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Best voice assistants for Android

If Siri is always ready to help owners of iOS devices, then owners of gadgets with Android have the opportunity to choose their voice assistant.

Artificial intelligence is no longer a fiction from the "Science Fiction on the Third Shelf" section. Robots have long penetrated people's homes under the guise of smart speakers and mobile applications for smartphones. In recent years, many companies have made significant advances in AI development. Electronic assistants have become much more functional, and now manufacturers are entertained by “pushing their foreheads”, trying to figure out which voice assistant is smarter .

The most sensible of electronic assistants for a long time was Siri - which is not surprising, because Apple brought the program to mind for 6 years. In 2019, IQ Loup Ventures tested voice assistants and found out - Google Assistant understands more questions than competitors and gives the most detailed and understandable answers. In second place is Siri from Apple, the third place went to Amazon's Alexa. In fairness, the three leaders showed close results, so there is no clear leader here.

Meanwhile, the number of voice assistants is not limited to the options listed above. There are more of them, and the best ones are described in our review.


Yandex Alice

Яндекс Developer: Yandex
Free Price: Free

One of the best voice assistants among those functioning in Russian. This application adequately responds to Russian->Alice ” is quite capable of telling you what the weather is outside the window, or paving the route to the right place, but first of all, this voice assistant is designed for all kinds of games. In particular, with “Alice” you can play “Cities”, “Guess the actor”, “Guess the song” and various other games. And the process can seriously fun!

It must be remembered that the voice assistant was developed by the most popular search engine in Russia. This means that the application does an excellent job of the functions that visitors to the Yandex site most often use. For example, “Alice” will instantly tell the exchange rate of a certain currency to the ruble. It will not be difficult for the program to recount a certain amount of dollars by converting it into Russian currency. In general, the easiest way to use the voice assistant is as a converter. Or an adviser - “Alice” may well advise some institution to visit, whether it be a restaurant, theater, entertainment club or movie theater.

Many users like to learn about Alice itself. It should be noted that the voice assistant behaves like a real woman. That is, the application at any time can begin to flirt or speak in riddles. In the end, you begin to make sure that this assistant has logic. Women's logic.

Google assistant

Google LLC Developer: Google LLC
Free Price: Free

Quite quickly, Google moved from developing Now to creating Assistant. The first project is now considered closed, while the second is actively developing. The assistant of the world famous search engine saves all the dialogs with the user on the server. The program does this for self-development and the search for key concepts. Gradually, the assistant adapts more and more to the person’s speech style, developing a wide base of answers.

Initially, it was announced that Google Assistant will be available only on flagship smartphones. At the time of writing in October 2019, any Android user can use the services of Google Assistant. Initially English-speaking, it now easily understands Russian speech and performs many functions - launching music, opening applications, finding the right information, converting currencies, finding routes and the right places nearby. A significant advantage of the Assistant is the ability to call phonebook subscribers, send messages by e-mail or SMS. Alice does not yet have such skills, and this is her significant minus.

And Google Assistant can turn on a flashlight - a trifle, but nice.


Against the background of the above competitors, Maroussia from Group is the youngest and therefore the most inexperienced. The developers announced it in 2018, and the beta version was released in the summer of 2019. Then Maroussia was distributed on invites, but at the time of writing the text in October 2019, any Android user can download it. Like existing assistants, Maroussia can tell an interesting fact, find the necessary information on the network, tell a horoscope, find a cheap plane ticket. In general, the capabilities are not much different from Alice or Google Assistant, but today she has some interesting features.

Firstly, an assistant from can understand the veiled question, for example, “will I freeze in my jacket” will make Marusya report the weather forecast. Another curious feature that competitors do not have is “memorization." You can simply slander facts or cases that you need to remember without reference to a specific date, and then ask: "Maroussia, what did you remember?" And get a dictated list earlier. Alice or Google Assistant have similar options, but they put a specific reminder for a certain time - and this is not always convenient. In addition, Maroussia is gradually integrating into the services of Group - with its help it is already possible to launch VKontakte music, and in the foreseeable future, support is also expected for other development platforms.

It is known that the creators of Marousi are preparing to release their own smart speaker, which of course will receive a voice assistant. This should happen before the end of 2019. There are many jokes on this subject, but knowing the price of Yandex.Station and its capabilities, has every chance to offer a more interesting option with an affordable cost.

In October 2019, Maroussia can hardly compete with the eminent rivals listed above, but it is already visible - she has the potential and the chances to surpass them in the foreseeable future. Learn more about the capabilities of the assistant on the official website .


UseYoVoice Developer: UseYoVoice
Free Price: Free

The main feature of the Russian-speaking intellectual assistant "Dusya" is the complete lack of an interface. The assistant constantly works in the background and does not occupy a single inch of the screen of the mobile gadget. You can launch the Dusya application using your voice, wave, shake and many other ways.

