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The best TV viewing apps for Android

There are a large number of applications for watching TV on Android. But many of them are unstable or refuse to function at all. In this collection, we will consider the best applications of this kind, which allow you to enjoy high-quality picture and good sound.

Television is tight in our lives. In the 90s, they could not imagine their apartment without at least one TV. But now some people are trying to abandon such a bulky device. They motivate this by the fact that TV takes up too much free time without bringing anything in return. However, sometimes the need to watch a TV channel is still present. For example, for the sake of a football match or an important news report. At such moments, this or that program for watching TV on Android comes to the rescue. Further, we will focus on such utilities.



One of the most popular services. It began its existence at the dawn of the formation of the Android operating system. Over the past time, the program has acquired a very wide functionality. Now it not only allows you to watch Russian and some foreign TV channels on Android, but also broadcast the picture on Chromecast , Miracast or WiDi. Also, it is impossible not to note the presence of the “Picture in Picture” function, which significantly simplifies the use of a smartphone.

Like many other applications for watching TV on Android, SPB TV provides a detailed program guide. In the same section, you can create a notification so as not to miss the show you are interested in. Equally important is the fact that the utility functions stably even in networks with low bandwidth. The downside is that the bitrate is automatically selected by the program - the user can not affect this in any way.


  • Ability to download for free;
  • Works even on networks with low bandwidth.
  • Support for Chromecast and other modern technologies.
  • Easy to learn interface.
  • The presence of the function "Picture in Picture".
  • Set reminders for upcoming TV shows.


  • Almost complete absence of foreign television channels.
  • Unstable operation on some devices.
  • Lack of manual bitrate selection.
  • Some channels are included in paid packages.


Gadiian GS Developer: Gadiian GS
Free Price: Free

If SPB TV does not always want to display a high-quality picture, then this can not be said about ViNTERA.TV. This program contains a rich catalog of television channels. They are taken, including from IPTV - local area network providers. Both moviegoers and football fans should love the app. This is explained by the fact that many channels here are divided into separate packages. And among them there are such collections as Sport TV, and Cinema TV.

The creators of ViNTERA.TV try to earn money by displaying advertising banners. But you need to understand that the content of the servers this business can not be recouped. Therefore, there is a paid subscription. It is at its expense that broadcast is implemented not only in HD-quality, but also in 3D-form!

As already mentioned, the catalog of this Android application contains a huge number of channels. They could easily be confused. But the developers provided this by introducing filters by genre, >


  • A huge number of TV channels.
  • Support for HD broadcasting and broadcasting in 3D.
  • Easy adjustment of screen aspect ratio.
  • Convenient multicast broadcasting.
  • Properly implemented filter system.
  • Thematic packages.
  • You can download the program for free.


  • Paid subscription to eliminate advertising.


Television gradually ceased to be free. Such it remains only within the framework of PeersTV and some other similar applications. This utility has a simple interface, which even a beginner will understand, who first started using a smartphone. Most of the screen here is occupied by the catalog of TV channels. From here, you can quickly go to the program guide to get acquainted with what exactly the selected channel will broadcast in the near future.

The service is different in that it stores a couple of weeks of airtime recordings. In this regard, it is not difficult to watch any show that you missed live. As for the number of television channels available here, it equals about five dozen. However, not all are free. For example, Amedia 1, Eurocinema, Nickelodeon and some others require a paid subscription. However, it costs about 60 rubles a month - this is nothing compared to competitors.


  • Ability to view missed TV shows.
  • Easy to learn interface.
  • News based on the plots of different television companies.
  • Ability to download PeersTV for free.
  • Ability to add a channel yourself by specifying a link to an IPTV playlist.


  • There are no foreign channels.
  • The presence of a paid subscription.


Free Price: Free

Another way to watch TV on Android. It is more suitable for advanced users than for beginners. The fact is that IPTV is just a VLC shell that is designed to show any channels from xspf and m3u playlists. By default, it contains only those channels that are not against such utilities. However, advanced people will immediately find links to paid channel playlists on the Internet, immediately adding them to this utility. But you should remember that doing this would be illegal.

The application has a familiar interface, where different sections are in separate tabs. The creators of this program for the Android operating system earn money on displaying ads. If you want to disable it, you will have to buy a PRO-version of IPTV, estimated at 79 rubles. By the way, this makes comfortable viewing of IPTV channels very profitable against the background of all the above competitors.


  • Simple interface
  • The ability to use for free.
  • Very good picture quality.
  • UDP proxy support.
  • Adding your own links to paid channel playlists.


