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When it comes to Chinese online stores, someone definitely recalls AliExpress . However, you can buy goods in the Middle Kingdom not only through this portal - for example, there is also a GearBest store, which is rapidly gaining popularity. GearBest is constantly evolving and in many aspects is already surpassing its eminent rival.

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GearBest is a fairly young online store of Chinese goods, opened only in 2014. However, a couple of years of GearBest existence was enough to earn fame as the “killer of AliExpress ”. If it were not for the stable reputation of the discoverer of the Chinese market, Alibaba would have long been on the sidelines. Why is GearBest better than AliExpress and similar portals?


Site design

The first thing that catches your eye when you go to the AliExpress website is the translation, so crooked that you can’t count Internet memes about this. It’s easier for a Russian-speaking customer to translate the portal into English - so you can get at least some opinion about what you are going to purchase . There is no such problem on GearBest .

The site is Russified quite accurately. True, commas are sometimes missed, but there is no risk of meeting a meaningless set of words in the description of the product.

The portal interface is a bit like Amazon . The category tabs are located on the side - pointing at one of them, the user will see that the goods are classified in a subcategory. This greatly simplifies the search.

Although GearBest is positioned mainly as a seller of mobile electronics and household appliances, on this site you can buy a lot more "stuff." Over time, more and more categories appear - recently GearBest began selling clothes, shoes, home decoration products, office supplies.

Checkout is not so difficult. The order is standard: first you need to send your gadget to the basket, then specify the address and make a payment. There are only a couple of disadvantages:

  1. You have to register on the site with a mandatory confirmation of the account through the mailbox. Of course, this way the user subscribes to the newsletter and promotional offers.
  2. When paying, you need to enter a large amount of data. But more on that later.

In general, the site is convenient and understandable, its elements are placed logically. On each page you can easily find the information that is often required by users at the appropriate stage of placing an order. For example, getting into the basket, a potential buyer immediately sees how he can pay and during which period he has the right to return the goods.

Assortment and catalog

The assortment of products on GearBest is really huge: from a letter that arrives by e-mail during registration, it becomes known that over 50 thousand different models of gadgets are sold in this store. Here is a figure for comparison: in the review of the portal of the company "Svyaznoy" we wrote that the catalog includes "only" 12 thousand models. What caused such an impressive difference? The fact that GearBest is a Chinese goods store, in the list of goods of which you can find smartphones of such companies that the Russians have never heard of (and they can hardly even pronounce the name). Therefore, it is not worth it to be seduced by an outstanding figure : almost ¾ of the GearBest gadget catalog are Asian "know-names."

One thing worth paying attention to is catalog cards . It is noteworthy that below the product image in the Description tab there is not at all a listing of the characteristics (as is customary), but a huge number of photo and video reviews of the gadget.

You have to scroll down the page far, in order to finally get to the specification and main parameters.

A huge amount of original video content is due to the fact that GearBest has an affiliate program for bloggers. The owner of the content site can get products for reviews for free if he fulfills a number of conditions, one of which is the placement of affiliate links to GearBest pages.

Conveniently such content of the card or not is a matter of taste. On the one hand , modern buyers like to watch more than read (this is proved by studies of well-known content marketers), on the other hand , the portal is clearly not adapted to Russian realities - in particular, the fact that many Russians are still sitting on modems with limited traffic. Download a couple of videos in HD - and consider, the monthly rate has been used up. Therefore, posting the specification after the video review looks more like a wrong decision .

In the product card on GearBest you can find not only a listing of the gadget’s parameters, but also reviews of real users and the “ FAQ ” tab, which contains experts' answers to common questions of potential buyers. However, for a significant part of Russians this information is useless, because it is presented in English.

GearBest pricing and affordable payment methods

The GearBest administration claims that the prices in the store are “the lowest in the world.” In order for buyers not to be able to reproach administrators for unsubstantiation, GearBest offers the following: if an Internet user finds a product cheaper on another portal, he has the right to contact a service department within 48 hours and get a discount. Unfortunately, reviews confirming that such a program really works were not found in the Russian->GearBest really stay at the AliExpress level.

GearBest constantly conducts various kinds of sales, which it does not forget to remind registered users by sending letters to electronic mailboxes. “Experienced” buyers know that sales on Chinese portals are fictitious: prices are falling very slightly compared to the average level.

