Best Budget Action Cameras with AliExpress

Chinese online store AliExpress sells hundreds of different action cameras. Which ones deserve your money?

If you want to buy an action camera inexpensively, then you should not go to the nearest store selling consumer electronics. Instead, it is recommended to visit the well-known " AliExpress ". On this site, you can easily find an inexpensive device that has good characteristics. However, many action cameras only seem to be a worthy investment, failing a few months after the purchase or shooting low quality video. To buy a really good action camera, check out the selection below - you won’t miss out.

If you are ready to spend money on a device under a famous brand, then take a look at the rating of the best action cameras sold in Russian retail chains. This list contains products from Sony , Garmin, GoPro and several other companies.


SJCAM SJ9 Strike

Price: from 15 099 rub.

Flagship SJCAM Chinese companies almost as action-camera from a well-known manufacturers. And in some ways he even surpasses them! For example, SJCAM SJ9 Strike can be charged wirelessly, like some top-end smartphone! However, this is done using an additional accessory. You may well refuse to purchase it, because USB Type-C is used as a connector here, and the wire is inserted into it exclusively the first time.

The back panel of the device is decorated with a touch screen diagonal of which is 2.33 inches. Using such a screen, you can not only choose shooting modes, but also see what exactly gets into the frame right now. The display is also on the front panel, on the side of the lens, but this is a monochrome screen, which serves solely to see the shooting mode and duration of the current video.

Unlike cheaper analogues, this action camera is capable of boasting good digital image stabilization. This is important when shooting on the go. Also, the product has good water resistance - with it you can dive to a depth of up to 10 m. But such water resistance negatively affected the quality of the written sound - a special membrane makes it too deaf. But SJCAM products before could not boast of good sound quality!

The device includes a high-quality sensor from Sony. This means that you can count on a picture that is close to ideal. It is written in 4K resolution, with a frequency of up to 60 frames / s. However, if you want to activate the aforementioned stabilization, then with 4K video shooting you will have to limit yourself to half the frequency. Another way to solve the problem is to lower the resolution.


  • High-quality 4K video;
  • Used stabilization;
  • There is a very large LCD display;
  • Fit accessories from GoPro;
  • There is good water resistance;
  • Uses a USB Type-C connector;
  • Wireless charging supported;
  • Long shooting time from a full charge.


  • Mediocre sound quality;
  • The price can not be called very budget;
  • Strong heating is possible.


Thieye t5 edge

Price: from 5 500 rub.

This very inexpensive action camera with AliExpress differs from even cheaper analogues by the presence of a color LCD display. It allows you to crop and produce, and quickly change the settings. The manufacturer refused the second display for the sake of cost reduction - there is not even a monochrome screen that displays only the current parameters. When you point the device towards yourself, you will only see the lens and indicator lights.

Despite the very low cost, the camera comes with an optional accessory. Its quality is a small remote with three buttons. Of course, it’s easier for someone to control the action camera remotely using a smartphone (and this option is also present here), but it’s much easier to get the remote control, and you don’t have to spend time running the application to work with it.

The device includes a fairly powerful processor. With its help even stabilization is realized! This allows you to save the picture from unpleasant shaking. Of course, this function is not available when saving video in maximum quality. But if you use 4K resolution and a frequency of 30 frames / s, then electronic stabilization will still work.

This action camera can automatically correct distortion. This means that the viewer will not be struck by the fact that the shooting was carried out using ultra-wide-angle optics. There is also moisture protection. We do not recommend checking it in full - the Chinese action cameras regularly commit low quality builds, which is why water still gets inside. If you plan to go under water, then buy a camera kit with the appropriate box, then you will surely be spared any problems.


  • Distortion correction works;
  • You can shoot in 4K resolution with a frequency of 60 FPS;
  • GoPro accessories supported;
  • Digital stabilization available;
  • There is a very large LCD display;
  • Remote control possible;
  • There is a tripod socket.


  • An obsolete micro-USB connector is used;
  • Average moisture protection;
  • The functionality cannot be called particularly wide;
  • Average sound quality.



Price: from 9 500 rub.

