Aliexpress's Lowcaster: everything you need to know

Lowcoster is the third sub-brand of Alibaba Group to sell budget goods.

The launch of the online store "Lowcoster" took place on February 5, 2018. Like Tmall , the retailer exists within AliExpress , being in fact its separate section.

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It is supposed to buy goods from Lowcoster beginners AliExpress who are still afraid to spend big money on the Internet. The sub-brand is also designed for young people, whose purchasing power is very small. In this regard, the founders of the site limited the price tag of 600 rubles. There will be no more expensive goods at Lowkoster.

Speaking of electronics, the online store is going to trade radios, MP3 players and all sorts of accessories - key chains, covers, protective films and all that. Lowcoster should also be a good place to buy a variety of household good things - hooks, sink nets, towels and more. The Chinese did not forget about the beautiful field, for which inexpensive cosmetics are intended.

Payment and delivery

Lowoster is part of AliExpress, so payment methods are no different here. The following methods are most convenient:

  • Plastic card - VISA, MasterCard and Maestro systems are supported.
  • Electronic Wallets - You can pay for the purchase of goods in Lowcoster through WebMoney, QIWI and Yandex.Money.
  • Western Union - This system of remittances is supported by most Russian banks.

The paid item will be sent to the buyer within the next few days. Shipment is most often made from China. Goods costing 60-80 rubles are delivered free of charge, while for the delivery of more expensive things you will have to pay some amount (depends on the weight of the item and the chosen delivery service).

At the time of writing, it was unknown whether Lowcoster was going to have its own warehouse in Russia by analogy with Tmall.

Lowcoster website address

Initially, the store section was only available within the AliExpress mobile application . Later, products from the Lowcoster range began to be placed on the main page, and then a full section began to work:

Go to the Lowcoster store

AliExpress Mobile App:


The Lowcoster sub-brand is created in response to actions by the Russian government to reduce the amount of duty-free imports of goods purchased from foreign online stores. Lowoster will trade cheap goods that will never be subject to a duty.

Have you ordered any electronic gadgets or other things through Lowcoster? If yes, please share your impressions in the comments.

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  • I ordered a Teflon baking mat in the Lowcoster section. Waiting for the parcel cost 1.20 rubles. I try to buy more on the stock, but the price does not change at the appointed time. It is not clear how I turned out.