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The best keyboards for Android

Not every smartphone owner is satisfied with the pre-installed keyboard. Fortunately, there are dozens and even hundreds of others! It is about the best keyboards for Android that will be discussed in this article.

The Android operating system is famous for its openness and friendliness to third-party developers. Due to this, it can be customized almost any way. In a separate article, we talked about launchers that completely change the interface. But some users only need to replace the keyboard. Fortunately, it can also be found on Google Play. There are not even dozens, but hundreds of options to choose from!

Our selection will allow you to understand how diverse the keyboards for Android can be. At the same time, we will try to find out which of them can be considered the best. In this case, we will focus not only on applications for smartphones, but also on keyboards that look best on tablets.



The app was not found in the store. 🙁

A very good option for both beginners and very experienced users. This is not to say that this keyboard is incredibly beautiful. No, her dignity is that she does not try to surprise you and distract her eyes from typing. By default, its appearance is almost no different from the keyboard that is built into Android. It uses the same faceless background, there are numerous emojis . The difference is in supporting topics. Their choice is wide enough, but many design themes are paid. It remains only to rejoice that the application itself is free.

Of the useful functions, a separate panel should be allocated, with the help of which the cursor is controlled. Also, cloud synchronization of the user dictionary is built in here. You can enter text both in the traditional way, and with the help of swipe (when the finger moves from letter to letter, without looking up from the screen). Of course, there is full support for the Russian >


  • Swipe support;
  • It is distributed free of charge;
  • Themes support;
  • Cloud-based dictionary synchronization;
  • A large number of settings.


  • Not the best option for a tablet;
  • Unstable operation on some smartphones;
  • Many topics can only be installed for money.

Rating: 8/10


The app was not found in the store. 🙁

At one time, it was this keyboard that gave the unspoken name to a new way of entering text. Now almost all major competitors have acquired his support. But this does not prevent the application from remaining very popular. This is explained by the fact that the developers introduced the ability to resize it. And this is very important for owners of tablet computers!

A curious feature of Swype is the ability to add and remove additional keys. So the application perfectly adapts to your requirements and the screen of your existing smartphone. And you can download the keyboard on Android for the sake of perfectly working voice input and many themes.

It should be noted that the application is not free. After the trial period, you will have to pay about 40 rubles.


  • Cloud-based dictionary synchronization;
  • Resizing and adding additional keys;
  • A large number of themes;
  • Swipe support;
  • Simultaneous input in two >
  • Voice recognition using the Dragon engine.


  • Full version is paid.

Rating: 9/10

Google keyboard

Google LLC Developer: Google LLC
Free Price: Free

Everyone knows that Android has its own keyboard, developed by Google. But recently, it can only be found in devices of the Nexus series, and manufacturers of other smartphones are replacing it with their creations. That's why Google Keyboard appeared in the online store as a separate application. And you should definitely try it out.

The program is distributed free of charge, while it copes with its main task. There is support for text input using the swipe method, numerous emojis have not gone anywhere. The keyboard almost perfectly predicts the words you are about to enter. This can not be neglected, because in the linguistic business, Google is ahead of the rest! At any time, the user can download additional >

However, Google still loses to many other keyboards. This is explained by the minimum number of additional functions. This application is suitable for those people who know that they will be too lazy to adjust the keyboard for themselves.


  • Swipe support;
  • The keyboard is good at predicting input words;
  • Cloud-based dictionary synchronization;
  • It shows itself well on a tablet;
  • Very fast transition from one >


  • On some devices, svayp does not work properly;
  • Almost complete absence of themes;
  • Very poor settings.

Rating: 6/10


SwiftKey Developer: SwiftKey
Free Price: Free

You can safely say that this is the best keyboard for Android. It is not for nothing that she has a very high rating on Google Play, and the number of her downloads is gradually approaching one hundred million. The application supports both letter-by-letter input method and swipe. Here, emoticons look very beautiful, and a very large section with settings will allow you to adapt the keyboard to your beloved.

Until 2015, SwiftKey developers asked for money for their creation. Later they switched to another method of earning. The basic version of the program is now distributed completely free of charge. But at the same time, the appearance of the keyboard leaves much to be desired, although some even suit him. Correct the situation will help purchase themes. They are sold as whole packages, or separately. Of course, it’s more profitable to buy a complete set.

Otherwise, this keyboard does not have serious shortcomings. It is ideal not only for a smartphone with a miniature display, but also for a very large tablet. Separately, it should be noted that the Russian layout is coolly implemented here, and switching to the Latin alphabet is carried out by “turning over” the space.


  • Cloud-based dictionary synchronization;
  • Swipe support;
  • It is distributed free of charge;
  • A very large number of settings;
  • Support for themes.


  • Design themes cost money.

Rating: 9/10


Another very solid keyboard. Designed for those people who do not like swipe input. There is no support here, and therefore random operations of this method will not occur. But here gestures are supported for quick memorization of words. You can improve text input methods using plugins. You can install up to three plugins for free, the remaining slots for them will open only when you purchase the full version.

Interestingly, plugins can open up very interesting possibilities. For example, a Fleksy keyboard can learn how to send animated GIFs. In the same way, a separate row of number keys is added. And they also introduce various effects into the program - for example, after pressing a button, it may glow for a while in a certain color. As you work with the keyboard, the user is rewarded with achievements, which encourages the gradual improvement of their typing skills.

The disadvantage of this application is that not every person wants to deal with this entire system of plugins. If you want to get a keyboard customized for you right after installation, then you definitely are not for Fleksy! The cost of opening slots for these same plugins is also capable of confusing.


  • Achievement system;
  • Support for intuitive gestures;
  • Sending GIF animations;
  • A large number of themes and effects;
  • Numerous emojis;
  • A large number of settings in the form of extensions.


  • Software errors that appear on some smartphones;
  • Lack of swipe support;
  • For serious functionality you have to pay.

Rating: 7/10


Whirlscape Developer: Whirlscape
Free Price: Free

Although not the best, but the most original keyboard for Android in our selection. Its main purpose is to cover the smallest area of ​​the screen. To do this, the creators endowed it with just one row of keys, under which there is a space, Enter and other elements. As a result, there are two or three letters on each key. It seems that typing with one row of keys is almost impossible. But gradually it turns out that the application perfectly predicts the text you type.

The problem is that we most often write in two >


  • Good prediction of the English text;
  • The presence of emoticons;
  • It takes up very little screen space;
  • Support for management topics.


  • The keyboard does not work well with Russian;
  • Lack of swipe support;
  • Not the largest number of settings;
  • The full version costs money.

Rating: 5/10


In total, we reviewed six applications today. Perhaps the best keyboard for an Android tablet is SwiftKey . The owners of such devices should also like the Swype keyboard, which is not free, but they ask for a literal trifle for it.

As for smartphones, it all depends on what >Swype is an ideal option for those people who like to slide their finger across the screen. In this case, the application correctly substitutes the necessary words when using both >Google Keyboard - a wide vocabulary made it possible to introduce about the same ideal swipe into it.

Against this background, SwiftKey can be recommended, where both text input methods are also implemented quite well. But in this case, you have to pay money, so that the appearance of the keys is slightly improved. Well, fans of the letter-by-letter input method are encouraged to take a look at Fleksy and TouchPal . But this does not mean that the above-mentioned applications do a poor job of this method!

If you communicate only in English, then the conclusion is obvious - you need to install Minuum . This keyboard will not be distracting, as it takes up a minimal display area. It is a pity that for its use you will have to pay a tangible amount by mobile standards.