  • Availability of advertising in the free version.
  • A beginner will definitely not figure out adding other channels.
  • Lack of advanced features.

Lime HD TV

This application for watching TV received good functionality and many positive reviews. The program offers more than 140 free channels, as well as paid thematic subscriptions. The cost of the latter varies from 100 to 350 rubles. Whether or not to connect depends on user preferences. Advertising is present, it appears when changing channels and is always present in the form of a panel at the bottom of the application. For those who do not accept its availability, a shutdown is provided for 49 rubles per month, the price is quite affordable.

There are several options for displaying channels - popular, the entire list, favorites and regional. When searching for a channel, the broadcast contents are displayed below it. To get a complete list of programs, just select the desired channel. There is a TV archive in the application for 1 day. When viewing it is possible to stretch the image to full screen, fit it in width or height, also select the playback quality, by default they are selected based on the connection speed. A useful option is to broadcast over all windows - for this application will need a separate permission. In the settings there are several color themes, the choice of the player type is standard or advanced, the settings for launching the video by default.


  • Over 140 free channels.
  • Archive for 1 day.
  • A large number of settings.
  • The ability to remove ads for fairly little money.
  • Availability of paid thematic subscriptions.
  • Convenient control during playback.


  • Pop-up advertising windows with advertising.

Light HD TV

A fairly young application that has a chance of success. At this stage of development, it offers more than 170 free national and regional channels. The application is quite simple, has a visually pleasing interface and convenient switching between channels right while watching. In the settings you can choose the quality of the video, work on different Internet networks (for example, prohibit display via mobile networks), set a timer. Video can be stretched to full screen, fit horizontally or vertically. There is an option to play only sound - in this case, the application can act as a radio. Settings for thematic folders are not here, but you can add your favorite channels to your favorites, which will provide quick access to them. The program can work on top of other windows - it is convenient if you are simultaneously flipping through the news or chatting with friends in instant messengers.

The disadvantage that can make searching for more interesting software is pop-up ads when switching channels, you have to watch videos for 5 seconds, which can be annoying. At the time of writing, the disconnection of advertising in the application is not provided.


  • A large number of free channels.
  • Ability to create a favorites folder.
  • Timer.
  • Picture in picture.
  • Shows program guide.
  • Convenient navigation.


  • Pop-up commercials that cannot be disabled.
  • All channels are collected in one place without any sorting.

Impuls tv

Free Price: Free

A young application with great potential. The biggest plus - there is no advertising. For viewing, registration is required, it occurs automatically when you first turn on, no personal data is required for this. The application has paid and free subscriptions, the cost of the first starts from 99 rubles. Paid packages include thematic collections - sports, 18+, movies and more. All tariffs are on the official website of the developer. An interesting option for holders of a paid subscription will be viewing from multiple devices within the same account.

The application has a convenient sorting of channels, a program guide and allows you to control the viewing - pause the broadcast, review the moment you like or use the archive. Of the minuses - a rather clumsy interface. The application looks written "on the knee", but still the functionality here is decent. Impulse TV proves that evaluating “by clothing” is not always correct.


  • Free and paid channels.
  • Wide functionality.
  • Convenient sorting by channel.
  • Lack of advertising.
  • The ability to use one account on multiple devices.


  • There are not many free channels.
  • Mediocre interface.

Online TV HD

kasablanka Developer: kasablanka
Free Price: Free

A young application with a very concise description of the three lines on Google Play fully corresponds to it. The program is not suitable for those people who spend hours watching TV. At the time of writing, the application had a choice of 50 channels, however, among them there are Disney, Discovery, Animal Planet. Meeting these channels for free with other apps is pretty hard. There is no way to adjust the image size, set a timer or stop the show. The application is as simple as possible - turn on the channel and watch. Some do not need more.

There is an advertisement in the application - it appears after changing the channel and closes with one click. Annoying moment - the developers' obsessive request to leave a review. Moreover, a window with this sentence appears even after the review has been written. User feedback suggests that the number of channels, albeit slowly, is increasing. For those who do not need a large number of settings, but more importantly simplicity - Online TV HD will be an excellent choice.


  • A very simple navigation is to understand what and how works easily.
  • There are foreign channels that are usually distributed for a fee.
  • The application weighs little - suitable for weak devices.


  • There is no way to adjust the size of the window with the video.
  • Advertising cannot be turned off, but by itself, it does not interfere too much.
  • Obsessive requirement to leave a review.