Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi is a real Cinderella in the Chinese smartphone market. The company, founded in 2010, only had 5 years to overtake sales in China. Although in Russia only avid technology enthusiasts have heard of such a company, on a global scale it occupies an honorable 6th place in sales of gadgets.

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What is the difference between gadgets and Xiaomi?

All Xiaomi smartphones use MIUI software, which gives them a lot of advantages compared to Android devices:

  • Great opportunities for personalization . From the corporate catalog you can download one of thousands of themes that change the design completely, right down to the icons.
  • Recording conversations is possible by default - on Android smartphones you need to download the application from the Play Market.
  • Built-in antivirus. Android gadgets are constantly suffering from viruses - Xiaomi engineers have found a solution to this problem, providing devices with invisible protection.

From the reviews you can find out about the mass of small additions that make using the smartphone convenient, for example, about the energy-saving profile and the built-in root.

Xiaomi mobile phones are capable of boasting an excellent price / quality ratio, an extensive assortment range, as well as “survivability” - many of them have batteries with a capacity of up to 4000 Ma. The only reason Xiaomi is not as popular in Russia as abroad is the lack of reputation; domestic consumers cannot differentiate Xiaomi products from smartphones of other Chinese brands.

What is the company known for?

The company is led by a group of enthusiasts, each of which is a real dock in programming. That is why the company's activities began not with the production of mobile devices, but with the development of the now popular MIUI Android firmware. The first smartphones were released in 2011 - it is interesting that they were sold with a zero mark-up, and therefore had a very attractive retail price. The company hoped to make money on integrated paid services and still adheres to a similar policy.

Xiaomi prefers not to use standard advertising methods, for example, through television or radio, and conducts the main marketing activities via the Internet, using microblogging and social networks .

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