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No modern tourist dares to travel with an ordinary push-button mobile phone. The choice is only in favor of a smartphone, which will become a much more useful assistant. It will be possible to download applications on it that will make spending time in an unfamiliar place more comfortable. Such programs will be discussed in this collection.

If you are traveling to another city or even a country, be sure to book a hotel room in advance! Otherwise, you may be faced with the fact that the nearest hotels will not have free places, as a result of which you will have nowhere to sleep. The most logical way to book a room is to use the mobile client of So information about your reservation will always be at hand. In particular, this will help to tell the taxi driver the address to the selected hotel. database contains over 1 million hotels. In most cases, a reservation is made without a bank card, so you should not worry about the security of your payment information. The selection of apartments is carried out according to many parameters, so you can find a room that suits you 100%.


If the purpose of your trip is far away, then, with a high degree of probability, you will get to it by plane. And the best way to search and book airline tickets is to use the Aviasales mobile client. This service quickly won the love of Russians and residents of other countries. Now it allows you to view the schedule and buy tickets at 728 airlines. And this is clearly not the limit!

Like other top travel apps, Aviasales is easy to learn. The program offers to select a departure and destination points, after which the user is provided with all the tickets available for booking. If you intend to regularly use this application, it is recommended to register, after which the history of search queries will be saved, which further simplifies your actions. In this case, the Favorites tab will also please.


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When choosing a place on the plane, you can use the SeatGuru application. It contains the base of almost all modern passenger aircraft. Each vehicle is presented in a cut, so you see where exactly this or that place is located. So you can easily choose a place at the porthole or somewhere in the middle of the cabin.

The program is also able to select flights at the points of departure and destination you have specified. Theoretically, you can use it to book tickets. However, it should be remembered that in some applications, during regular flights, various bonuses are provided. There is no such function here.


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When you find yourself somewhere in another city or a foreign country, you first go to see the sights. But any trip also consists of visits to places of public catering. To help with their finding should an application for tourists called AroundMe. This is a kind of reference book, which contains not only restaurants, bars and cafes, but also gas stations, cinemas, hospitals, hotels and other institutions that a traveler may need.

The program automatically determines your location, and then shows you the items you need nearby. The only drawback of the application is its focus on the Western user - there is very little information on Russia in it. Also upset is the fact that it is designed only for the iPhone .

Google translator

Google LLC Developer: Google LLC
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"Google Translator" translates absolutely everything that you enter into the application window with text or your voice. Now it is Google that has the best machine translation, so its program stands out from the competition. She will help you if you go on a trip you have problems with the local >

In total, the application supports more than 90 >

XE Currency

Our list of useful applications for tourists could not do without a currency converter. After all, times have passed when the ruble rate remained stable. What can I say, in the context of the economic crisis, even the ratio of the dollar to the euro is changing regularly. Therefore, a currency converter in a smartphone is now indispensable. You can use XE Currency in its quality. This application is designed for iPhone and Android. It contains a large base of currencies, but on the main screen there is information only on preferred ones, so you do not need to scroll through a very long list.

The program can be used completely free. The paid version of XE Currency will interest only those who fly to many countries every year, because its main difference is in supporting the output of information on more currencies.

Google maps

During a tourist trip, it is impossible to do without a full navigation program. You will not constantly ask local residents about how to get to a particular place? Now leaders in the development of map services are Google and Yandex. It is easiest to install both of their applications on a smartphone. If you do not want to spend so much permanent memory, then it all depends on where you are going. Is there a foreign trip on the nose? Then your choice is a product from Google. Would you like to visit the Russian outback? In this case, install Yandex.Maps .

The Google Maps program allows you to quickly find the place of interest and build a route. In total, 220 countries are mentioned in one way or another in this application. Of course, not in all regions the maps are as detailed as possible, but the number inspires respect! There is also voice GPS navigation, so you can look at the sights, and not follow the display of your smartphone . The only minus of the application is the need for an Internet connection. In Yandex.Maps you can download maps of certain cities, but in most cases the same problem is observed.


If you are heading to another country, then it is likely that you will have a problem with mobile traffic. Using it in roaming is unrealistic - so you quickly go broke. It will take some time to buy a local SIM card and activate it. Until you have access to the Internet, OsmAnd will help out. This navigation application works offline. You just need to remember to download the necessary maps first.

OsmAnd is based on the OpenStreetMap service. It differs in that the cards are specified and supplemented by the users themselves. The accuracy of the map service can be called high, the disadvantage of OpenStreetMap is observed elsewhere. It does not contain the largest number of mentions about food outlets, entertainment venues and other places useful to tourists. However, this does not mean that they are not at all. In a word, OsmAnd is bound to become a kind of addition to the cards from Yandex and Google.


The BlaBlaCar app helps you find travel companions and do it absolutely free or for symbolic money. Sometimes drivers take people for free simply because they are bored, others ask for gas, and others charge a fee, but compared to the prices of airplanes or trains, as a rule, these are small amounts.

In the program, you can choose the destination, place of collection, time and date of departure, as well as the type of transport (car or bus) and the number of available seats, which can be much more than one. Therefore, with the help of BlaBlaCar you can travel not alone or together, but with entire companies.


Maps.Me is a collection of maps from around the world. If you are traveling, you can download a map of that locality or city in advance so as not to spend usually expensive megabytes and even use them without the Internet, because the user's location is determined solely by GPS. Do not forget to turn it on.

In addition to the usual map in the Maps.Me application, you can track and mark your favorite places and plot detailed routes even in the smallest settlements in the world.


HERE WeGo is another free application for orientation in an unfamiliar area or city by map. In addition to hiking routes, here you can see the movement of public transport and taxis. And the latter can even be ordered through this application.

The map is crammed with detailed information about the route, offers to make your perfect trip or do everything for you. If there are delays on the route, then HERE WeGo will show alternative options for the trip so that the trip does not turn into a problem and remains a rest.

Excluded from collection

Ruso Turisto

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Finally, we should mention another global application, which contains a database of theaters, restaurants, hotels, shops and other institutions. It's about Ruso Turisto. As the name implies, the program is intended only for Russian tourists. What is the reason for this? Everything is very simple, the information in this guide is presented only in Russian. The app also contains data on festivals and museums that are best suited for Russian people. In particular, here you can find out exactly where there are Russian->

So far, in Ruso Turisto there are only the most popular destinations where Russians like to relax. But in the future, the number of countries and cities should grow. I am glad that already now in the application you can find emergency numbers in different states. There is also a currency converter, but it is much less functional than the program we reviewed earlier.

Lingopal voyage

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Not all of us know the >

The application supports 44 >


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