Improved version of the action camera YI. This device looks more serious, and the main distinguishing feature is the support for video shooting with 4K resolution. It should be noted that this is the most inexpensive way to get full 4K video!

As a matrix, a standard 12-megapixel CMOS sensor is used here. The camera does not differ from the basic version in terms of the lens. A more powerful processor allowed the creators to implement the video recording function with a frequency of 120 or 240 frames / s, depending on the selected resolution.

Please note that YI 4K only supports a maximum of 64 GB memory card .


  • High speed shooting possible;
  • 4K resolution available;
  • There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;
  • The camera is relatively inexpensive;
  • Fairly good lens;
  • Long battery life;
  • There is an LCD display.


  • Cuts video in pieces of 3.7 GB;
  • Poor equipment;
  • The electronic stabilizer is invisible.



Price: from 2 600 rub.

It's amazing that now even low-cost action cameras can shoot 4K video. In particular, the EKEN H9R - a device sold on Aliexpress is cheaper than most smartphones and tablets. However, you should not expect chic quality from this baby. The fact is that inside the camera there is a modest 4-megapixel CMOS matrix, and the processor of stars from the sky is not enough - the chip's capacities are not enough to process video with a high bitrate. This is partly why the frequency of 120 frames / s becomes available to the user only when the resolution is reduced to 720p.

The device includes a 2-inch LCD. Remote control is also available here, but only via Wi-Fi. The installed lens has a field of view of 140 degrees, which is considered an average result.


  • Weight does not exceed 64 g;
  • 4K shooting is possible;
  • The kit includes both mounts and an aquabox;
  • Minimum price tag;
  • There is an LCD display.


  • Inconvenient start of video recording;
  • High-speed shooting is available only at low resolution;
  • There is no Bluetooth;
  • Very bad sound;
  • There is no electronic stabilizer.


Drift ghost xl

Price: from 8 500 rub.

Many action cameras from AliExpress have borrowed the form factor from the famous GoPro Hero line. This allows manufacturers to not think about creating their own accessories. But one cannot but admit that such a form factor has a number of disadvantages. For example, taking pictures of yourself is difficult with him: the horizon often falls over. Also, such action cameras greatly affect aerodynamics. In a word, it is not surprising that oblong-shaped devices begin to appear on AliExpress. For example, such a device is Drift Ghost XL.

This action camera is IPX7 waterproof. This means that it works without any problems in the rain, but diving with it is not recommended. The picture here is written in Full HD resolution. Not very high parameter. But this is real Full HD. Competitors in this price segment often artificially stretch the image to 4K, which does not lead to anything good.

The device received a capacious battery. This allows you to record a fairly long trip on a motorcycle by attaching an action camera to the helmet or steering wheel. Complete with the device you should get the appropriate mount - it allows you to tilt the camera in every way, getting frames from a variety of angles. You can control the gadget using the remote control, which is worn on the wrist, as if it were a watch. Such a remote control comes even in a standard inexpensive kit! And in the box with the package you will definitely find an external microphone-buttonhole.

Inside the action camera is a simple CMOS matrix. Light enters it after passing through a lens with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. Unfortunately, the device has a number of shortcomings, which we cannot but mention. The most important of them is a weak processor. Alas, it is only enough to record video at a frequency of 30 frames / s. If you want to increase this parameter, you will have to set the resolution to only 720p. Also, this camera writes disgusting monosound, so the “loop” will be very useful.


  • There is a jack for an external microphone;
  • Long battery life;
  • Can be controlled by remote control;
  • Wide angle of view;
  • Low impact on aerodynamics;
  • You can buy a kit with numerous mounts;
  • There is some moisture protection;
  • It can be used as a DVR.


  • Poor built-in microphone;
  • Low frame rate
  • No support for 4K resolution;
  • The price still cannot be called particularly low.



This is the ranking of low-cost action cameras. Now it remains to figure out which action camera to choose - in a separate article you can read about which parameters are the most important. In general, for a little money it is quite possible to buy an adequately working device. However, do not hope to get a picture that is produced by the creations of GoPro and Sony - here the matrix is ​​used worse, and the lens is not so high-quality, and the processor is not very smart. Best of all, low-cost action cameras are suitable for shooting everyday events, which will then go to the home archive.