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IPhone 8 review

In 2017, Apple for the first time immediately introduced three new models of smartphones iPhone and iPhone 8 among them is the most "typical".

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For most of the last decade, smartphone enthusiasts have only done things to change iPhone models. One year Apple released a major update, the next year a small one, then this two-year cycle was repeated again. At first, devices with a bold new design came out, then the S model appeared with updated internal components and additional functions.

This year the smartphone market is undergoing significant changes. The new flagships are different from the previous ones, the developers returned for the drawing board and now devices with elongated frameless screens have become popular.

Even Apple, which achieved unlimited success, managing to ignore new trends, did not pass by these changes. As a result, this year's iPhone devices have received significant innovations.

This year, the company did not release S models; instead, powerful and contradictory devices are presented. This is mainly about the iPhone X , since the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus changes much less.

iPhone 8 has already gone on sale and in this review it will be he who is considered.

Contents of delivery:

  • IPhone 8 smartphone
  • Headphones Lightning EarPods
  • Headphone adapter
  • Charger
  • USB cable> Lightning
  • SIM eject tool
  • Stickers


Apple did not release iPhone 7s and instead launched iPhone 8. It would seem that a change in numbers means a new design, but this did not happen and the device has remained almost unchanged for the fourth year in a row.

Just look at the photos and it becomes obvious that the iPhone 8 is difficult to distinguish from the iPhone 7. The differences in the shape and size of the case are minimal, less than 1 mm. On the other hand, the weight of the smartphone grew by 7%. However, this photographs will not notice.

Dimensions do not describe the whole picture. iPhone 8 got a glass back surface. Thanks to this, the developers were able to offer wireless recharging, but the device became more fragile, since glass is easier to break.

Apple does not like to offer its users too much variety of options, but over time, it has weakened control and as a result, iPhone 7 was available in five color options. This time, the company again imposed restrictions and the devices are sold only gray, silver and gold.

In its place remained protection from water, although not at the highest level.


Among the new Apple smartphones, the iPhone X is the main focus due to its frameless screen, and in the iPhone 8 we see nothing new. The diagonal remained 4.7 inches, the resolution also did not change. Despite this, there are still some innovations.

The innovation of this year is the True Tone technology, which last year appeared on the iPad Pro tablets. In the process of setting up the smartphone, it is shown how this technology uses the sensors of the smartphone to adjust the color temperature of the screen depending on the ambient light. Let this not have a big impact on working with a smartphone, such technologies improve the convenience of interacting with devices.

HDR video playback is also supported. At least that's what the specifications say, although of all the new smartphones, only the iPhone X has a screen that can actually transmit video in a wide dynamic range. The screen of the iPhone 8 will not be able to convey all the nuances that are available on the iPhone X.

As usual, the iPhone 8 screen is bright and versatile, even manually adjusting the brightness can produce high values, thanks to which everything is visible in the sun well. Color reproduction is also high, there is only a slight hint of a bluish tint.

On the one hand, having a choice in the form of a smartphone with a screen of less than 5 inches is an advantage, since there are few such quality devices. However, the old screens with large frames around the edges and an aspect ratio of 16: 9 this year already seem outdated. Of course, the iPhone X will appear, but many would like all the iPhone models to become like that. Or at least that could be the compact version of the iPhone 8, since the iPhone Plus already has a lot in common with the iPhone X.

Thus, Apple does not take risks and does not fully believe in the future of frameless smartphones , leaving itself a path for retreat.

Interface and Functionality

With the advent of the iPhone 8, the spread of the iOS 11 operating system was begun. Compared to previous years, there are not many major changes, but quite a few small ones.

The control center has been redesigned, where more elements fit and you can choose which ones will be displayed and which ones will not. Despite the large number of buttons, some are still missing. For example, there is a brightness adjustment slider that is more responsive compared to the version on Android. There are night mode and True Tone switches, but there is no way to control the automatic brightness control.

Siri virtual assistant received a more natural voice, updated App Store app store, maps, introduced a new program Files. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, we will not go deeper into changes in the operating system.

CPU and memory

Where changes are always significant is the processors of each new generation iPhone. This time using the A11 Bionic model. Its performance far exceeds the capabilities of the A10 Fusion processor from the iPhone 7 and the fastest Android smartphones and tablets. The only worthy competitor on mobile devices is the Apple A10X processor in the latest iPad Pros. The more compact screen of the iPhone 8 with lower resolution allows you to get a higher graphics display speed.

Apple offers various cloud storage options, but local storage remains more important. In recent years, the amount of flash memory in smartphones is constantly increasing. On Android, the minimum value for the flagships is now 64 GB, the same thing happened on the iPhone 8. There is also a smartphone option with a memory capacity of 256 GB, which costs $ 150 more.


The communication standards remained the same as they were in the iPhone 7. It can be noted the transition from Bluetooth 4.2 to Bluetooth 5.0. This allows you to increase the distance between devices and data transfer rate. An additional satellite positioning technology has also appeared, as a result of which the iPhone 8 can receive signals from the navigation systems of the European Union and Japan.


