Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft is the largest multinational company engaged in the development and sale of software and computer equipment. Microsoft began to release smartphones only in 2014, after it completed the takeover of production divisions of Nokia , which was forced to give all its patents to the American giant due to financial difficulties. Microsoft got the opportunity to release gadgets under the well-known brands Lumia and Asha (in exchange for compensation of 1.5 billion euros), as well as 32 thousand employees of Nokia, including top managers.

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Features of Microsoft Mobile Phones

After the takeover of Nokia, Microsoft did not radically change either the design of the devices or their filling. The main differences are that the latest mobile phones from the Microsoft catalog work on the Windows Phone 10 operating system and have two SIM card slots - this applies to the Lumia 650 and Lumia 950 models, which appeared on the windows only in 2016.

If the Lumia 650 gadget is a low-profile device with average functionality and low cost (about $ 200), then the Lumia 950, the flagship of the beginning of 2016, is equipped with the latest technology. Most of all, Microsoft is proud of the camera model, which has a triple LED flash (automatically configured depending on the level of illumination) and can record video in 4K format. Microsoft didn’t bypass innovative functions: for example, Windows Hello Beta technology unlocks the device at one glance of the user - just look at the device’s screen.

What are the disadvantages of Lumia?

Numerous reviews of experts and ordinary users of Lumia call the main drawback of the operating system. The Windows Phone interface with live tiles continues to be unusual and outlandish compared to the convenient Android and Ios menus. The official app store (similar to the Play Market) is still poor. OS updates do not change the situation, because the number of adjustments made is minimal.

There is another minus of the Lumia line: flagships come out so often that Microsoft smartphones become outdated and become cheaper literally before our eyes. The company has already realized this shortcoming, as they announced that the 650 will be the last in 2016.

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE Review

A hybrid tablet and laptop for those who must always be in touch. Microsoft has begun selling Surface Pro with cellular support.

Microsoft may get rid of the Nokia brand

According to unofficial information, Microsoft is preparing to completely curtail the production of mobile phones and sell the rights to use the Nokia brand.