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The best launchers for Android

The Android operating system is fully customizable. You can literally do anything with her! Want to completely change the appearance of the system? Install some original launcher. This will immediately change your experience with your smartphone. The best launchers will be discussed in this collection.

Until the mid-2000s, changing the mobile phone menu was impossible, unless you had the skills of a programmer. But with the advent of the most popular devices from Siemens, Nokia and Sony Ericsson, the engineers of these companies introduced the ability to download themes. But in this case, only the appearance of the icons and the background of the menu changed, whereas with the release of the Android operating system, full-fledged launchers began to appear.

Now this word means an application that can completely change the system interface. Depending on the installed launcher, the desktop can be in the form of a carousel, an office or peculiar shelves, where all applications are sorted by their types. But most importantly - the best launchers add some functionality, which by default is simply not in the firmware. The most relevant is the use of such applications on smartphones with the old version of Android. In this case, the device must be endowed with a sufficient amount of RAM, since any launcher for Android is highly dependent on it.


Apex launcher

Apex Launcher has good reviews in the Google Play store, weighs a little and works fast. The application has many settings for customizing an Android smartphone, including the choice of the number of desktops and application grids, as well as their detailed settings. There is support for elastic or circular scrolling, as well as gesture control.

Naturally, you can change the icons by choosing from an existing database or downloading third-party packages. The user is also available to change the background transparency in installed programs and activate scrolling wallpaper.

If there is a need for a minimalistic desktop, then Apex Launcher allows you to block the addition of new applications. Widgets are also customizable and customizable.

Holo launcher

Free Price: Free

Holo Launcher is the simplest and most convenient launcher that can be installed on smartphones with Android 4.0.4 and higher, which means it works easily even on older or most budget models.

Holo Launcher has a clean “material design” and changes the icons from its own database, but also accepts their third-party applications with different icon designs.

Through the application, you can configure literally any trifle in the appearance of your smartphone: change the application grid, background and desktop, configure the internal menu, display widgets and pages. Endless scrolling and an active dock are also available, where up to 7 frequently used programs are installed.

As a modern launcher, Holo Launcher supports gesture control and is able to back up user settings to save them just in case or apply to another smartphone.

Yandex Launcher

Яндекс Developer: Yandex
Free Price: Free

Yandex.Loncher is equipped with Alice’s proprietary voice assistant. A virtual assistant will help you find out the weather, call the desired contact, send a message and do many other things.

Yandex.Luncher does not have many advertisements, as in other free launchers. The application also stands out for its minimalistic but stylish design. Bing or Google browsers are available for surfing the Web.

Yandex.Loncher helps to customize the desktop in detail: change the theme, choose a convenient number of icons or install the necessary widgets. There is also a quick access panel (swipe down), where the search bar of the browser and favorite contacts are located.

If there are a lot of applications on the smartphone and almost all of them are needed for work or entertainment, then in Yandex.Luncher they can be divided into folders or divided by the color of the icon. This improves navigation and makes it easier to find the right program.

And if you set up folders, laziness doesn’t matter. After installation, Yandex.Loncher automatically groups the applications on the device into thematic groups.

To install Yandex.Luncher, the smartphone must have Android 5.0 or higher. The program is free.

Smart launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is a convenient and multifunctional launcher with a wide range of features. In the application, you can change not only the design of the icons, but also their shape.

When installing Smart Launcher 5, all applications available on the smartphone are automatically sorted into thematic folders and sections, and frequently used programs are transferred to the desktop. Smart Launcher 5 takes up minimal space on the device, and its installation file weighs extremely little. Thanks to this, the smartphone works quickly and without brakes, and the menu and desktop are as responsive as possible.

In the launcher, the theme color automatically changes depending on the installed wallpaper. You can also hide the navigation bar to free up additional display space. The search panel, which works not only on the Internet, but also searches for the necessary documents, files, applications, etc. in memory, will also please.

Smart Launcher 5 has a built-in weather widget, smart notifications on the lock screen and a huge database of wallpapers for every taste. The application is in free and paid versions. In both cases, you can use it without problems, but the paid version is free from advertising and has some additional features.