Judging by the specifications, the rear camera is the same as in the iPhone 7. The resolution of 12 megapixels remains unchanged, as is the f / 1.8 aperture .

Despite this, there is still development. The camera's sensor has become larger, as a result of which it has larger and photosensitive pixels. Improved isolation between them, which improves image clarity. Camera data processing systems have been improved due to HDR and increased autofocus speed.

Improved video shooting, more combinations of resolution and frame rate are available. The camera has been optimized to work with the Apple ARKit augmented reality framework.

Image quality

No one doubted that the quality of the photos would remain at a high level. This applies to both daylight photography and low light. Colors come out natural, focusing on a close-up large object allows you to shoot landscape shots.

With very poor lighting in photographs, digital noise is inevitable, after a certain threshold a flash will be needed, but the sensor perfectly collects the few available light and finds it to be used effectively.

The weak side of the camera can be called just too much light from third-party sources. This can easily be avoided if you find the right angle.

In front is a camera with a resolution of 7 megapixels, not as functional as the main one. This affects including the quality of photographs in different lighting conditions. In general, its quality is at a good level.

Video recording

All the advantages of the camera described above are applicable to video, where there are more options for resolution and frequencies. The disadvantage is that for recording with high efficiency you have to choose settings with low compatibility with other systems.

The videos are stable and the camera easily copes with different lighting conditions. Do not worry about moving objects, as the camera easily changes focus and adjusts exposure. The sound quality cannot be called ideal, but it is quite enough. There will be no problem hearing a person’s voice in a noisy environment.


It is unlikely that many people buy iPhone for the quality of the speakers, but this advantage has not bothered anyone. Compared to the iPhone 7, the developers promised to increase the sound volume to 25%. The Do makes this promise vague and tests showed even lower volume than on the iPhone 7, although the difference was not significant. In any case, the speakers sound good and remain one of the best on smartphones.

Apple uses stereo speakers, one located at the bottom of the case, the other in the auricle. The situation with the headphones is as disappointing as last year, as there is no connector for them. The package includes EarPods headphones under the Lightning connector, they sound good, but I would like to have a choice.

Also included is an analog adapter for connecting standard headphones to the Lightning connector, but carrying it with you is not too convenient and you can lose it.

Call quality

About most smartphones, we can say that if there are no terrible problems during telephone conversations, their quality can be called normal. On iPhone 8, problems were discovered. During telephone calls, clicking sounds are heard from the auricle. It is unlikely that the source is the interlocutor, since this problem was only on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

This seemed to be a consequence of the noise reduction function. An attempt was made to disable it, but the clicks remained. Perhaps just an unsuccessful pair of smartphones just came across, although if he were that alone, it would be easier to believe. We can’t say that these clicks make the interlocutor’s speech unintelligible, but I would like to get the perfect sound for a device of this level and price.

Offline work

Since the shape and size of the smartphone remained the same, one should not expect a change in battery capacity. Tests showed that, compared with the iPhone 7, the duration has increased slightly, with the screen turned on, the device lasts about an hour longer. Perhaps a more energy-efficient processor is to blame.

Interesting things happen when additional accessories are connected. For the first time, the iPhone supports the fast charge standard, although the adapter is not included. Instead, you can connect the smartphone to a USB-C power adapter, and the device can also be connected to Apple laptops and computers via the Lightning connector.

There is a wireless charging based on the Qi standard. Since this is an open standard, you can choose a charger that works with other smartphones. For example, a Samsung charger came up. The smartphone was able to quickly recognize it and start recharging. Android smartphones usually cannot boast that much speed. Wireless charging works without problems when the smartphone has a case.

Thus, in terms of power, the iPhone 8 is the most impressive Apple device already released, although all this has long been on Android.


In many ways, the iPhone 8 feels like a safe buy. Here are all the advantages of the iPhone 7, several improvements and new features. Performance has reached new heights, the camera remains among the best, wireless recharging has appeared.

There are also complaints. The glass back panel looks good, but after falling it will not be so beautiful. Annoying clicking sound when talking on the phone.

You can not talk about the iPhone 8 separately from other Apple devices in 2017. If you want to get a big screen or if a compact screen is not as important for you as a dual camera , you can opt for iPhone Plus. The presence of the iPhone X complicates the choice even more. In addition to another size and aspect ratio, there are a couple of exclusive functionalities. If they prove to be in demand, in the future iPhone devices can only be such.

As for the iPhone 8, it can be bought by those who are conservative and do not like sudden changes. It is unlikely that the transition from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 will be justified, but from older models completely. If funds allow and there is no fear of innovation, you can opt for the iPhone X.


  • High performance;
  • Great speakers;
  • Quality camera;
  • Fast and wireless recharging;
  • Adequate amount of flash memory.
  • Extra glass reduces durability;
  • Problem with telephone calls;
  • Few color options;
  • Having a more expensive model reduces the value of this unit.