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In this category, you can view and download applications on Windows Mobile that will make your smartphone even more functional and convenient to use.

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The operating system Windows Mobile (depending on the version also known as Windows Phone) is not as widespread as Android and iOS, this does not mean at all that it does not have good applications. If you are the owner of a Windows-smartphone and want to find the best software for your gadget, then here you can, guided by our articles, choose the most suitable options for you, get download links, read application installation instructions and tips for using them.

For your convenience, programs for Windows Phone are conveniently structured, which will save time spent on finding the most suitable solutions for you. Collections compiled in this category will allow you to quickly and easily select cameras for photo and video shooting, image editors, antiviruses, file managers, keyboards, audio players, navigators and many other best programs on Windows Mobile. Here you will find a huge selection of different utilities and find out which one is ideal for your needs.

We give the most complete descriptions in our materials, so you can always find out if applications are available in Russian, whether they are free, what are their advantages and disadvantages, are there special requirements for the hardware characteristics of the device, and so on. Thus, your choice will be based on comprehensive information about the installed programs.

Visit this section of our resource more often and find out about new applications for Windows Mobile. Study descriptions and download the best utilities, and let your smartphone become not only a device for making calls and exchanging messages, but also a functional gadget that can cope with any task.

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