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How to close the application on Android?

Android operating system is easy to learn. But some beginners still encounter problems - they cannot figure out how to close the application here.

On a computer with the closing of programs there is no difficulty. You just click on the "cross" in the upper right corner, this is where your actions end. But the Android operating system is essentially single-window, so there are no "crosses" here. And even if you go to the desktop - the application will continue to work, now in the background. If you started something simple, like “Calculator”, then you can not worry. But if you launched a program that, in theory, can perform some action even in the background, then it is better to close it. How to do this - our today's article will tell.


The easiest way

Almost from the first days of its existence, Android received multitasking. And if several programs can work simultaneously, then the user should be able to close some of them. Or even turn it off, but we'll talk about this a little lower. Closing the application implies unloading it from the RAM, at the same time the program will stop loading the processor. To close the program in Android, the simplest method has been used for a long time. It consists in the following actions:

Step 1. Press the " Recent Applications " button. It usually looks like two overlapping rectangles, although there are exceptions - sometimes it's just one square. This button may be physical or touchy for you - it doesn’t matter at all. On many devices, this key is virtual - it is displayed on the screen itself.

Step 2. Here you will see thumbnails of all running applications. When the smartphone is restarted, the list is reset, with the exception of devices working with Android 6.0 or a more recent version of the operating system. If you want to close running applications, simply swipe their thumbnails from left to right or from right to left. On a tablet with a horizontal orientation, you need to drag your finger from top to bottom.

Step 3. In new versions of the operating system, you can close all applications at once. To do this, use the corresponding button, located under the column with thumbnails.

If you have a device with a very old version of Android, then the swipe gesture may not work. In this case, you need to click on the "cross" located on the thumbnail of the application you do not need. If it is not there, then try to hold your finger on the thumbnail for a couple of seconds - in this case, a context menu may appear in which the item “ Close application ” or “ Remove from list ” appears.

other methods

But how to close open applications on Android without using the corresponding button? Is there any other way? This question can be answered both affirmatively and negatively. It all depends on the implementation of a particular program. Some developers have made sure that their creation does not hang in RAM when you are out of it. In this case, the closure can be implemented in the following ways:

  • Sometimes in the main menu of the program you can see the " Exit " button. Clicking on it will transfer you to the desktop and actually close the application.
  • In some cases, just click the " Back " button. In this case, you need to be on the main screen of the application. In most cases, you will need to additionally confirm your actions by clicking the " Yes " button.

Some devices (for example, HTC One M7) offer to press the Home button twice. After that, it will remain to hold the application from the bottom up, after which it will close.

Disabling Applications

Many Android programs are implemented in such a way that in any case they will work in the background. For example, Facebook constantly collects all kinds of information about you, it is virtually impossible to close it. But if you are not going to use any applications for a long time, then you can turn them off. Then they definitely will not work in the background, consuming device resources. You can close background applications using the shutdown method using the following steps:

Step 1. Go to the " Settings ".

Step 2. Go to the " Applications " section. It may also be called the " Application Manager. "

Step 3. Go to the “ All ” tab. Although this is an optional step, the necessary programs can be found in the “ Third-party ” tab, which opens by default.

Step 4. Click on the application that you want to disable.

Step 5. Click the " Disable " or " Stop " button. If it is not active, then this program cannot be disabled - it is possible that it is a system one.

Caution! If you disable the program, then on the desktop or in the menu you will no longer find it. To use it, you need to visit the “ Application Manager ” again, you will find the program you need in the “ Disabled ” or “ Stopped ” tab.

Other solutions

Some firmware can close applications on their own when the supply of RAM is exhausted. Some special utilities have the same function. You can read more about them in the article on the best accelerators for Android . Such programs correctly unload applications that you don’t need at the moment from memory, and also perform some other useful actions. New Samsung smartphones are endowed with their own optimizer. Previously, it had a separate shortcut, but in Android 7.0 it was moved to Settings .

It is worth noting that worrying about running programs is necessary only if your device does not have enough RAM. If 3-6 GB are built into your device, then you might not have read this article.



  • Can someone tell me why Facebook Light is installed on the tablet only vertically, maybe you can install it horizontally, if you can, how?

  • Android 5.1 does not have a “close all” button. The installation of the “Recently” program helped; you need root rights to work. (not advertising)