The developers of the program focus the attention of users on the fact that "Dusya" is not a chat bot that will flirt with the user and tell him jokes a la Siri. "Dusya" carries out the commands that it is trained - in particular, at the voice request of the gadget owner, she is able to get directions on the map, dial the number recorded in the phone book, find music on the VKontakte social network , write a message on the What's App, translate any simple phrase in several >in a special forum .

The disadvantages of the Dusya program include the fact that it is paid. The user is given a week to get acquainted with the intellectual assistant - after this period, you will have to purchase a subscription.


Audioburst Developer: Audioburst
To be announced Price: To be announced

The Robin application is considered the best voice assistant for the driver. The motorist will not have to take his hands off the "steering wheel" to write an SMS message, make a call or find out the weather forecast. An intelligent assistant perfectly copes with tasks such as finding the latest news and checking for unread messages on social networks.

To Russification assistant "Robin" had the hand of a unit at once 2 search giants - Google Moscow and Yandex Labs. The results exceeded expectations: “Robin” speaks Russian as if this >

The “highlight” of Robin's intelligent assistant is his extraordinary sense of humor. The assistant is always ready to please the motorist with a joke, and in terms of funny answers will give odds even to the "apple" Siri. The marketers of Audioburst, the distributor of Robin, are also funny guys, because otherwise they would certainly not have been able to create such a masterpiece trailer:

Ok Notepad!

The functionality of the application “Ok, Notepad!” Is small - you cannot call it a full-fledged intellectual assistant. Creating notes and reminders with your voice is all that allows the user to the application “Ok, Notepad!”. Judging by the fact that the program has excellent ratings and a lot of positive reviews on Google Play, it copes with its modest task at 5+.

Application developer D. Lozenko notes that “OK, Notepad!” Is an analogue of the once-popular “Remember Everything” mobile program. Now the Remember All application is abandoned, so there are no sensible alternatives to Notepad on Google Play.

The functionality of the program “Ok, Notepad!” Can be slightly expanded by installing plug-ins. For example, using additional software, you can add synchronization with Google tasks.

Amazon Alexa

To be announced Price: To be announced

Amazon contains perhaps the largest number of Internet servers in the world. It is a sin not to use such disk space to handle any serious tasks. That’s why Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant was born once. At that time, it was the only assistant who did not just answer the user to memorized phrases, but talked with him.

The assistant gets access to a variety of smartphone features. It is not difficult for him to change the brightness of the screen backlight, play some song or call someone. He is also able to draw content from a variety of online services, and it does not have to be Amazon's proprietary projects.

Alexa is now considered one of the smartest voice assistants. The application works mainly on flagship devices, and even then not at all. Basically, the voice assistant was created for smart speakers - individual devices purchased for installation in the living room or somewhere in the kitchen. Unfortunately, this assistant also does not want to speak Russian. If we recall the limited resources of the American company Amazon, then it is hardly worth waiting for the appearance of the Russian >

Voice assistants on PC

Computer control can also be done using a virtual assistant - although, alas, only a few users know about it. Windows 10 is equipped with a full-fledged Cortana intelligent assistant that is capable of performing a ton of tasks by user’s voice requests - to search and launch files on a computer, take notes and notes on the calendar, and configure the system.

Alas, Cortana has a big flaw: she does not understand Russian and does not speak it . Cortana for 2019 speaks only 8 >

  • Gorynych is an assistant who speaks both Russian and English. “Gorynych” is capable of performing any operations by voice commands, for which the user usually uses a mouse and keyboard. The problem of Gorynych is that he recognizes speech very mediocre - if the owner of the PC suddenly hoarsens, then the voice assistant will simply cease to understand it.
  • Aggregate is an intelligent PC assistant from the creators of the aforementioned Dusi. The developers claim that Aggregate is much better than Cortana for a number of reasons: firstly , Aggregate understands Russian, secondly , it can be installed on any operating system (whether it be OSX, Windows or Linux), and thirdly , users can increase the functionality of the “Unit” by installing additional modules. But in the case of “Aggregate”, again, it can’t do without a “fly in the ointment”: the program is still at the alpha testing stage, so you just wo n’t be able to download it - you have to join the special Google + community and send an application for a copy of the assistant files .
  • Typle is a simple utility for Windows 7, 8, and 10. Typle’s functionality is very limited: the program can open files and applications, but it’s not able, say, to control a music player.


Soon owners of gadgets with Android will face a difficult choice. In 2019, Alice, Maroussia and Google Assistant speak excellent Russian. Meanwhile, the development of voice assistants is in full swing. Windows promise to port Cortana to other platforms and teach it other >Beru service, and Tinkoff Bank has his own assistant Oleg. This should not be surprising, because voice assistants are not only fun, but also really convenient.


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