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iFixit disassembled Apple HomePod and broke it

It’s rare that when iFixit disassembles something, the guys cannot assemble the device back, but in the case of Apple HomePod it turned out that way.

The iFixit tech community is known for its love of disassembling various devices and evaluating their maintainability. The last entertaining device that the guys visited was the Apple HomePod smart column . This year, these smart gadgets are very popular and are in great demand. You can buy it for $ 349.

A feature of the smart speaker is the support of the Siri voice assistant, which works according to the question-answer principle. Using the HomePod, you can directly control the Apple Musik Internet service by listening to playlists, as well as request news, weather forecasts, learn about traffic jams, manage smart home features and much more.

So, iFixit undertook to disassemble the device and determined its complete non-repairability, rating it at 1 out of 10, where ten is the best result. The problem turned out to be a large amount of glue and design features of the case, which is typical for Apple mobile devices. For more information on disassembly, see the video, where a nice girl famously deals with HomePod.