Nova launcher

This is probably not the original, but the most customizable launcher. After installing it, you will see a menu familiar to all Android users. But it’s worth accessing the settings panel, as you are literally drawn into the world of customizing desktops, menus, notification panels, and other interface elements. Everything can be changed! It also supports import and export functions - this allows you to return to the interface you created when buying a new smartphone. All settings in Nova Launcher are described in Russian, so it’s easy to deal with them.

So that you understand, here is just a brief excerpt from the list of features of this launcher:

  • Creation and full customization of the dock bar.
  • Configure folders.
  • The choice of the capacity of the desktop (the number of icons contained in it).
  • Change the appearance of most icons.
  • The choice of design for any screen orientation.
  • Change the scroll speed of the application menu and desktop.
  • Assigning teams to different gestures.
  • Implementation of the counter of unread notifications.

But there are no miracles in the world. You can access the full functionality only by purchasing the version of Nova Launcher Prime, which costs 300 rubles. This is the only drawback of this application.

Google start

Google LLC Developer: Google LLC
Free Price: Free

Many have heard about the smart assistant Google Now. This is a special option of the Android operating system, regularly pleasing with the weather forecast, the results of sports fights, interesting news and other information related to your life and work. The trouble is that Google Now is not implemented in all smartphones. If you, too, are deprived of this useful feature, we suggest that you correct the situation by installing Google Start. This is another free launcher. However, with it you will not change the operating system interface, here you will find the familiar Android shell.

The main advantage of this launcher is the maximum simplicity of the interface. This is especially true for those smartphones where the menu used to be heavily overloaded with unnecessary elements. Well, of course, there is a Google assistant that provides various tips, while focusing on visits to certain sites, as well as on your search queries. Another advantage of the shell are low requirements for RAM and battery capacity. As for the drawback, it consists in minimal customization of the interface - you can’t even change the number of icons on the desktop.

CM Locker

This application can not be called a full launcher. The fact is that it only changes the interface of the lock screen. But she customizes it at 100%! If you install CM Locker, you can place any application that you use most often on the lock screen. Also, this creation of developers is able to photograph a person trying to unlock a smartphone. This allows you to find out who tried to use the device without your knowledge.

The launcher has several built-in styles that change the location of the clock, date, a picture with weather information and a background image. But it’s much easier to customize the lock screen yourself - this can achieve a completely unique effect. Of course, the application allows you to go to the camera in one click - this is also one of its advantages. And CM Locker can independently close other applications. On some smartphones, this extends the standby time by two hours! Well, as for the shortcomings ... They simply are not. You can only report braking while entering the unlock code. But such problems appear only on budget devices with weak components.

Cobo Launcher: Easy Beautify

And this is perhaps the best launcher for those who really like to change the appearance of the system. If in the previous applications reviewed this process has a certain complexity, then in Cobo Launcher Easy Beautify everything is implemented as simple as possible. However, you should not expect too much customization from this launcher. First of all, it is intended to replace icons, wallpaper, lock screen, date widget and some other interface elements.

You can configure all of the above manually, but it is much easier to use specially prepared topics. All of them are downloaded from the Internet. Topics are sorted by various motives - some are devoted to holidays, others are to love, others are to nature, and so on. I want to change the design of the desktop and lock screen with such a wide selection of styles almost every day. You can download the launcher for free. He does not have serious shortcomings, if we forget about the already mentioned not the highest level of customization. Most of all, the launcher is liked by girls who do not want to tinker with the settings to change the topic, trying to understand what's what.


Any of the above launchers should delight every smartphone owner. However, you may already have noticed that they are all very different from each other. Cobo Launcher does not bring unusual properties to the system interface, but it allows you to change the appearance of the desktop and lock screen in just a couple of clicks. Fans of complete customization should please Nova Launcher . The lack of Google’s voice assistant will be replaced by the Google Start shell, which will resemble the interface of smartphones from the Nexus series. CM Locker only modifies the lock screen.

Apex Launcher and Holo Launcher are suitable for those who do not want to bother with the settings, but at the same time have a quick and beautiful add-on on your smartphone. Yandex.Loncher will delight the built-in voice assistant Alice, and Smart Launcher 5 stands out for its depth of settings and additional smart functions.

In a word, it remains to decide what you need the launcher for. And run on Google Play by clicking on one of the above links!


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