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The best holders and rigs for smartphone cameras

With the help of modern smartphones, you can take stunning pictures. In the right hands, phones can even compete with some professional thousands of dollars worth of professional photo cameras.

However, in some areas, smartphones are still lagging behind. Camera features are ergonomics, adaptability and extensibility.

Fortunately, there are several tools that you can use to take your mobile phone photography and video to a whole new level. The holders can improve ergonomics, ease of operation and even add several functions to the smartphone’s camera. Those who want more stability, as well as additional components and accessories, can find a suitable rig. It is difficult to decide which way to choose and how to find a suitable accessory, so we created a list of the best holders and rigs for smartphone cameras.

What to buy: holder or rig?

First you need to choose which road to take. The smartphone holder is smaller and not expandable, but it is much more portable. Such devices are intended for those who want the phone to do most of the work themselves, but at the same time they want to improve stabilization, add some additional functions and get better ... control.

Meanwhile, rig is intended for those who want to improve what the smartphone camera can do on their own. Of course, he can add stability and functions, but most of them also have several mounts for lighting, microphones, lenses and much more. Riga can be quite advanced and better suited for avid enthusiasts or professionals who are looking for a complete replacement of the existing system.

Top holders

Pictar mark ii

Price: from 7 990 rubles

Pictar Mark II can be called the most attractive and convenient holder on this list. The accessory covers about half of the phone and has a classic design that is both aesthetic and convenient to use. In addition, you get a shutter button, an exposure compensation wheel, an intelligent wheel for switching presets and shooting modes, and a zoom wheel. The holder also has a tripod socket at the bottom and a “cold shoe” mount for one accessory.

This device does not use cables, connectors, or wireless connections. Instead, the holder can emit high-frequency sounds to send commands to the smartphone application. These sounds are not audible to the human ear. Great idea, right? At a price of 7,990 rubles, this is a good investment in improving photos and videos.


Adonit photogrip qi

Price: from 3 800 rubles

Adonit Photogrip Qi may not have cool wheels and control tools, but the holder solves a serious problem for those who take pictures from smartphones - battery life. This holder has a 3000 mAh battery and Qi wireless charging , which means that it can recharge your device when it is in the dock.

Another interesting feature is that the Bluetooth shutter button can be removed and used at a distance of up to 10 meters. The kit also includes a mini tripod, bag and neck strap. All this is not very expensive - about 4,000 rubles.



Price: from 2 500 rubles

Shuttergrip is a much simpler option, but it does a great job with basic tasks. The holder is very convenient due to the rounded shape and comes with a Bluetooth shutter button, which can also be removed for shooting from a distance of 10 meters. For 2,500 rubles, this is a fairly simple option at a very affordable price.


Shoulderpod s2

Price: from 2 800 rubles

Shoulderpod S2 has no built-in controls, buttons or any other technology. It really is not more than just a phone holder, but the accessory performs all its functions elegantly. A solid mount holds the phone perfectly, you can attach a wooden handle to it and a magnificent leather strap. For added stability, there is a screw for a tripod, and the price is set at 2,800 rubles.



Price: from 950 rubles

Pixlplay is designed for children, but it does a great job as a smartphone holder for users of any age (if you don't mind looking a little silly). The rubber design looks playful and colorful, but also protects the smartphone quite well. Not to mention the fact that the capture will be phenomenal. The only feature that the accessory has in addition to this is that there is a shutter button, but it works through the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Those who have smartphones without this connector can use the adapter.

In addition, the attached design means that not all phones will fit this holder. The maximum dimensions of the smartphone are 5.59 x 2.95 x 0.374 inches. However, the price is only 950 rubles!


The best rigs

Beastgrip pro

Price: 10 600 rubles

Beastgrip Pro is one of the most popular rigs for smartphones, mainly due to its versatile design and optional accessories. The device expands both horizontally and vertically to match the wide range of smartphones on the market. The handle included in the kit provides more ergonomics and reliability for stable shots, and the lens mount can be adjusted to work with almost any smartphone.

The device has five standard 1/4-inch types of thread for attaching the rig to any tripod, slider or stabilizer. In addition, the company sells lenses, cold shoe mounts, clips, action holders and more. You can even purchase a DSLR lens mount adapter that truly extends the features and quality offered by Beastgrip Pro.

Beastgrip Pro costs about 10.5 thousand rubles, but all additional accessories must be purchased separately. Nevertheless, this is a pretty good price for such a versatile device.


Dreamgrip evolution mojo

Price: from 12 100 rubles

Dreamgrip Evolution Mojo is designed for those who want to use the all-inclusive system to improve video shooting and photos on their smartphone. It comes with a universal rig, shotgun microphone, two LED lights, double handles, two clip holders and a lens holder. The price is about 12 thousand rubles. Those who want to expand the functionality of the accessory can purchase additional pens, monitors, light sources and even additional cameras.


IK Multimedia iKlip A / V

Price: from 11 500 rubles

Modern smartphones can shoot amazing video, but this can not be said about the sound quality. It is with this problem that iKlip A / V is struggling. In addition to the ergonomic grip and mount for your phone, iKilip A / V comes with all the features you need to play professional sound. The device is accompanied by a mount for a wireless receiver, an XLR input, a headphone output for monitoring and controlling phantom power. All this costs about 11.5 thousand rubles.


Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig

Price: from 6,400 rubles

Gorillapods are excellent universal tripods, but the manufacturer also has a solution for those who need to expand the capabilities of the rig. Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig adds a pair of levers with connectors for lighting, microphones and more. Any device that can use a “cold shoe” or a pin mount can be attached to this rig. The best part is that these extensions can also be removed if desired.

At a price of about 6,400 rubles, the Gorillapod rig is also cheaper than the other devices on this list. If you can handle three additional accessories, this is a pretty quality product at a great price.


Shoulderpod X1 Pro

Price: from 8 850 rubles

If you liked the Shoulderpod S2, but you think that it is not enough, then you should pay attention to the Shoulderpod X1 Pro. It is still elegant and beautifully designed, but comes with two handles attached to the plate. These handles provide greater stability, and the plate allows you to attach other accessories.

It is a modular system, so you can expand it if you want. Similarly, if you already have a Shoulderpod S2, you can purchase additional accessories if you need to. This product can be bought for about 8,850 rubles.


Now you are ready to take photography and shooting video from your smartphone to a new level! In the list above we have placed great options, so choose wisely, i.e. one that best suits specific needs.