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How to unlock Android, if you forgot the pattern key?

Now many smartphone owners use the unlock method for entering a pattern. This allows you to protect the device from thieves who simply can not get access to the contents of the device. However, sometimes this method plays a trick on the user. The direction of finger movements can be completely forgotten. At such a moment, the owner of the device begins to wonder: “How to unlock Android if I forgot the graphic key?”. In today's article, we will answer this question in full detail.


Using SMS Bypass

There are several ways to remove a graphic key from Android. Not all of them work in the vast majority of cases. But there is one most reliable way. It consists of installing SMS Bypass . This small and very inexpensive program will allow you to remove the graphic key by sending a special SMS message containing the text “ 1234 reset ” to the smartphone. Of course, this code can be changed in the utility settings.

Warning: the application requires root access ! Be sure to get superuser rights before installing it!

It should be noted that SMS Bypass can be installed even on a locked device, if only it had a Google account . To install, you need to log in to Google Play from the computer under the same account. Go to the application page and click the " Buy " button. Then you will be given a choice on which gadget to install the program on. If the smartphone is connected to the Internet, the installation will be made in the next minute.

Phone call

This way to bypass the graphic key on the phone does not require any investment. No need to install an additional application. You only need to make a call to your number from another device.

Note: this method only works on older smartphones running Android 2.2 or an earlier version of the operating system. The security hole was later resolved.

The method is to reset the pattern key while making a call. This is done along the path " Settings " - " Security ".

Entering data from your account

This method does not work on all versions of Android. It is sewn only in some branded shells. The method of removing the graphic key is five to six attempts to enter it incorrectly. After that, you will be asked to wait 30 seconds.

After further fruitless attempts to make the correct movements with your finger, a window appears with the button " Forgot your graphic key?" ". Click on it, after which you will only need to enter data from your Google account (username and password). If at the moment your smartphone is not connected to the Internet, then you can do this immediately after rebooting. You can also press the " Emergency Call " button and enter the following code: * # * # 7378423 # * # *

Manual removal of gesture.key file

Attention: this method only works on smartphones with a modified Recovery menu! If you have never installed third-party firmware, then this method is not for you!

Your graphic key is contained in the text file gesture.key . If you delete it, then the pattern itself will be reset. You can fix it without unlocking the device using the following Recovery menus:

  • CWM;
  • TWRP

Your actions are unusually simple:

1. Download the Aroma File Manager utility archive file to your computer.

2. Move it to the memory card .

3. Insert the card into your smartphone.

4. Go to the Recovery menu and install the application.

5. Follow the path “/ data / system / ”.

6. Delete the files gesture.key , locksettings.db , locksettings.db-wal and locksettings.db-shm .

7. Reboot the smartphone.

8. Enter any graphic key - the device should be unlocked.

If you have the Recovery TWRP menu installed, then you don’t even need to download a separate utility. You can find the file manager along the “ Advanced ” - “ File Manager ” path.

Using a second user

This method only works on devices with root access installed by the SuperSU application and at least two registered users. It is also important that the SuperSU must be turned on multi-user mode.

In order to remove the graphic key from Android, you must:

1. Go to the second user.

2. Go to the Play Market and install the Root Browser .

3. Open the installed utility and go to the path “ / data / system / ”.

4. Delete the following files:

  • gesture.key;
  • locksettings.db;
  • locksettings.db-wal;
  • locksettings.db-shm.

Data reset

This method will work on many smartphones that have the Recovery menu installed (TWRP, CWN or Standard). Using this method, you will have to not only reset the graphic key, but also delete all other user data - the phone book, SMS messages, notes and some other data. Fortunately, if you have a Google account and synchronization is enabled on your device, then you can easily restore everything. As for photos, videos and music, they will not go anywhere.

To perform a data reset, you need to go to the Recovery menu and select Wipe data / Factory Reset in it . For different manufacturers, the exit method in the Recovery menu is different:

  • The Samsung smartphone must first be turned off, and then hold down the center key, volume up key and power button. On models released before 2012, you only need to hold the power button and the center key.
  • On HTC smartphones, the volume down button and the power button are held. After the Android image appears, both buttons are released. Instead of Factory Reset, the desired menu item may be called Clear Storage . It is advisable to remove and insert the battery (if it is removable) before going to the Recovery menu.
  • On Huawei smartphones, it is also recommended to remove and insert the battery. Then you need to hold the power key and volume up button. After the appearance of the picture from Android, the buttons are released.
  • On Sony smartphones, one of the above methods of switching to the Recovery menu usually works. The old models are an exception - they may require connecting the device to a computer and installing the Sony Ericsson PC Suite program, where you must go along the path “ Tools ” - “ Data Recovery ”.
  • On a ZTE smartphone, holding the power button and pressing the volume up key at a certain time usually helps (then you also need to hold it). And also perform a data reset by pressing the " Emergency Call " button on the lock screen and dialing * 983 * 987 # .
  • On devices from Motorola , Archos , Asus and Prestigio , the power button and volume down button are clamped. Sometimes, instead of the last, the volume up key is used.

Hike to the service center

An ideal method that works in almost 100% of cases. Just take your smartphone or tablet to a service center. But note that repairs will not be considered warranty. Specialists will be able to unlock the graphic key from Android, but they will ask for money for their work.

Using a Samsung Account

Of course, this method can only be used if you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet . You also had to register a Samsung account, allowing you to use branded South Korean services. If these conditions are met, then do the following:

1. Go to the Samsung Account website from your computer and log in by clicking on the “ Login ” button and entering your login with a password.

2. Go to the " Find a device " section.

3. Click the " Find " button and re-enter your username (the email address provided during registration is suitable) and password. After that, click the blue “ Login ” button.

4. If you have several South Korean devices, then select the one you need from the corresponding list (located in the upper left corner). Then it remains only to click the " More " button.

5. Press the " Unlock my device " button.


Today’s guide covers almost all ways to unlock your smartphone. When you forget your password or pattern, you can use one of them. You can also try to reflash the device, which uses the programs ODIN , Flashtool , Fastboot and many others. But this is already an absolutely extreme case, which should be resorted to if necessary.