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It must be the most advertised cashback service in the Russian->

The LetyShops service began its activity back in 2014, competitors pulled themselves up much later. This allowed the founders of the site to launch a wide advertising campaign, due to which LetyShops still has a huge number of loyal customers. Interestingly, in the future, the idea of ​​the creators was borrowed not only by competitors, but also by banks.

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Work principles

Like all other cashback services, LetyShops is engaged in the return of a certain amount from each purchase made in a particular online store. To do this, you must first click on the special link. After that, the online store begins to believe that it was LetyShops that attracted you. A certain percentage of the amount spent by the buyer is transferred to him for this, after which most of this money goes to the client’s virtual account. Then the money can be withdrawn to a bank card, phone number or electronic wallet.

Main advantages

The service has been working for more than three years. During this period, the founders were able to establish friendships with a huge number of online stores. Cashback returns from purchases on Ozon, AliExpress , LaModa, M.Video and other giant portals. But the list is not limited to only the most famous online stores. In total, 1198 trading floors are available to LetyShops customers! This is a huge number, because it mainly includes Russian->eBay is an exception to the rule.

Another advantage of the service is reliability. If the money is in the virtual account, and the goods are successfully received, then the withdrawal of funds will certainly occur. Over the years of its existence, LetyShops has paid over 400 million rubles in cashback! And it is not for nothing that about 5 million people now use this service - all these people are confident in the subsequent payments.

How to use LetyShops?

As mentioned above, before making a purchase, you must click on the special link. Three methods are used to obtain it:

You can go to the website, and then authorize. Next, go to the catalog of online stores and click on the one where you want to make a purchase. In the end, it remains only to click on the button "Go to the online store." Literally three seconds later, the client of the service enters the selected trading platform. No further action is required - you can watch the assortment, replenish the basket and make a purchase.

LetyShops also has a special extension for many popular Internet browsers . This small utility alone suggests that the online store that is now open supports the return of funds through LetyShops. The user only needs to pay attention to the small pop-up window, and then click on the "Activate cashback" button.

On smartphones running Android, you can use the LetyShops app . This program contains information from the "My Account", as well as a complete catalog of online stores. Soon, the developers promise to introduce a similar application for the iPhone and iPad.

In a word, there is nothing complicated in returning part of the spent amount through LetyShops! As they say, you just need to remember to click on the appropriate button.

Some difficulties

Alas, it cannot be said that the service works perfectly. If you want to get cashback in 100% of cases, then you need to remember to disable extensions in the form of ad blockers. The fact is that they can prohibit clicking on a special link, turning it into a regular one. At the same time, the LetyShops client does not even notice that the transition did not count - at first glance, everything happens as usual.

If all ad banner blockers are disabled, then the replenishment of a virtual account occurs in the vast majority of cases. And if even this did not happen, and the transition was counted (this can be clarified in a special section of the site), then you can contact the technical support service - they will surely find out all the details of what happened. But do not be alarmed by the lack of an immediate answer - do not forget that LetyShops has a lot of clients.

Referral program

It should be noted that other people can also click on the user's cache link, thereby providing additional income. You can create such a link on a special page of the LetyShops website, and you can distribute it, for example, in forums or using your blog.

LetyShops referral program also involves attracting other users. For this, a special link is also created, according to which a person must go before registration. In the future, the client will be charged 15% of the cashback received by another user. Nothing, of course, will be deducted from its amount - money will be charged from the amount transferred to the service itself.

Crediting and withdrawing funds

Unfortunately, there is a LetyShops site and one serious limitation. At the time of writing, the service does not allow withdrawing funds if less than 500 rubles are accumulated on the virtual account. Only when this amount is reached, the "Withdraw" button appears in the "My Account" button.

Money is credited to the client’s virtual account as follows. First, LetyShops records the purchase and a certain amount. It is displayed in the "My Account", but it will not be available for withdrawal yet. The client will be able to manage this money only after he confirms receipt of the goods. This, too, can be attributed to shortcomings, because things with AliExpress can go a couple of months.

Now the cashback service LetyShops is working with a large number of payment systems. In particular, among them are:

  • Qiwi is a very popular online wallet that even allows you to create virtual bank cards;
  • WebMoney - the oldest Russian payment system;
  • Yandex.Money is another online wallet, but it’s more professional and allows you to issue a very real bank card;
  • PayPal - a worldwide popular service that interacts with bank cards;
  • Credit or debit card - LetyShops service supports VISA, MasterCard and even Mir;
  • Phone recharge - available for customers of any Russian operators.

The speed of transferring funds depends on the current load on the cashback service. There are more and more users, and the withdrawal of funds continues in order to avoid all kinds of errors in manual mode.


Do not forget that the LetyShops cashback service is regularly updated. For example, relatively recently online stores began to provide a special promotional code, after entering which the value of the cashback increases slightly. In general, this service does not cause any complaints, it is not in vain that people write positive reviews in such huge quantities.

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Do you use LetyShops cashback service? And if so, how much money have you already managed to return? Waiting for your answers in the comments!