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How to disable Android overlay?

In newer versions of the Android operating system, an “Overlay Detected” error occurs. If you are already tired of such messages, then check out the article you have opened - it contains information on how to disable overlay in Android.

Google is gradually developing its mobile OS. In Android 6.0, the so-called application overlay was completely invisible to users. Many people did not even notice the appearance of this function. Some users were delighted with it. And the third category of smartphone owners noted the appearance of corresponding errors. It is for her that this material was written - he will teach you to disable the overlay once and for all.

The essence of the function

Previously, only one program could be displayed on a smartphone or tablet display. Other applications could make themselves felt only by giving the user notifications. But in the sixth version of the Android operating system, everything has changed. From now on, certain utilities can work on top of other windows. For example, in this way you can start the calculator by counting the numbers considered simultaneously in Word.

But not all devices stably cope with this type of application output. Some of them are corny lacking RAM. Also, a proprietary shell installed on top of Android can unstably cope with this function. Typically, in the event of a problem, the message “ Overlap Detected ” appears. Sometimes such an error is displayed even in those moments when the user did not even think of launching some program on top of all the windows!

If you feel that your device is not designed to solve such a difficult task, then just turn off the application overlay function - this is done very simply.

Disable Overlay

Please note: the function is present on almost all smartphones with Android 6.0 and a more recent version of the OS. But the methods for turning it on and off may differ slightly, depending on the manufacturer of the device and the shell used.

Let's look at disabling overlays on the example of a device from Samsung . Here you need to perform the following actions:

Step 1. Go to the " Settings ". To do this, you can click on the icon in the menu, or tap on the corresponding icon in the notification panel.

Step 2. Go to the " Applications " section.

Step 3. Go to the " Application Manager " subsection.

Step 4. Click on the " Options " button located in the upper right corner.

Step 5. Select " On top of other applications ."

Step 6. Here you can manually disable the display function on top of all windows for specific applications. To do this, deactivate the flags next to them. Or disable this feature altogether - for this there is a drop-down menu.

That's all, now the function is disabled, which means you will not see error messages. On smartphones from other manufacturers, the overlay is disabled in approximately the same way - maybe you just don’t need an intermediate step in the form of a visit to the “ Application Manager ”. On devices from LG, another action will be required - clicking on the " Application Settings " button. In a word, in any case, nothing awaits you.



    • No need to look for where and how to disable overlays, just add the required application to Parallel Space - Multi Accounts 4.0.8370, and run this application from "Parallel Space - Multi Accounts 4.0.8370" and that's it !!! I have android 6.0 and this program "Parallel Space - Multi Accounts 4.0.8370, has already been installed Good luck to everyone!

    • Follow the list of applications - you cannot change this setting by 90%. But there are sure to be those applications where you can turn off. Cut down wherever possible and you will be happy

  • Settings-Applications-Gear in the corner-Overlays on top of other windows. We poke all applications where the overlay is active ("Yes" near the application) and cut down sequentially. Not all applications can be turned on or off - we skip such applications. As a result, there is an application due to which the overlay is buggy.

  • I found a way, reset the settings, disabled the update. I had it disabled because of the update on YouTube and others.

  • I have a Samsung Galaxy A5, I turned off all the overlays, including the system ones, but the error window “found overlays” continues to pop up. I can’t use the screenshot, the most popular one and the genre itself - the Sberbank online suddenly got chilly (((what should I do?