizing filter

Sirui: high-quality optics without distortion

Price: 10 590 rubles

The structure of Sirui lenses copies the structure of professional photographic lenses, so this kit can be safely recommended to those who expect to get the most clear images without artifacts.

The owners of this set note the absence of distortion at the edges of the frame when shooting flat objects. The focal length of the portrait lens is 60 mm, it provides high-quality blurring of the background.

The clip is long, fits securely on almost any iPhone or Android. To store the lenses in the kit there is a hard case with a soft coating inside and compartments for each lens.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: wide angle, telephoto, fisheye

Apexel 10 in 1: a universal set for professionals and amateurs

Price: 1 499 rubles

An inexpensive set of lenses and filters from Apexel is designed for photographers with different levels of training. The low price will attract the attention of beginners, and professionals will certainly want to try a huge number of tools.

Unique elements are two kaleidoscope lenses that create the effect of multifaceted light refraction.

Each of the four filters has a different function. CPL removes glare from shiny surfaces and increases saturation, Star adds a glow effect, Radial is responsible for circular blur, and Flow adds a dynamic effect when shooting a moving subject.

This truly chic kit manufacturer has provided with a case with a zipper, a microfiber cloth, a Bluetooth button and a guide that will help you deal with the nuances of shooting.

The Apexel set could be called an ideal option both in terms of configuration and price, only a quarter of buyers regret buying it. Many are faced with the fact that part of the lenses does not give the desired effect, the glass quickly scratches, and the clothespin falls apart after a month. Is this a random marriage or a typically Chinese product? Unknown But for such a price, something premium is definitely not worth waiting for.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 10
  • Lens types: two kaleidoscopes with divisions 3 and 6, wide-angle, macro, telephoto with 2x zoom, fisheye + CPL, Star, Radial, Flow filters

Aukey 3 in 1: a set of filters

Price: 1 290 rubles

This set will not expand the angle of view of the native camera and will not affect the degree of increase. But he will help out in cases where you need to fix the color rendition.

A gray filter will remove bright sunlight. Orange and blue will provide the frame with the desired temperature, and orange will come in handy in the morning and evening in the so-called golden clock: it removes excessive red tones.

This set can be recommended to those who expect to get a natural color rendition right at the time of shooting, without wasting time fussing in the editors.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: gray, orange and blue filters

3-in-1 Universal Clip Lens: A Simple Set at an Attractive Price

Price: 450 rubles

This is the most simple and inexpensive set from our selection. It is a standard set of lenses without any frills.

Of course, the price suggests that the performance of the lenses is far from professional. Nevertheless, the set is thought out. The clothespin is long, with a wide range of disclosure, compatible with smartphones and tablets from any manufacturer. It can be mounted directly over the cover. On the inside there is a pad made of soft material that will prevent scratches on the case.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: wide angle, macro, fisheye

ShiftCam RevolCam: a set that is always ready to go

Price: 3 990 rubles

A set of removable optics ShiftCam RevolCam - is primarily a convenience and the ability to quickly switch lenses.

All lenses are already on the clip. Their change is carried out by simply clicking the site in a circle. This solution is convenient because in the process of shooting all the tools will be at hand, and you do not have to waste time fixing them.

Above the lenses is additional LED lighting with 230 brightness levels. It is powered by a built-in battery, which is charged via a USB cable. If there is no need for backlighting, the lamp can be unfastened and put into the case.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: all smartphones
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: wide angle, fisheye, macro

Olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set: Professional Kit for iPhone X

Price: 8 990 rubles

Smartphones with good native optics will not hurt extra.

Especially for iPhone X owners, Olloclip has developed a set of three interchangeable lenses with a special locking system. The sliding clamp is put on without effort, does not scratch the protective films . Holes for attaching lenses are provided on both sides: using the rear and front cameras at the same time, you can get a 360-degree picture as on a panoramic camera .

The set is equipped with a folding holder, which can serve as a low stable tripod.

Dial Features:

  • Compatibility: iPhone X
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Lens types: fisheye, super wide angle, macro