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How to create a Google account on Android?

Using a modern smartphone running Android is inconceivable without a Google account. After all, only with its availability will the Google Play online store work for you. By the way, we wrote a separate article about installing this client. Without this service, you would have to download applications from third-party resources, installing them at your own peril and risk. Is it necessary to say that it is inconvenient and unsafe? It is also worth creating an account, if only in order to then facilitate authorization and registration in other services.


Create a Google Account immediately after buying a smartphone

New devices are encouraging by the fact that the operating system has never been launched on them. You understand that it is you who will be the first owner of the device. And it also greatly facilitates the process of creating an account, since it is proposed to do this within a minute or two after the first launch of the smartphone. You do not even need to delve into the settings. So, you have to perform the following steps in order to successfully and quickly create a Google account on Android:

Step 1 Turn on the device by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Step 2 Select the firmware >

Step 3 Connect to a Wi-Fi network. This step is optional if you have already inserted a SIM card into the device. Click the “ Next ” button.

Step 4 Gradually, you will be taken to a standard page dedicated to your Google account. Here you must follow the link " Or create a new account ."

Step 5 Enter your first and last name, then click the " Next " button.

Step 6 Indicate your gender and date of birth. The latter is required in order not to give you access to those games that are designed for older people. Click the “ Next ” button.

Step 7 Enter a unique username in Latin letters. So you will create your e-mail on the Gmail mail service. Click " Next ."

Step 8 Create a password by repeating it on the bottom line, and then feel free to click on the “ Next ” button.

Step 9 Then you can attach a phone number to your account, securing it. In the future, you can use this number to reset the password. You can skip this step, although this is not recommended.

Step 10 Accept the terms of use for your account. This is done by reading the rules to the end - only after that the button “ Accept ” will be displayed on the screen.

This completes the basic steps! Congratulations, you managed to create an account on Android!

Creating an account on an already working smartphone

If after purchasing a gadget you missed the point about creating a Google account, then you can’t buy anything in the play market, and you can also download applications from it for free. The system will persistently offer to register. Do not hesitate with this matter, as you can easily create an account:

Step 1 Go to the device menu. In our example, all applications are sorted alphabetically. Do not be alarmed by this, you may have a different sort - the essence will remain the same.

Step 2 Select " Settings ."

Step 3 Find the “ Accounts ” or “ Accounts ” item in this section.

Step 4 In this subsection, you need to click the " Add Account " or " Add Account " button.

Step 5 In the list provided, select Google .

Step 6. Then complete all the steps described above. That is, click on the link “ Or create a new account ”, enter the name and surname, create a password, etc.

On smartphones with the current version of Android, the procedure will be different. The names and arrangement of some elements may have different names or be in different sections. Instruction:

Step 1 In the settings, select "Google" . As a rule, it is at the very bottom of the list. A page with the current Google account information will open. Here, click on the email address and select “Add Account” in a new window.

Step 2 If the device is protected (PIN code, pattern, fingerprint login), you will need to confirm the entry. After that, a page opens where you can enter the account information of an existing Google account, or create a new one.

Do you always need a new account?

If this is not your first time using an Android smartphone, then you don’t need to start a completely new account. Use the old one. To do this, just enter your Gmail email address and your password. These actions will allow you to transfer contacts from your old smartphone , as well as quickly download those applications that you already used.