As for the payment methods, there are a lot of them on the GearBest website. The Russians are most used to making payments with a Visa or MasterCard bank card, but there are other, more exotic options like American Express , Diners Club and Boleto .

Paying for goods on GearBest is not an easy procedure: if the user expects that he will only have to enter the card details and his name in English, he is mistaken. Payment is made through one of the systems - WorldPay or PayPal - and they need more data. In particular, WorldPay for some reason forces the user to enter 3 contact addresses.

Using WorldPay and PayPal as intermediaries in payment transactions is a guarantee of the buyer’s money protection.

The list of payment methods on GearBest is constantly changing. At the end of 2016, it is impossible to pay for a purchase from an electronic wallet in a store . This looks like a significant drawback of the portal - a potential buyer has to withdraw money, which means that he also has to pay a commission.

Delivery of goods with GearBest

The buyer has the right to choose one delivery method from two available:

  • Simple mailing . Such delivery is free , but it will take a long time to wait for the order. The site itself claims that the phone will "go" from 10 to 45 days, but the user should prepare for the maximum waiting period - after 10 days, he will definitely not receive the parcel.
  • Express delivery . The goods will arrive much faster, but you will have to pay for the speed. The cost of express delivery and the waiting time depend on the company that will deal with logistics. DHL is the most preferred option. This company asks for less (about 500 rubles) and brings goods faster - in Russia the gadget will be about a week after shipment. EMS services are more expensive (about 1 thousand rubles).

The delivery time starts from the moment the goods are shipped. The buyer must take into account that some time elapses between placing an order and shipping the goods - from 3 to 5 days.

In terms of delivery, GearBest also has an advantage over AliExpress. Goods come faster because GearBest warehouses are located not only in China, but also in the USA and Europe.


Among the Chinese online stores GearBest for Russians is one of the most convenient. This is indirectly confirmed by statistics:

Almost 20% of the total number of GearBest buyers are Russians . Only Spaniards can impose competition, the rest are decently behind. In terms of overall attendance, GearBest is the second after AliExpress : store pages are viewed by an average of 110 million people a month. The third most popular Chinese portal - BangGood - is twice as inferior to GearBest in this respect.

Alas, GearBest will not be able to impose a struggle for leadership right now, however, in many respects it is already superior to the “king of the hill”. Here are just a few of the benefits of GearBest :

  • Quality translation .
  • Attractive and sleek portal design .
  • An impressive range of products . GearBest is still far from AliExpress in this parameter, but all domestic online stores will definitely be "belt- wrapped ".
  • Complete transaction security . Due to the fact that payment is made through PayPal and WorldPay, the customer can be absolutely sure of the receipt of funds to the seller. Another important point is the guarantee . As with a purchase in a simple communication salon, the gadget is given a 1-year warranty, but this is not all. If the buyer finds any technical flaws, he will be able to return the goods within 45 days without any diagnostics or wrangling with sellers.
  • Relatively fast delivery. Of course, the next day, like the Svyaznoy online store, GearBest will not deliver the goods, but AliExpress will bypass in terms of speed due to a more rational storage location.

With all the advantages, GearBest has disadvantages:

  • The complexity of the payment procedure . Here, as a minus, one can classify a refusal to cooperate with payment systems like WebMoney .
  • Lack of Russian-speaking support service.

GearBest , of course, is one of the top electronics stores, and this is proved by customer reviews, mostly laudatory. AliExpress definitely should not slow down - a solid competitor is on the way.


Have you ordered gadgets on the GearBest portal? Write about your experience with this store in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you!



  • I have been buying at various sites for 7 years.
    This store is the worst.
    2 times bought at GearBest.
    1 time the goods did not come at all.
    2 times it was possible to receive an order thanks exclusively to PayPal.
    I do not recommend buying in this store.
    Especially discounted products.
    You may lose money.

      • Now we have more Joom.
        I bought there at once 5 products. Normally I got only one - a cheap watch strap. 3 more products came broken, technical support was silent and as a result I did not receive the money back. And yet another product did not arrive at all ... 7 months have already passed.

  • Now I looked at the advertised website for backpacks. For hand luggage, dimensions accurate to a centimeter are important. They are not in the descriptions !!! Only pictures (on people on the back) for an approximate estimate. And on Aliexpress sizes are indicated.
    So which store is better?